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Coco’s First Attempt at Cross Country

While I’ve always loved cross-country, it’s definitely something I’m not rushing to get Coco schooled in. As she’s such a spooky mare, she doesn’t really deal very well in open spaces so big fields with large solid fences aren’t really going to go down too well!  433 more words


I am a girl.

(My first ever attempt at poetry!)

I am a girl.

The clothes I wear, doesn’t give you permission to stare. They aren’t an invitation for you to touch, am I really asking for too much? 99 more words

Bake 1 (Day 1): Madeira Cake

Okay, I am pleased to report that the first bake was not a massive failure.

To be fair madeira cake is pretty much the most simple thing you could possibly bake, so if it had been a massive disaster I’d probably have given up. 158 more words


How to get a perfect New York Cheesecake in first attempt!

I am not very big on cooking and hardly ever get motivated to do that, even if my husband offers the simplest of recipes, which even make you laugh. 698 more words


A Blog? Yap/Nope

So why a blog?

Frankly, I don’t know.

Maybe for me ‘Its a resource to gain some online presence.’ But remember I will always mask this truth among the shadow of, ‘All I want is to open my heart in front of others…’ 272 more words

Could North become the best?

The CSGO team North has recently seen a good run of success since the removal of the danish player Magiskboy and the adding Valde (former heroic) to there line up placing top 4 in 3 LAN events since the august roster change.  1,233 more words


A first test of the popper

The popcorn popper arrived in the post some time on a weekday morning. I opened up the box, took a glance over the machine, plugged it in, turned it on (it made a noise, it expelled hot air) and then got to making some popcorn! 784 more words