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You say "Chocolate" - I say "Hell, yeah!"

As promised, the much anticipated chocolates, including the (in)famous Chocolate Salami.

I couldn’t find the original photos on my computer or phone. Fortunately, I did not know about the Instagram’s-unspoken-3-photos-at-a-time-rule so I was able to find them and to take screen shots of them. 70 more words


Only a Day in Bella Firenze?

When searching for an itinerary for your visit to Florence, or to give her correct name – Firenze, the internet will offer up ideas for 3, 5, and 7 day visits, but what if you have just one day? 1,986 more words



It’s been a while since I cooked anything and turned it into a video, mainly because, well, work. And things are so hectic in Greece right now that it just seemed like an insult to everything to be cooking and having a good time. 140 more words

Poem Play

ORION: Big, good looking jock. Early twenties.
ELPIS: Thin build, also in early twenties.
PHILOTES: Early twenties female. Should be ultra cute but cookie cutter perfection. 3,721 more words


Word of the Day - Cioccolato

I’m going to give you two words that will make you want to buy a ticket and head straight (or as straight as you possibly could considering lay overs) to Florence in the Spring. 403 more words


Italy and Portugal Have Something in Common ~ Algo em Comum Entre o Portugal e a Itália

Let’s agree that when it comes to food, Italy and Portugal have fabulous cuisine.  I’m reminded of a mushroom frittata I tasted at a bed and breakfast in the north of Italy, in a small town named Mondovi, where you could see the snow-capped alps and France on the horizon.   347 more words

Samba In The Kitchen