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Good Friday 🔥

I’ve broken almost all my streaks. I didn’t post here last week and I’ve been a sugar fiend this week.

My little sister is visiting and reminding me of how terrible my eating habits were back home under our parents’ roof. 429 more words


Fire’s Light

She stares into the fire’s light

Watching reds and oranges dance

She lets the warmth brighten her face

She falls into its trance.

Around her darkness settles in… 134 more words


🔥 streaks

I’m all about streaks.

I’ve kept up my 35 day streak on Duolingo.

I’ve also maintained a 55 day streak without having any sweets, despite the fact that my coworker is constantly trying to sabotage me. 297 more words


Third Year Dining

Annie Zou ’21

So it’s that time of day again: you just got out of your class that ends at 4:45 for some reason, it’s now nighttime, and your stomach is growling. 238 more words


Feed Me Friday 🔥

Currently trying to figure out if i should eat actual food for dinner or just make a big bowl of popcorn and have at it. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only adult who has this same dilemma like once a week. 86 more words


Film review Friday? 🔥

Not much of a review, but I did see Us last night and it was a very thought provoking movie. Jordan Peele does a really good job at the whole ~social commentary without too much gore~ approach to horror movies. 300 more words


Fireside again? 🔥

At this point, it’s my personal mission to write here every week, whether or not anyone reads it.

It’s 11:00pm and I have a exactly 100 pages left in Crazy Rich Asians to read before turning it into the library tomorrow. 46 more words