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Austin Farmers' Market Bounty: Locavore Luxury

Show me a farmers’ market and I’ll show you authentic growers and artisans and folks who care about what we put in our bodies and lovingly make foods and crafts by hand. 428 more words


Pumpkin Soup

To Note:

This recipe has become one of my go-to favorites in the fall and winter, especially as the price of canned pumpkin drops around the holidays and I’ve loaded up the pantry. 251 more words


Zucchini Salad

Well gee, I didn’t know this was a thing.  Zucchini ribbons tossed with olive oil and other goodies, in a salad.  La Traviata in Austin, you taught me something. 89 more words

First Courses

Bigoi in Salsa

One of the most frugal dishes that you may encounter in Veneto. This was my father’s favourite for a long time, again it was a very cheap dish and almost every family had a “ 236 more words


Risotin col formajo

Having my roots in Veneto, I grew up more with rice than with pasta…. which often makes people think, that I am not Italian at all… but this is not the case…. 227 more words


Simple Chopped Salad

I don’t know about where you are but here it’s boiling and this salad is about all we fancy in this heat. No slaving over a hot stove, throw a few things in a bowl and eat, it’s about all I can manage right now. 334 more words


Garlic Tapenade for Tapas

Yield: Approximately 1-1/2 cups of tapenade


  • 1/2 head of elephant garlic, peeled and coarsely chopped (approximately 1/2 cup of chopped garlic)
  • 1 whole dried Sicilian red pepper, torn into flake-sized pieces…
  • 336 more words