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Salesforce: Improve Process Builder Accessibility in Firefox

I’ve run into an accessibility problem using Process Builder with content being clipped if it expands below the defined height of the page, hindering me from defining fields for the Create Record action. 348 more words


F.B. Purity v12.8.0

I know for awhile now, FB has been driving me nuts, with the “People you may know” crap.  I already have the people I want to know.   89 more words

OS X Yosemite

An update on my mentoring program

Today is the start of the third week of the mentoring program.

Since the start of the program, four bugs have been marked fixed: 191 more words


Disable google click-tracking

I blogged already about the nicest firefox addons and improving google search by using greasemonkey userscripts. Only recently, I noticed, that the click-tracking redirection by google search is not blocked anymore. 18 more words


Firefox OSスマホ「Fx0」は“縛り”を打ち破る端末だった:レヴュー [ #cbajp ]

これまでにも、数々のデザイン性の高いモバイルデヴァイスを発表してきたauだが、それでも「Fx0」の見た目は印象的だ。トランスルーセントのポリカーボネイトボディは、中のパーツが全て透けており、Firefox OSとLG Electronicsの名前が入ったバッテリーや、SIMカードの位置まではっきりと見える。



Mozilla's CTO On Cars, Facebook And Why It Doesn't Matter You Can't Use Uber On Firefox OS

Mozilla, the open-source Internet software company that makes the Firefox web browser, has been working hard to get more critical mass on mobile with Firefox OS — key to making is platform relevant both for developers and users in the longer term as mobile becomes an ever more important way to go online. 1,145 more words


Tamper Data

Uz pomoc Tamper Data dodatka za Firefox, mozete:
– videti i modifikovati HTTP/HTTPS zaglavlja i POST parametre
– pratiti vreme koje je potrebno za http odgovore/zahteve… 39 more words