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April 17, 2015: Gun registration leads to …

a path of abuse and tyranny.

I have had conversations with Citizens who shun the idea of applying for a concealed carry permit because they want to “stay off the grid” or “stay off the radar”.  704 more words

WOS - Surviving A Firearm Trade Show

The NRA Annual Meetings were last week and it was tough making our way through all the booths and exhibits. We were running on little sleep the first day and were all tired. 34 more words


WOS - Calling Your Shots

Being able to call your shots as you shoot is an important skill and not just for self defense or competition. Being able to know where your shot is going to land will make you a more accurate shooter, even at longer distances. 28 more words


The Danger Of Swords

I’ve always been fascinated by swords. I couldn’t get enough of “Zorro” as a child, and that inevitably led me to studying European fencing, and eventually, Japanese fencing and sword drawing (Kendo and Iaido). 229 more words


The human rights implications of gun regulation in the United States

By Shruti Banerjee

The United States has more firearm ownership and gun-related deaths than any other developed country in the world, according to a recent… 1,738 more words

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Judge denies Toledo request to ban guns at neo-Nazi rally

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) – A common pleas court judge has denied the city of Toledo’s request that organizers and protesters be prevented from carrying guns at a neo-Nazi rally. 129 more words