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Rise to the Challenge

I have the pleasure of attending the illustrious University of the District of Columbia. There are a few great things about attending this school. The first is that it happens to be located in the nation’s capital. 235 more words

March 11th, 2018

Throughout the day, not much was happening. Alex and I hung out in the living room while he played Final Fantasy Online (which I might look into getting possibly), while David was asleep in his room. 787 more words

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Life in Flint

Flashback to March 2017 – I am enrolled in the Sports Management program at the University of Tennessee, where I am 9 short months away from graduation. 856 more words


A Ghostly Galleon's Glow

When the sky is cloudless, the sun begins to peek above the tree line and lights the  sculpted monochromatic red-brown forms as if they were candles.  147 more words

Love And Loss

"This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix Arizona Poetry Reading" by Jonathan Montgomery

Every other place is different than the place you live.  Like Phoenix Arizona.  There they have those tall pain-spike cactuses that raise their arms up and go ‘yay!’  They have palm trees in their shopping centers that invite you to have a beer on the asphalt like a Corona commercial.   948 more words