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Wasn’t breaking my heart enough?

Destroying my world,
Obliterating my reality,
Shattering my security,
Annihilating my hopes,
Dismantling my dreams.

Replacing all I had known, 203 more words


The Longest Shorts in the Universe (to make!)

After over a month of to-ing and fro-ing (or should that be sewing and unpicking?!), I have finally finished the shorts I mentioned in my July post! 796 more words


First Redesign Attempt

During the month of July, 2016 I was employed as a camp counselor for a fun new camp called Transformers Summer Camp hosted by a business called Smart Arts Room. 86 more words

My First Attempt At Photography

Today is 15th August, it’s Independence day in my country so it’s a holiday. I woke up really early because of a pain in my shoulder and I was spraying reli-spray (a pain relief spray) all over it, the pain was quite annoying actually. 132 more words

Neon Name Photoshop Attempt

Completed first attempt at making my name in a Neon format for the introduction project of my graphic design course.


Don't let others read..... On second thoughts.

Along time ago (well to me it was along time ago) a wise man told me “that ever man women and child even if they were¬†sane, deranged, smart or slow everyone needs to process their thoughts into writing. 656 more words

Ravings Of A Saner Mad Man

Getting over the hump 

So after my first post on this subject, I finally encountered something that I have been dreading. After battling the thoughts in my head, I had a panic attack and knowing not how to deal with it I took off and left the city. 223 more words