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The One About Anticipation and Anxiety

It’s a weird and jagged line I walk between anticipating something exciting and anxiety about  it. I don’t worry so much that I’ll say something that brands me an idiot among geniuses, that’s a given. 324 more words


Ramblings Reprise: The Art of Kicking Doors

By Hal Collier, Retired LAPD

This was originally posted 2/15/2015. It’s a good one–aren’t they all–so I’ll post it in its entirety. Normally this would be split up into several post but Hal, Ed, and I are taking a break. 1,574 more words

Ramblings By Hal


This photo just makes me want a polish dog.




Storytime Theme: My Friend--The Firefighter

I have a series of community helper lesson plans called “My Friend, the…” They all focus on a different occupation.  This week we did the firefighter! 210 more words

Story Time Themes


Inspiration does not come in what you do.  It comes from the fact that you are willing to do it.   

A Desperate Momma Duck Flagged Down Humans For Help After Her Ducklings Fell Into A Gutter

As it goes with most of the avian kingdom, ducks are known to be supremely protective of their young. We recently heard about the duck who has been… 208 more words


False Alarm

My carbon monoxide detector started chirping on Friday night. It’s happened before; maybe a few months ago, and I changed the battery so I didn’t think it could be that. 977 more words