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What Did You Prep This Week?

Walk With God

Went to church, prepared a lesson on the Full Armor of God and used that to lead our Sunday school class. I did not spend much time studying the Bible at all. 487 more words

Being Prepared

Big Guns

A German Tiger Tank Fires its Main Gun

I’m thinking if you made it through the war alive you were probably deaf afterwards…


Answering Your Questions

Two weeks ago I posted a thank you video for reaching 300 subscribers and gave you all an opportunity to ask questions. In this video I respond. 92 more words


One of my unpopular opinions: Don't Be A Tactifat

I have nothing against the people who want to get all tactical, whether they are veterans, currently in the military, or just want to look and train like they are or were in the military. 256 more words


American Academy of Pediatrics Supports Senate Gun Violence Prevention Measures

Does EVERYTHING have to be political?

The American Academy of Pediatrics supports:

  • Stronger gun laws. Enactment of common-sense firearm legislation, including stronger background checks, banning assault weapons, addressing firearm trafficking, and encouraging safe firearm storage.
  • 143 more words

Gun Shows - Florida

Official NRA firearm training classes are NEVER conducted at gun shows.
All official NRA firearm training classes exceed the State of Florida’s
training requirement of concealed carry license application. 189 more words

Polk County

Guns and (Relative) Risk Management - by A.C. Haskins

Although I have not made as much progress on it as some of the other chapters, one of the planned chapters of my Gun Culture 2.0… 1,258 more words