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Mostly Thankful

I say it every year.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Nothing comes even close to this day. I love everything about it.


Over the last two Thanksgivings I have had to come to grips with some new realities.   528 more words

Crew Profile: Michael Stannis

Name: Michael Odom Stannis
DOB: May 5th 2483 (35)
BOP: Londinium
Physical Appearance: 1.83M 83kg Light brown skin, bald (shaved), brown eyes. Stannis is good looking but not distractingly so, he has a friendly face and fit physique. 457 more words

Fan Fiction

Research and a Request

Friday, 30 Dec 2518
Michael Stannis’ apartment
New Memphis, Osiris
White Sun (Bai Hu) system
Evening, local time

Michael Stannis wandered back into his apartment in a daze. 3,214 more words

Fan Fiction

Quote of the Day

Mal: What the hell?

(Inara punches him.)

Inara: Don’t you dare speak to me. Sheriff, I want this man bound by law at once. That’s assuming he hasn’t been already?

189 more words
Quote Of The Day

Last Leg, Part 5

Cassie’s fire missed, but so did the first missile, sailing just wide of the port engine nacelle where it detonated.

The concussion rocked the ship and Paul’s hands slipped from the controls. 3,169 more words

Fan Fiction

Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 45, Con Man's PJ Haarsma

In which, Andrew, Tracy, and Kurt are joined by PJ Haarsma, an executive producer of the new hit web series Con Man.  PJ gives us the inside scoop on behind the scenes thoughts on fan generosity, scrambling to fix casting problems, and working around a five hour time difference with his leading man.   93 more words

Geek Life

{Sci-Fi Month} Time for Tea: Mug Round-Up

I’m a bit of a nut when it comes to mugs. There’s a cupboard full of them in the kitchen and a good number belong to me. 228 more words