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Inadequate Bandwidth, No Digital Learning

This is an article about a report I came across that i thought was really useful for schools or education groups assessing how much bandwidth they need and what other steps they need to take to ensure that they provide the necessary ‘backbone’ to enable effective digital learning, both now and in the future. 122 more words


How to Deal with Data Security Issues in Cloud Computing

The major concern here is the risk of data exposure to unwanted users especially since the data is present in virtual machines. And how about your cloud service provider having easy access to your vital business information. 142 more words

Configuring the Sophos XG Firewall with VMware ESXi

The Sophos XG is a next generation firewall packed with enterprise grade features. The team at Sophos have been kind enough to offer a FREE software version of this firewall for home users, which I have managed to install using VMware ESXi. 1,475 more words


Assignment 1: Identifying Potential Malicious Attacks, Threats and Vulnerabilities

Assignment 1: Identifying Potential Malicious Attacks, Threats and Vulnerabilities

You have just been hired as an Information Security Engineer for a videogame development company. The organization network structure is identified in the below network diagram and specifically contains: 508 more words

An Introduction to Unified Threat Management

Enterprise networks are always vulnerable and prone to external threats from virus attacks, network intrusion, spams, worms etc. Different network security technologies were introduced in recent years to safeguard the network from these attacks in order to preserve enterprise resources.Separate modules for protecting the network from viruses and worms were designed, enabling phishing attacks and pharming to be hindered in order to secure credentials of the user. 334 more words

Bangladesh bank hack shows need for strong security systems

The Bangladesh bank hack in February highlighted the increasing vulnerabilities the global banking system faces in an interconnected world.

The hack on the Central Bank of Bangladesh that saw $81m being fraudulently taken from its funds shocked the banking world, highlighting, as it did, how one weak link could potentially jeopardise a global system. 1,063 more words

Cisco/Linksys Bad Gateway

Recently after installing a new Linksys (Cisco) EA6300 router we received a “502 – Bad Gateway” error message when trying to access the web management page. 190 more words