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C C C Combo breaker!

As you can imagine we are talking something related to computer security. This time is countermeasures, which is an action, device, procedure, technique or anything that can reduce a thread, a vulnerability, or an attack by eliminating or preventing it, by minimizing the harm it can cause, or by discovering and reporting so a corrective action can be taken. 532 more words


Monitoring Firewall Rules with vRealize Network...

Monitoring Firewall Rules with vRealize Network Insight – VMGuru

Monitoring Firewall Rules with vRealize Network…

vRealize Network Insight (vRNI) is most famous for its ability to help you with getting insight into your virtual traffic flows. 15 more words


IPSec (IKEv1) on ASA 8.2

The default configuration on ASA 8.2 for phase 1 is as follows:

  • Authentication: Pre-shared key
  • Encryption : 3des
  • Hash: sha
  • Group: DH group 2
  • Lifetime: 86400…
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Cara Memblokir Web / Situs Tertentu Menggunakan Layer7 Protocol di MikroTik

Sekilas ttg. Layer7 Protocol , jadi si protokol layer7 ini adalah metode untuk mencari pola dalam ICMP / TCP / UDP stream atau bisa disebut dengan regex pattern. 265 more words


Enable Ethernet switching mode on Juniper Firewals SRX 300 Series

In Q1 2016 Juniper has released new firewall platform SRX 300 series which replaces SRX 200 series. Initial software releases did not support Ethernet switching on SRX 300 series. 70 more words


Por que necesito un Firewall?

Hubo un punto de quiebre el día que se crearon las redes de computadoras; antes de eso, si querías compartir tus archivos con alguien, recurrías a diskettes. 363 more words


Signs that your device has been infected by Adware and Spyware

Adware is a malicious software that gathers information about a user for the purpose of displaying advertisement in a web browser. Whereas, a Spyware gathers an information about a user without his/her knowledge for advertising purposes. 290 more words