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figure out your browser's user-agent without any external service

If you want to see your browser’s User-Agent string, there are services that tell you the answer, e.g. https://www.whoishostingthis.com/tools/user-agent/ . But how to do it locally, without any external help? 65 more words


Firefox: Remove Search Box from Options page

If you open Options page in recent Firefox versions, you’ll get a search box present at the top-right corner. You can take help of this search box to directly go to a desired option or setting.  143 more words

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Let it snow...

… or not!

Is anyone else having a problem with the snow feature here on WordPress?

My Firefox browser has decided it doesn’t like it this year and keeps freezing (no pun intended) when I open a page with it on. 110 more words


New Ivanti Patch for SCCM (Formerly Shavlik Patch) Package Available – 12/13/2017

Ivanti Content
• QNFP2800126 – Adobe Flash Player Firefox – Critical
• QAF2800126 – Adobe Flash Player Internet Explorer – Critical
• QNFP2800126DB – Adobe Flash Player Debug Firefox – Critical… 81 more words

Patch And Bulletin Information

Firefox Quantum: Is it better then Chrome?

Firefox has been known as a slow, outdated browser for a while now. Then, Mozilla released Firefox Quantum. Once I used it, I noticed it was crazy fast: maybe even faster than Chrome. 682 more words


Firefox drops ALSA; apulse to the rescue

Once again I’m caught between a rock and a stupid place. Mozilla joined Harry Pottering and the eternal september of GNU/Linux, who carries on dead-set on tearing down everything simple and elegant in the userland, replacing it with crude immitations of the beast (MacOS X). 604 more words