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Salt and Fire


At our prayer meeting on Thursday 22nd June, part of our Bible reading  mentioned:

“ 49 .Everyone will be salted with fire. 50.

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Prayer Group Sharing

Not So Bad a Burn

It’s like something funny, a ghost dancing in the flames.

I can see that I’m burning but God, the fire makes my skin look so bright. 78 more words


Kitchen fires, why so common and what can I do?

In the United States cooking is the most common cause of fire. Most municipalities report the kitchen as the leading room of origin. We often cook on mental automatic; not paying attention to the task at hand, multi-tasking, cooking while sleepy, or hindered by alcohol or medication.   412 more words


Brian Head Fire Growing Rapidly in Utah

The Brian Head Fire continues growing rapidly, in Utah.

It gained nearly 10,000 acres over Thursday night into Friday morning.

At this point, it has burnt 28,000 acres, 13 homes, and 8 other buildings. 77 more words


Biomass burning and questions on notice

As reported on the ABC this week, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC)” . . . has asked political leaders to actively consider using organic matter as fuel as an option to bolster the baseload energy supply.” CEFC chief executive, Paul McCartey, stressed that “forests or plantations used for the biomass had to be certified under a recognised brand as sustainable.” 450 more words


Underrated Track Of The Week: Benji Gusto - Have Fun

If you tryna pop a few percocets and get holla at some hoes and possibly pass em some percs too (not on no Bill Cosby shit) and just do some wild ignorant fun shit then this track is the proper soundtrack (completely joking) shit fire though peep it. 8 more words