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"Use nightly" does not fix Firefox Android's problems

Firefox on Windows is a blast to use. Excellent replacement for Chrome. But compare Firefox Android with Chrome and suddenly FF is so far behind in terms of usablility and smoothness. 75 more words


A bad week for Facebook - Four separate lawsuits in one week

Following the Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal which involved the firm improperly acquiring information from more than 50 million Facebook users. A lot of Internet users and companies alike have expressed their distaste with the way Facebook has handled the situation. 309 more words


I finally switched from Chrome to Firefox!

Lately, I’ve been facing a lot of issues with Chrome. Pages ran out of memory, quickly. 468 more words

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Télécharger Et Installer Mozilla Firefox Gratuit

Pour télécharger la dernière version de Mozilla Firefox, rendez-vous sur la fiche : Mozilla Firefox pour Windows Cette mouture de Firefox affiche des changements Télécharger des logiciels, jeux et drivers gratuitement en version complète légale ou d’évaluation gratuite pour Windows, Mac, Linux. 328 more words


Firefox 'what we steal in 2018' from other Browsers list

Mozilla updated their Wiki website with a new ‘roadmap’ what the Browser will get in 2018. The list looks like they want to ripp-off certain functions from other Browsers. 748 more words


What to do about your Facebook settings *right now*

L: Cambridge Analytica’s front page image. Message superposed: “Data drives all we do. Cambridge Analytica uses data to change audience behavior.”

This for starters. Further suggestions welcome. 810 more words


Mozilla stops Facebook advertising, demands privacy changes

It’s probably not top of Mark Zuckerberg’s worry list this week but Mozilla Corporation, developer of the Firefox browser, is officially unhappy with Facebook.

On Thursday, Mozilla announced that it was “ 579 more words