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Research: Crashing Browsers Remotely via Insecure Search Suggestions


Intercepting insecure search suggestion requests from browsers, and returning very large responses leads to browser crashes (but not RCE). Affected browsers are FireFox on the… 1,244 more words


How to Protest Online Trackers Without Leaving Your Chair

Imagine that someone called you every five minutes and said, “Tell me what you are doing right now.” And then imagine that for some reason you were compelled to answer the question. 541 more words


Firefoxが目に見えないFlashコンテンツを完全ブロック、Flash自動再生も廃止へ [ #cloud ]




Restore the vertical scroll bar functionality in Firefox (Linux)

Open about:config
Add new integer:

Preference name = ui.scrollToClick
Preference value = 0

#FunTechFacts - Did You Know This About The Mozilla FireFox Browser Logo?

Did you know that the FireFox is the English word equivalent to the native Himalayan Red Panda? That actually tells us that the animal as depicted in the FireFox logo isn’t a ‘Fox’ per se but a Red Panda.



Firefox's Schedule for Dumping Flash

That horrible program can’t die fast enough for me. I have hated Flash for years.

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Firefox Jumps on the Flash-Blockin' Bandwagon

Firefox has jumped on the Flash-blockin’ bandwagon. “Starting in August, Mozilla’s Firefox will block Flash content that ‘is not essential to the user experience,’ the organization announced today. 29 more words

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