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China’s Great (Fire) Wall

“Should foreign companies provide their technologies to China, knowing that the technologies are used to limit the individual freedom of Chinese citizens? Why or why not?” Speaking in ethical terms, yes, but in reality I would say no because the long-term effects may not end up being worth it. 571 more words


EMC ViPR Controller: Storage-Related Ports

The following list and diagram details the respective storage-related TCP ports that ViPR uses to communicate with a particular EMC Storage product. If  a firewall is present between the ViPR Controller and the associated Storage system then it may require a specific ruleset to allow the required communication between the ViPR controller and the array. 29 more words


Why Buy One When You Can Buy Two For Twice the Price

I get pretty excited when new network gear shows up at the loading dock. I get psyched when I get to configure an interesting technology that I rarely get to use. 1,048 more words




Network security solutions have evolved over time, from simpler structures such virtual private networks (VPN), firewalls, intrusion prevention devices (IPS) etc. 938 more words

Ideas to secure your BSD, GNU/Linux server.

Just a list of ideas for securing the servers.

I try to make sure that the first line of defense is not breached, if the attacker can breach that, then he is determined and can overcome any other defense you may have. 334 more words

Fortinet: Displaying Interface Stats Like A Ninja

So how do you display information about an interface? Simply enter, “diagnose hardware deviceinfo nic <interface>“, right? Well, that’s true. But the output that command will provide is limited. 65 more words