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Sheepdogs and the Citizen-Protector's Broadened Duty to Protect

A reader of my previous post on Jennifer Carlson’s work on “citizen-protectors” wrote: “Of the millions of people who ‘carry’ I wonder how many of them think of themselves as the sheepdogs. 487 more words


Gun Violence


Mass shootings are unacceptable. We need better screening for people purchasing guns to ensure mental health.
We need more resources to help people with mental illness.

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Trope-a-Day: Short Range Shotgun

Short Range Shotgun: Averted.  Flipping the switch on either standard model of slugthrower (pistol or carbine, turning it into a shotgun-analog, sawed-off and regular respectively, by firing multiple flechettes in rapid succession while flaring the fields at the end of the mass driver to achieve spread), or firing canister shot from a sluggun, does nothing to turn down the power.  43 more words


The Shooter Scenario: A Hypothetical on Human Error

Being a blog focused heavily around politics, there are many other topics that I’d much prefer to write about. Unfortunately, with the aftermath of yet another tragic shooting on the soil of our own country, my mind has been fixated on the topic of gun violence in America. 937 more words


Roseburg, Oregon and Barack Obama: Moving Lip And Lies

The Second Amendment recognizes the right of the people to keep and bear arms. The Supreme Court’s Heller decision (decided June 26, 2008) affirmed that the Second Amendment does indeed speak of the rights of individuals. 3,780 more words


A Zahnia Short, part 1

*Sigh* Yet another weekend where I probably won’t have opportunity to post a new write up. So, instead of leaving my lovely readers hanging, I’ve decided to post a short story I wrote based around one of the characters from my novel-in-progress, … 593 more words

Period Fantasy

Safe Gun Storage and Your Peace of Mind

Do you own a gun? If so, then you should possess a high quality gun safe, too. A gun safe protects your arms and ammunition from being misused as well as from natural disasters like floods or fires. 502 more words