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Valentine’s Journey, Part 3: The Vow

If fate and folly were to keep us apart, fear not O’ dear one,
For what we feel is strong enough, no hand can make us undone. 150 more words


Valentine’s Journey, Part 2: The Secret

Though a tryst must our love be, until that fateful day,
a stronger bond we share, ever-fearing it will fray.
Is this ‘like’ or ‘love’ you do not know, let it be dear one, 113 more words


Valentine's Journey, Part 1: Finding Amour

Alive as you are and have been,
in flesh, bone and blood, skin under my skin.
Every fleeting moment measured in timeless
heartbeats, caressess, breaths and gazes. 80 more words


Doodle(s)wash: 7/7

I decided that I would doodlewash outside my comfort zone. I rarely paint animals and try to choose subjects that would be SUPER easy for the confident watercolorist which actually takes me sometimes over an hour. 82 more words

Art And Such

Werkly update!

Been trying my hand at SketchUp right now.

Decided to to do basic chess pieces so that I can make what I see in my head as opposed to making what the software let’s me. 59 more words


Umbrian Tree

Here’s my first attempt at a poem, hope you enjoy :)

A tree, solitary soldier, a singular patch of shade, peaked on a hill
A child, copper- haired as the bark, nose brushing pages, sprawled underneath… 144 more words

First Attempt

My First Attempt at Baking Dinner Rolls

For a Mother’s Day meal the Father’s did the meal, and this was my contribution! Being married to the world’s best baker, surely gave me an edge in this new endeavor!