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Where to start

I can only apologize to the people who actually read this as my spelling and grammar are pretty terrible. I will try to post as often as I can but hopefully it will be interesting. 121 more words

Writing Challenge Part 1

  • First chapter/scene of a novel that does not exist yet:

Walking down the aisle to an older man who neither loved her nor cared for her was not what Asha had planned for her 18th birthday. 473 more words

Motivation, a key to success.

What do you mean by the word Motivation? Motivation is something which urges you to achieve something which brings you happiness after a lot of ‘HARDWORK‘. 76 more words

Be Motivated


I went to one of those wine and paint nights. I didn’t do the best but I really tried and I think I did good considering my lack of skill:

The Beginning

Hello, fellow homo sapiens. (Also, a fantastically happy new year to all of you!)
Today,  I bring to you a real treat. You will be spell-bounded, entranced for hours on end. 345 more words


The Forgotten Dream

It came when she least expected it. The frost lingered over the dirty pavement as the puddles slowly turned to glass. She slept softly her cheek pressed gently against the pillow. 90 more words

The problem with literal interpretation

The term literally is now being used way too often! I personally blame Aunt Robbie but on a wider plane there isn’t any one particular person to blame nor there a need to blame. 297 more words