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How to be a Great Date: First Date Conversation Topics and Questions

Question: I am going on a first date with a guy I don’t know very well. I am feeling nervous because I’m really interested, but worry that I’ll act awkward and won’t know what to talk about. 1,738 more words

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Important First Date Questions You Should Be Asking

First date questions are very important. It will help you determine if you want a second date or if this person is just a complete waste of your time.  Good dating advice for women is that you want to know the important stuff about a man upfront, that way you do not waste your time dating someone that is all wrong for you.  But there is a key to first date conversation, and that is that you do not want to come across drilling the person like they are in an interview.  You want the date conversation to flow naturally and in the process, you want to keep your ears open for any red flags they may be saying during the course of the conversation. 1,129 more words