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Historic Food Markets in Florence: Mercato Centrale & Sant’Ambrogio Market

As my regular readers know, I love traveling to historical spots that allow me to sample good food. Eat to live or live to eat? I’m definitely in the latter category. 546 more words


Florence Meets God

When I was in Italy, I stayed in Firenze–Florencefor almost the entire three weeks I studied there. There are a lot of reasons not to love Florence; it’s super touristy, if you are there with your college Italian class specially to strengthen your language skills, you’ll be disappointed when you realize everyone speaks English–unless you specifically ask the not to, there’s a Lush store, which is too American to exist there, there are zero laws regarding fireworks and if you are there on New Years Eve, you just might die. 792 more words

S'mores Pops

I should be studying for Italian class but CSI Miami is on.  I love Horatio Caine.  Tomorrow morning there’s yoga.  Then the ‘Canes game.  Followed by Fritz & Franz for Oktoberfest.  231 more words

Samba In The Kitchen


Italy is renowned for having the best food in the world, and Tuscany is where many classic Italian dishes were born. Living in Florence, there’s no shortage of good restaurants, but I have some favourites that I can’t stop revisiting.  973 more words