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FirefoxOS apps training day at Leading University

Firefox Student Ambassador of Leading University (LU FirefoxClub) organized a larger program for many interested new coder and students inside of Leading University. The program name is Firefox OS App Training at LU which held on 10 September, 2015. 444 more words

MozGuj Hosts FoxYeah In Ahmedabad With Big Success!

Taking the open web to the streets among kids and youth, MozGuj (Mozilla Gujarat) today hosted FoxYeah campaign in Ahmedabad which turned out to be a big success for us. 272 more words


Scorecard is out: Let's Stumble Nashik!!

So, Let’s Stumble Nashik!! comes to an end.

Let’s Stumble Nashik!! was a half day introduction to «Stumbling tools» that bring knowledge to participants on how to gather  «Geolocation information» in their cities and add it to our repository. 334 more words

Working with Firefox OS social promo team of Mozilla Bangladesh

Finally I have started writing about my experience, pain and joy gained while I was (still I’m while writing this blog) a part of Firefox OS promo team of Mozilla Bangladesh. 1,047 more words

Mozilla Bangladesh

Getting Started with JavaScript-based Full Stack Development

In this post, I have tried to introduce several JavaScript-based development tools with which you can start writing web and mobile apps.


Node.js is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications. 1,191 more words

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Welcome to Mozilla Gujarat!

We are Mozilla Gujarat – A highly enthusiastic community of Mozilla lovers in Gujarat, India. We are all Mozilla lovers who love to get involved in spreading Mozilla love everywhere. 133 more words


App Train @ NSU And My Journey Starts As An App Developer

Before some days I was just browsing my Facebook and found an event named as App Train @ NSU which was going to hold by North South University Firefox Club at North South University  which is at Dhaka, Bangladesh at 11th April. 971 more words