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This the season to spread stupid rumors. It keeps coming up. I get madder each time I see it.

This is the season to spread the rumor that there’s a war against Christmas. 788 more words


Black and Blue: Lives Matter

A recent statistic making the press is that black men are 18 1/2 times more likely to shoot a cop than a cop is to shoot a black man. 531 more words


Philadelphia City Council Passes Second Unconstitutional Employer Bill

Last December on my construction law blog, I wrote about how Philadelphia’s prohibition on employers asking a job applicants about their criminal record was likely unconstitutional.   335 more words

First Amendment

Parisi v. Mazzaferro

Civil harassment injunction which barred defendant from writing defamatory letters about plaintiff did not violate defendant’s First Amendment rights, but the trial court’s order needed to clarify that defendant was allowed to conduct bona fide petitioning activity in letters to governmental officials about plaintiff.  112 more words

Constitutional Law

Small Texas Town Comes Under Fire For Cross In Public Park

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A small West Texas city is coming under scrutiny by the Freedom from Religion Foundation for a cross that sits in a public park. 129 more words


Putting Innocent Americans on ‘Trial’

Dec 8, 2016 By Ed Feulner

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“Let’s not make a federal case out of this.” Nearly all of us have heard someone say something like this at one time or another. 609 more words

Satanic Temple in Abortion Controversy

The Satanic Temple is threatening to file a lawsuit against the state of Texas over new regulations that require abortion providers to either bury or cremate aborted babies, arguing that the rules violate the group’s religious beliefs because it promotes the idea of “fetal personhood.” 301 more words