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Florence in my kitchen.

Trippa alla fiorentina, one of my all-time culinary joys, I was first introduced to it in 1981 when my mother tried a recipe from a fancy cookery book, a collection of a former newspaper’s Italy correspondant’s favourite Italian dishes, some sort of culinary memoirs, and therefore the only cookery book my mother would feel inspired by, it was an immediate success with me, I declared it my last meal before being hanged, I then was told Germany didn’t have the death penalty any longer, but what these trippa actually were, I was not told. 147 more words


a kuldulás firenzei művészete

Érdekes, hogy mennyire toleránsak, befogadóak, szolidárisak az olaszok. Itt az dívik, hogy minden kávézó előtt állnak fekete fiatal srácok és árulnak mindenféle hülyeséget, mint zsepit és öngyújtót, esőben esernyőt és közben tartják a baseball sapkájukat kéregető üzemmódban. 678 more words


Los Médici. Una gran novela histórica.

Aunque se han escrito recientemente reseñas que señalan al libro como yendo muy rápido en el tiempo, omitiendo escenas y partes que se consideran de interés, por mi parte encuentro el material interesante. 206 more words


Florence, la salle secrète de Michel-Ange ouvrira au public à partir de 2020

Sous les Chapelles des Médicis, Buonarroti trouva refuge pendant quelques mois pour échapper à la vengeance des Médicis. Et sur les murs, il a conçu ses projets.  17 more words

Guillaume Bottazzi

Florence, Italy

Last summer, my cousin and I booked a last-minute trip to Florence. The city is considered to be the artistic, historical, and cultural capital of not only Tuscany, but of all Italy. 85 more words



Some three weeks have passed since we returned from our Italian adventure; flying into Venice, we then took a train to Florence, and a subsequent train to Rome. 552 more words

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