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Which should I buy?

That’s a good question, well – what are you wanting to do? Hunt? Protection – outside or indoors. These are all question’s you have to ask yourself? 101 more words


This Is How Many People Toddlers Have Shot in the U.S. This Year

Toddlers are somehow getting their hands on firearms, and the results are fatal.

Last year, toddlers (children one, two, or three years of age) were shooting people, either themselves or others, at a rate of about one per week. 222 more words


Invest in a Good Belt for Concealed Carry

The most common factor for people having issues with carrying is that they usually do not have a good belt. The belt is the most central and vital to any carry array. 72 more words


USCCA Concealed Carry Expo Final Day: Brief Report

After grinding through two long days at the United States Concealed Carry Associations second annual Concealed Carry Expo (day 1 brief report and day 2 brief report… 477 more words


Let's Get The Lead Out

Sunday Morning and I’ve been sitting here thinking about guns and shooting again.

I remembered this morning that bullets have lead in them. —– I think we have to find a way to get the lead out of our bullets before some shooter gets themselves a case of lead poisoning and dies from it. 127 more words

Random Political Opinions

In Praise of Open Carry in CT

Yes, yes, yes. Believe it or not, (for those of you who are unawares), it is wholly legal to open carry your legal firearm legally in CT. 371 more words