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Toilet Paper and the End of Civility- Repost

For those of you who also read my other blog, “Mommysmeanderings,” todays post has been borrowed from there.

I was thinking of my grandmother recently while I was brushing my teeth. 498 more words


Toilet Paper and the End of Civility

I was thinking of my grandmother recently while I was brushing my teeth. Grandma was crafty. Perhaps I got just a bit of her craftiness genes. 516 more words

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Presidential endorsement provides important press freedom lesson

When it comes to student free expression, some people just don’t get it. And some probably never will.

Take the recent uproar over the student newspaper… 1,074 more words

Just when I think nothing could surprise me with this 2016 election season, something comes along to challenge this thought. It seems the American Bar Association (A.B.A.) sponsored a study into Donald Trump’s penchant for filing lawsuits which was recently completed. 984 more words


Areopagitica and a Free Pres

The Areopagitica was a powerful pamphlet by John Milton published in 1644. It was an influential tract that contained the primary arguments against the prior restraint of free speech and a free press. 524 more words

First Amendment

Just Rambling..... or maybe not.

I think this will just be a rambling post, since I don’t really know what to talk about.

There is one question I’ve have on my mind, that I’ve been meaning to ask but have always decided not to because I don’t really want to talk about the Presidential Elections. 621 more words