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It Takes a Village

The W3C VR Workshop team. See us in full 360.

After all this time, VR really is the Web’s Next Big Thing. A two-day workshop brought the Web’s best and brightest together to define the future of the medium. 1,400 more words

Alternate Style Sheets

HTML documents can be themed using Stylesheets as per the W3C Specification. Styles in different files can be grouped together as a single style. This comes in very handy during testing to say the least. 354 more words


Making text larger in your browser

These instructions were created for most Windows web browsers – but highlight a useful feature in Firefox. Send me a comment if you have a query. 38 more words

Learning Zone

CSS3 Browser Scores

Cross browser compatibility has been the hottest topic for projects of any size. The amount of time we spend testing features across devices and browsers version is daunting. 111 more words


2件の脆弱性を修正した「Firefox」v49.0.2が公開 [ #cloud ]

Mozillaは20日、Webブラウザー「Firefox」の最新安定版v49.0.2を公開した。今回のアップデートは安定性や互換性に関わる不具合の修正がメイン。脆弱性の修正も行われているので、忘れずに更新しておきたい。本バージョンで修正された脆弱性は、CVE番号ベースで2件。1つ目(CVE-2016-5287)はサービスワーカーを利用しているアクターを破壊した場合に引き起こされる解放後メモリ利用(Use-after-free)の脆弱性で、「Firefox 49」にのみ影響する。



Mozilla Releases Security Update for Firefox

Mozilla has released Firefox 49.0.2 to address a security vulnerability. Exploitation of this vulnerability may allow a remote attacker to take control of an affected system. 25 more words


Facebook Hacking - Sidejacking with Firesheep

From the author : We are updating every post monthly, however ,If any of the trick is not working or if you are having any doubts or if you found anything outdated , just leave a message using contact us. 461 more words