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Cisco ASA AAA Failure Debug

I recently came across an issue where our team was unable to log into one of our Cisco ASA firewalls running code version 9.2(4)5 to manage the firewall. 462 more words


Zone-Based Firewall configuration example.

Los objetivos para este escenario son:
-Configurar Zone-Based Firewall.
-Declarar tres zonas de seguridad (Ext, Int, DMZ)
-Permitir (pass) el tráfico icmp desde el Ext (representado por R1)hacia el Int (representado por R3) 1,246 more words


Wrapping up Outreachy

Last Monday ( March 6) was the last day of my Outreachy internship. And I wouldn’t be exaggerating at all if I said I have learnt more in the past 6 months ( including the application period) than all of the knowledge combined in my four years of engineering. 606 more words


Who Put the Bug Up Tweety’s… uh… Tower?

#45 is at it again. Via his Tweeting, he’s making what appears to be a wild allegation. Sans mentioning sources or citing any corroborating evidence, he claims that during his 2016 campaign, President Barack Obama resorted to using Tricky Dicky’s Watergate tactics… for the express purpose of wiretapping Tweety’s Tower. 411 more words


Firewall Crash Course Part - I ( Whats a firewall??)


                              Knowledge expands our perception of the universe.

ALERT: Basic network terms maybe linked to wikipedia or other sources.

So, What’s a firewall??

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Usability testing and feedback!

We are in the last phase of Outreachy and to be more specific,the last week of the internship. Time has flown by since my last post and I have no idea how it went by so fast. 469 more words