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I wake up startled

The grogginess of sleep demands a reason,

That’s when I notice the flames,

The womb of quietness from where the screams are driven. 246 more words

Vegetable oil for oil lamps

Selecting the right oil
For a clear flame that enhances the atmosphere and gives minimum smoke use a vegetable oil such as sesam, peanut or coconut. 33 more words


Cotton wicks for oil lamps

Selecting the right wick
The behaviour of the flame when using an oil lamp is the result of the quality of the wick and the pureness of the oil. 80 more words


Terracotta Oil Lamp

Light an oil lamp to connect with the source of life that rules all life. A burning lamp will transform the atmosphere and all life around you. 335 more words


Overcome The Hourglass

There is a closing door
That can’t be opened
The pure finality of ambivalence
Turned the eternal wheels of time
A thousand intervals ahead

Focused on the red and hollow stone… 124 more words

To Rise Again

Fire probably isn’t something you think about often. Unless you’re a pyromaniac. But, really, think about it a moment.


Why does it happen?

Sometimes because there’s a group of dumb kids mucking around. 1,138 more words

Short Story