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A Glossary of Networking Terms - Part 1

Nearly every part of our lives these days will be affected, influenced and often facilitated by the use of computers and more to the point, networks of computers. 566 more words

1. Tổng quan về firewall

1.1        Tường lửa là gì ?

Trong ngành xây dựng, tường lửa được thiết kế để giữ không cho lửa lan rộng sang nhiều chỗ. Trong lý thuyết, tường lửa Internet thực hiện mục đích tương tự: nó ngăn cản những điều nguy hiểm của Internet lan tới mạng nội bộ. 1,742 more words


Eclipse Phase Conspiracies

The default campaign model for Eclipse Phase is agents of Firewall, a clandestine, illegal, international conspiracy that seeks out existential threats to transhumanity. That’s a tall order and it’s a pretty different model than crashing through dungeons or searching libraries for eldritch secrets. 1,544 more words

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Faith Talk: Overcoming Anger With God's Strength [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Erica Campbell and GRIFF‘s Faith Talk for the day deals with anger, and handling our issues healthily. It can be really difficult to suppress the urge to get too angry in a displeasing situation. 131 more words

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More Information on Firewalls

It seems nowadays if you are not online, you don’t exist. It really does not matter what type of company you run, you should have an online presence to let… 822 more words