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Interested to Find out relationship with Another Person

Flames/ Relationship Finder

Wow… The title of this blog post is remembering you the old Game which you used to try it in your last pages of your note book. 330 more words


Save your Cooking notes in your Android Phone

Cooking Notes

The heading for this blog post is very much interesting to know. Cooking Notes. As the names says there is going to be something interesting to do with cooking. 396 more words


MoboApp4U shares Healthy Mobile application for your Life - Kural Medicine

Kural Medicine

Hi everyone,

Here I would like to share my personal views on developing this Kural medicine application. You can know about the application details in the following blogpost link in wordpress. 234 more words


MoboApp4U loves to share you Learn it- An Educational App

Learn it..

Oh on seeing the the title of the post everyone came here to Learn something new ah!!
I am not sure whether each and everyone who reads this post will be… 214 more words


The body maintains a pH(acidity) of about 7.4. If the pH decreases, acidity increases and vice versa. Acidity is measured on a logarithmic scale of zero (Acidic) to 14 ( alkaline).An acidic body reduces oxygen carrying capacity of cells and can cause cancer, heart disease and arthritis etc. 339 more words


Runcible - A pocketwatch

Wtf is a Runcible??

Well the Runcible is a smartwatch that stays in your pocket. That’s why it’s called a pocket watch.

The Runcible will be fully round and not a square display under a circular cover. 135 more words


How much can you make on Firefox OS game?

Have you ever thought about creating FirefoxOS application? Is it worth trying? How large download figures can you expect?

I was asking myself the same questions a couple of months ago. 649 more words