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Hate Speech vs. Free Speech

As of today, the First Amendment does not contain an exception for hate speech, meaning it is allowed and even protected under freedom of speech.   389 more words

Freedom Of Speech

Disruptions in Class

School is a place where students are free to express themselves, yet where is the line drawn when it comes to wearing hateful or controversial items? 303 more words

Freedom Of Speech

Hate Speech covered by the First Amendment?

When considering the topic of Hate Speech one must look to the Supreme Court.  They have dealt with issues of Hate Speech both directly and indirectly. 277 more words

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Are Free Speech And Hate Speech The Same?

Just this past October at a football game between the University of Wisconsin and Nebraska, a fan at the University of Wisconsin-Madison was spotted with a… 443 more words

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Hate Speech: Causing Controversy and Challenging Lawmakers

In the past decade there has been more focus than ever before on the impact that a person’s words have on another individual. Bullying and harassment awareness has been a growing topic discussed in both schools and communities. 451 more words

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Burn Baby Burn

Is the burning of the American Flag protected by the first amendment freedom of speech, or is it seen as obscenity? Burning of the American Flag, or any flag, is seen as a way to protest your government, and tell them that they are doing a bad job. 394 more words

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Rights Redefined for Public Emplyees

Topic: Free-Speech Rights of Public Employees

Essential Question: Q:Does the First Amendment protect an employee’s freedom of expression at a government workplace?

Before April 26th of 2016, public workers could be fired or demoted if their political views were known or thought to be known. 461 more words

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