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Firefly; The Fight For Colabs

Project 3 no complex bipeds was the first project when we had to pitch in front of other audio and animation students in order to see if any of them wanted to work on our game. 260 more words

Tittibhasana is a yoga pose used to strengthen the arms and wrists. It is a challenging pose, that is definitely not a beginning pose. But if you are capable of doing this, it is a very satisfying pose that makes you feel like you’re floating when you lift the body up.


Other TV Revivals We Need in Our Lives

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life was released a bit over a week ago, and as stated before I absolutely adored it. It made me wonder what other TV show revivals would be amazing? 375 more words

Gilmore Girls

Merry Chicksmas: Celebrating the Female Action Star

For a couple of years now some friends of mine have started a tradition. Every Christmas they pick an action star and binge on their movies. 1,876 more words

Pop Culture

Trailer Nation: @StephenByrne86 and His #Firefly

In a world of remakes, reboots it is time to see adaptations in alternative media. It is time for more Firefly!! We got Serenity in 2005 we get… 175 more words

Sci-Fi Second: Firefly

By: Gabriel Worthington, Staff Writer

Runtime for series: 12.25 hours (includes Serenity)
Netflix: Yes
Rating: TV-14

   When 2017 comes around, it will have been 15 years since Firefly, the hit show that ended too soon, was canceled. 371 more words