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Well That Flew By.

I begun this blog with a sunrise photo, so thought it was fitting to close it with a sunset.

Three months have absolutely flown by, and with that comes the close to my time in the magical city of Florence. 967 more words


One Day in Florence

It’s a travesty, but if you’ve only got one day in Florence, the best thing to do is put on your most comfortable shoes and go for… 1,088 more words


Obama’s last state dinner

On October 18, 2016, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama hosted their fourteenth and final official state visit in honor of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi of Italy and his wife, Mrs. 302 more words


「啊啦,啊啦,啊啦!」翡冷翠的燈籠節(Festa della Rificolona)<上>

芸芸華夏傳統節日中,我最喜歡中秋節,可惜意大利沒有中秋節,儘管當晚月亮一樣的圓,但就是欠缺節慶的氣氛和人情味。意想不到的是,翡冷翠(Firenze卻有一個名叫燈籠節(Festa della Rificolona的傳統民間節日,為每年的九月七日,跟中秋時分不遠呢!

燈籠節的由來是跟天主教節慶和當地農民的風俗文化有關。九月八日是聖母誕生慶日(Festa della Natività di Maria),不單是居住在城鎮中的佛羅倫斯人,遠居於山間鄉野(Vallombrosa和 Impruneta一帶)的農民亦特意來到翡冷翠的聖母領報教堂Basilica della Santissima Annunziata參加慶典。這些農民在節慶前一天便出發,有的甚至在天還沒亮的時候上路;他們長途跋涉來到城鎮時,幾近黃昏,或是夕陽已經落幕。在沒有日光的時候,他們得挑著燈籠趕路,直至來到 21 more words


Stony-hearted walls

Even when I have no pressing desire to see or do anything, I always go for a walk along the Arno at lunchtime. Tank up on sunlight and watch the terrible beauty roar down the valley. 135 more words


On Look Up!

Do you know the place? I so-much what to visit the small town on the two, adjacent hilltops in the distance. Oh well … next time. 236 more words


The Dos and Don'ts of Coming to Italy

Do Follow Cultural Norms

Accept that dinner doesn’t start until 8 or 9, learn that you take a coffee after dessert, not with it, and that there is always room for more food- it is not possible to say no when an Italian gives you more food. 598 more words