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Sketch of a Sleeping Beauty, Udvada

On my recent trip to Vapi, I decided to take a day’s tour to the nearby Parsi coastal village called Udvada. The most important Zoroastrian religious center with lot of heritage value to it, Udvada is frequented by Parsis and Iranis from all over the world. 3,200 more words

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Sassanid Palace of Sarvestan

The Sassanid Palace at Sarvestan is a Sassanid-era building in the Iranian province of Sarvestan, some 90 Km Southeast from the city of Shiraz. The Palace was built in the 5th century AD, and was either a gubernatorial residence or a Zoroastrian fire temple.

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Magi and 'Fire Temples'

Zoroastrian Magi have always had a connection with fire.

But through the first 500 years of modern history, Magi were in a phase that rejected the idea of a place of worship and were radically against a temple of any sort.   92 more words

The Fire Temple of Isfahan

The Fire Temple is a Sassanid-era archaelogical complex located on a hill 8 Km West of the city center in Isfahan. The hill, which rises about 210 Meters above the surroundings plain, was previously called Maras or Marabin after a village near, and it is by that name that the site is referred to by Arab historians.

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