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What Do You Believe Is The Most Common Mistake Made On The 1st Date?

This post is not a poem. Today I decided to post something that I read on social media that have caught my attention.
I will keep this short and simple… 340 more words

The Story of How We Met, Part II: His Version

It began years ago. I was ten. My parents had taken me and my brother to the children’s theatre to see Puss in Boots. It was a great show. 1,866 more words

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Maddening Intensity of Calm and Ease

I leave the car slowly and
I see you, it’s you… and I feel butterflies
I feel a sense of anticipation.
We embrace and we walk towards the restaurant… 165 more words

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Not the date I expected

The day to meet up with Mr Irish had come, but something was off. Not only had he not responded to my messages, they hadn’t even been delivered. 459 more words

Men Of The Apps

First date

The time had come, and I was ready to try the apps. Tinder was the obvious one, and I was recommended to try out Bumble as the “quality was better on there”. 273 more words

Men Of The Apps

Day 3 - My first kiss/love

So apparently this writing challenge isn’t going to be an everyday sort of thing, because you know, life. Ugh. I kinda cringe at this kind of question because I didn’t have my first boyfriend until I was 19, and he ended up being a drunk, always stoned, and slept with his ex after only two months together with me. 1,081 more words


The Story of How We Met, Part I: Her Version

I begrudgingly signed up for online dating on a Sunday. I wanted to try it so I could knock it all I wanted. Good guys are hard to come by, dating sucks and I needed an excuse to give up. 1,078 more words

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