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Types of Security Threats and Leprechaun Countermeasures:


  • Software designed to infiltrate a computer system without the owners informed consent
  • Malware includes computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, crimeware and other malicious and unwanted software…
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China: Nixon, Green Tea, and Internet Restrictions

We depart Shanghai this morning and drive two hours southwest to the city of Hangzhou. Known as one of the seven capitals of ancient China, Hangzhou has a population of 8 million people in the city proper and 21 million in the greater metro area. 663 more words

Firewall protection; old versus new

Before we begin, I will attempt to explain the protection levels of a new firewall and why it’s important…!

New firewalls have an ultra-low latency of up to 24 microseconds, moreover this is (usually!) applicable across the range in essence a ‘Russian Doll’ structure. 142 more words

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What is Firewall

   In computing, the firewall is a network security system that watches and controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic primarily based on predetermined security rules. A firewall generally establishes a barrier between a trusted, protected internal network and another outside network, such as the Internet, that is presumed to not be secure or trusted. 82 more words

Malguard Programs

Network Security - Firewalls

What Does a Firewall Do?Firewalls are absolutely vital for keeping network security in force. The firewall stops and controls the traffic that comes between your network and the different sites you go to. 508 more words


The IOS Firewall is a stateful firewall that inspects TCP and UDP packets at the application layer of the OSI model. It watches the outgoing requests (usually to the Internet) and opens reciprocal, inbound ports for the return traffic.