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Men: How To Master The First Date

Dating can be hard these days. So, we’re giving guys a refresher on how to master the first date. 661 more words


Whiskey business

The day after we met, he texted. The random array of digits in his foreign phone number freaked me out and excited me equally. I read and re-read his overly formal message, and waited two hours to respond. 401 more words

15 Places You Should Seriously NEVER Go On A First Date


Never take a first date to someplace that requires a long drive to get there. If the date gets strange you have a long ways to ride back.

392 more words

Tea Time With KC

So I am just wrapping up this date that I was on and let me tell you, it was an interesting one. I’m going to call this one Norman because it sounds nerdy, awkward and completely uncomfortable. 528 more words

KC DeGrasse

The Secret Killer

The killer of all dates is the cell phone. Yes, I said it. The small digital box that you carry around with you and cherish as your child that same device will poison your date. 497 more words


No. 8.75 No S'mores

It had been over a week now that we have gone on our date and we haven’t really messaged a lot. I kept thinking to myself “What went wrong?”. 548 more words


Star Gazing

As the night creeps into the day, outings become dark. Instead of hiding from the outdoors, go find a local observatory and see the stars. How cute is it when two people look toward the sky for stars? 40 more words

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