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Origin and evolution of gṛhya fire rituals

Recently I had a chance to examine a manual of domestic rituals belonging to my smārta yajurveda (YV) teacher which he uses for reference and consults as needed. 413 more words

DAY THREE - Holy Fire! Plus Kyoto at night.

Mount Koya

The next morning it was up at 6:30 for the Buddhist morning service in the main hall of Ekoin. I tried sitting in the… 991 more words


Phoenix Rising Puja

My practice centers on the stabilizing effects of the elements, and always returns to source.  Every night, after my evening ritual puja (welcoming the Creator and the Elements to my Temple), one puja is always conducted; it is based on purification from the effects of the day to remove the stresses life can have on your body, soul and mind. 

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Puja (Rituals)

A Very Cultish Weekend

The past couple of weeks have been an emotional roller-coaster ride for me as I approach another crossroad in life and I just felt the Big U is pointing me to direction of the beach before I make a life-altering decision! 972 more words


Day 10 - Eko-in Temple Morning Prayer, Fire Ritual, Kyoto & British Pub

My alarm was set for 6:40am but I chose to snooze until 6:48am because I was so tired! I brushed my teeth and got dressed – just in time for the morning prayer in the main temple. 1,259 more words


Media Distortion

Do I have time to write a quick rant? Of course!

The spirits industry is perfectly familiar with tons of hype, bullshit, and outright lies. That’s how the industry has come to be. 600 more words