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Effective alarms for your home or business: electronic and animal

My family had quite a scare when I was a little kid in Ohio.  My parents and I found members of our family unconscious in the house due to carbon monoxide poisoning (there were no audible alarm carbon monoxide detectors back then).  291 more words

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Team Effort Makes Maple Heights Neighborhood Safer

More than 40 homes in Maple Heights are safer, after volunteers from several veteran-related service groups partnered with the Red Cross and the Maple Heights Fire Department to install smoke alarms and share fire safety information on Saturday, April 22. 279 more words

Smoke Alarms

Know About Restoration Process for Fire Damage

After any fire accident, the property is in a very bad condition due to smoke and fire, though every fire accident is different and every home requires a special approach. 279 more words

Fire Safety

Fire Hoses

Small fires can be put out using <a href=”http://www.rohenfire.ca/our-services/fire-extinguishers—fire-hoses”>fire hoses</a> by civilian personnel.
This allows for fire suppression to take place before the professional fire fighters arrive on the scene.  36 more words

Fire Sprinkler System

24 hours a day, 7 days a week <a href=”http://www.rohenfire.ca/our-services/fire-sprinkler-and-standpipe-systems”>fire sprinkler systems</a> are on guard to
protect you and quench hot flames in case of a fire.

Fire extinguisher pressure gauge

Fire extinguishers can lose their pressure over time.  For public buildings it makes sense to have annual 3rd party <a href=”http://www.rohenfire.ca/our-services/fire-extinguishers—fire-hoses”>fire extinguisher inspections</a> check the charge levels on fire extinguishers and recharging any fire extinguishers that are in need of a recharge.  71 more words

Fire Extinguisher Toronto Ontario Canada

Don’t wait till it’s too late!  Ensure that you get your building’s <a href=”http://www.rohenfire.ca/our-services/fire-extinguishers—fire-hoses”>fire extinguisher inspected</a> regularly to ensure that it operates if it is called upon in an emergency.