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Fortigate: Best Practices Guide (per Topic)

This Best Practice Guideline for Fortigate is compiled from both FortiOS 5.2 and 5.4 for common issues encountered by myself and shared to everyone to ensure the most secure and reliable operation of our Fortigate units. 761 more words


Firewalls: A small piece of the security puzzle

Firewalls: A Small Piece of the Security Puzzle

            The first firewalls were invented in the late 1980s as a reaction to the world’s first malware.  The infamous Morris Worm struck the internet on November 2, 1988, after Robert Morris release a program that tried to figure out the size of the web (Bortnik 2013).  2,383 more words

Information Security

Be an Online Ninja Part 1: Stealth

By Lon Maxwell, Reference Department

Being a ninja is synonymous with stealth. This lesson is all about online stealth.

In the last year or two, internet privacy has been in the news. 845 more words

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Intro to Networks for Security

There has have several technology revolutions over the past number of years. The emergence of cloud and mobile computing alone has changed most people’s lives. One common factor in these trends is an increased importance of computer networks.   794 more words


Sophos UTM and Policy Based Routing

Ok, so I have to admit that the Sophos XG is pretty good when it comes to Policy Based Routing (PBR). The XG worked pretty nicely for me running on my somewhat overstretched HP N54L micro server VMware host however upgrading to anything beyond XG v15 became painful. 554 more words


Sophos UTM Up2Date Failing

Having had mixed results with the Sophos XG, and having hardware that just can’t keep up with the latest updates for it, I’ve reverted back to the Sophos UTM9. 613 more words