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Quality Assurance – the activity of checking goods or services to make sure that they are good. It is an activity to check whether the actual results match the expected results and to ensure that the product is defect free. 808 more words


Manually testing the RESTful API

Of course, the correct answer to the question on how to test a RESTful API in Django is Unit Testing. Why are you even asking? But there are times when I like to play with the API by manually firing different structures and commands at it and seeing the responses for myself. 1,059 more words


Your favourite internet browser has got more than one release channel

Most of us have one or two web browsers. One that came with your operating system like Safari, Microsoft Edge or (gulp) Internet Explorer. You might also have a browser like Firefox or Google Chrome for work, school, or you just prefer it in general. 640 more words

Settling in with 2

In the realm of browsers, Firefox was my first best friend. Growing up with Internet Explorer 5, then 6, wasn’t exactly a horrible experience: it was my window into the world and with Microsoft dictating web standards onto that world, at least everything worked. 1,147 more words


#1 Ad-Block Smarter pt.1

Lets say you’re visiting a site, to read some articles, and booom… some random facebook like pop-up comming out, and blocking your ways to read the article, and then it begging for your like! 223 more words


After updating Firefox for Linux, the folder icons in the bookmarks menu disappeared

Only a short post this time, but this problem has been annoying me for a few weeks. I use KDE 4.14 (kde-meta-4.14.3-r1) in Gentoo Linux on my main laptop, and recently upgraded Firefox to Version 46.0. 73 more words


Melihat Username Password Pada Browser Mozila Firefox

Bissmillah, kali ini ingin mendokumenkan tips & trik menggunakan browser.

Berawal dari lupa password dari link untuk login dan lupa password loginnya, kebetulan ada Om Dani yang sudah berpengalaman menginfokan hahahaha…. 85 more words