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LastPass extension for Firefox Nightly

So, just a heads up (I know, I know, I’m gone forever and now I just waltz back in like nothing’s happened) Firefox Nightly was not working at all with the LastPass extension for quite some time. 194 more words

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AdBlock Plus - Questionable Exception List

tl;dr – Adblock Plus Add-on for Firefox allows Malware and Phishing domains according to Google SafeBrowsing API in their ‘non-intrusive advertising’ list.

I had recently found myself installing Firefox and some essential add-ons, including… 295 more words

Data Harvesting


NoScript is a useful and straightforward tool that enables Java execution and JavaScript only for trusted domain, block it for web pages, and especially used for more safe web-browsing experience. 148 more words

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Keefox is an open source and easy to use password management application which keeps you password and privet data more secure. It an ad free application. 108 more words

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Thumbnail Zoom Plus

Thumbnail Zoom Plus is an intuitive piece of software that shows full image when you hover over an image link or a thumbnail. You can disable or enable sites as desired with the toolbar menu and add-on’s preferences. 144 more words

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Auto Refresh by Grizzly Ape

It is an extension for refreshing your page for single page or a group of the page. Grizzly Ape creates it on July 6, 2009. It is free and easy to use. 99 more words

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Imagus is an extensive extension that is used to show videos or images and enlarge thumbnails from links with a mouse hover. This tool offers plenty of settings which can be customized and simply useful features such as viewer, hover zoom, gallery, grants, sieve, and tools. 120 more words

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