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Jesus Was Misunderstood Too

So many people have their minds made up about Christians. Some believe that Christians are nothing more than rule keeping legalists, or self-righteous individuals. It’s a shame that many fail to investigate the true claims of Christianity and would rather go on what they have heard, or what they think. 914 more words


The Biggest Lie About The Bible

One of the most damaging things one can do is tell a lie. Think about the drastic effects that a single lie can have. Lives can be changed forever because of a lie. 1,136 more words


When There Is No Apology Necessary

There is a rising amount of skepticism in our day towards Christianity. There is a need for Christians to defend the faith. As the claims of Bible inaccuracy and contradictions are thrown out by the unbelieving world, we must be apologists who will defend the truth. 1,262 more words



For the sola-Scriptura adherents, the sacred Scripture is complete and lacks nothing. According to them, there should be no any other sources in which the truth can be gotten — but in the Bible alone. 3,472 more words



Within 10 years of the death of the Lord Jesus Christ, the apostles and other disciples had spread Christianity from Jerusalem to the different cities in the Hellenized Roman Empire and beyond into East Africa and South Asia. 3,278 more words

First Century Christianity

3 More Bad Reasons to Reject Christianity

In my last article (here), I discussed 3 bad reasons to reject Christianity. Those previous 3 were just the tip of the bad-argument iceberg. 1,049 more words


An inclination to dig

The last post consisted of strong support for the primacy of exegesis, which might be simplified to “digging.”  Well-conducted exegesis includes a range of sub-disciplines, including investigation into the historical and cultural backgrounds of the author, the text, and the original audience, along with analysis of grammatical and syntactical features in the text itself. 908 more words