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My Own Wee Mission: First Song

Last week I mentioned that I was interested in dabbling with songwriting. Sure enough, over the week I ended up writing a first draft of a song. 924 more words


Daily Prompt: Banned

via Daily Prompt: Banned

His works were called obscene,

for they said things

which are not seen

Those who talk fake

his work threatened them, 35 more words

Daily Prompts

Daily Prompt: Transformation

The best example of transformation is what is seeĀ as the process of becoming a butterfly. The butterfly is not initally a butterfly but first it is a caterpillar which then transforms into a cacoon which then further transforms into a beautiful colourful butterfly. 30 more words


My first project life attempt!

So I bought my supplies with the intention of trying the project life format for scrapbooking! I was excited as I had obviously done some research beforehand and realised how beautiful they can be!(thankyou fellow bloggers!!) 194 more words

Is blogging my forte?

Every blogger has a story. Some story. Any story. But me? Oh no, I don’t have a story, per se.. but what I do have is a curiosity to try out new things. 350 more words

For The Love Of The Written Word

Malteasers and Mars bar cheesecakeĀ 

Okay, so after the successful attempt of the raspberry cheesecake (see below) I thought I would attempt a different flavour. The boys wanted to try a malteasers and Mars bar one. 288 more words


Raspberry Cheesecake

Okay, so baking is a bit of a hobby of mine, I like to try different things. Mitch (my boyfriend) is always coming home to something random I’ve made in the kitchen. 286 more words