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My first tapestry trial.  A simple design, but I like it.  So many ideas and colors to try.  Time to see what the ‘kiln gods’ do with it.  7 more words

Fused Glass

Learning to Sew

     So, I’m trying to learn how to sew.

     Last month I got a really cheap mini sewing machine – didn’t want to be spending too much on a fancy machine seeing as I’ve never sewn before and thought it best to test the waters first, plus, it only cost €20 in Aldi. 124 more words


Day 7: Trust

He could say she was nervous. He wanted to ease out those creases forming in her forehead.

She looked up and noticed the amused look on his face. 188 more words



I feel no empathy, but I do sin
Call me Judas, I’ll do the work for free
In matters of sorrow, I’ll rise within

I thank my mother for this thickened skin… 116 more words


Holding her hand I took her to a quiet place. She broke the ice between us but I didn’t utter a word. Thinking wildly inside but showing nothing. 359 more words


And so it begins...

…a journey of the unknown. I’ve always had an interest in blogging, but had no idea what to write about. Suddenly it came to me: my life is insane and at times unbelievable. 132 more words


Bus Musings

A short piece of writing completed during my bus journey this afternoon…

She sat at the bar, seeking the attention her husband did not give her. 54 more words