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Sailor Moon Crystal Bi-Week

So, last week the last episode of the Dark Kingdom arc aired. What a letdown. As much as my goodwill for Usagi has grown, I still feel very emotionally detached from the character. 215 more words


Mega Man #1-4 'Let the games begin!' Review

Archie comics already have a reputation for making hugely successful comics based on video game franchises with their Sonic series and now they’ve decided to add another franchise to that list, the Mega Man games. 483 more words


Third Part, or The Truth

Three times before mine, there was a tale…and it was definitely not about a boy named Naxhar.  Yes, I am back, reader. Finally, it is time I reveal my name. 1,707 more words

First Arc

Second Part, or The Find

This tale is of a tale four times before mine, and it commences. It all started…with a THUD.

The constant sound of “THUD!” was reaching all over the place where a portion of this story takes place. 2,196 more words

First Arc

First Part, or The Code

Five times before this tale, there was a person, a girl named Avhzalorhe. She insisted her name is pronounced AV-zuh-lore-ray.  She was not the type of person that was living in a place full of boredom and wanting tons of adventure. 1,154 more words

First Arc

Prologue- How Ren Newman Came to Be

I was born at Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital in Summer Valley. Born to two teenage parents, I wasn’t exactly planned for, or wanted. I remember being carried by a blond nurse, one who smelled of strawberries and chocolate. 117 more words

First Arc

Kurohime - Chapter 18

Goodbye Zero :(

Your blind devotion to your beloved Kurohime will be remembered for eternity. 619 more words