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What's the best and worst thing someone can do on a date?

I once went on a first date with a teacher who turned up still dressed in his shirt and tie, cardigan and lanyard. A LANYARD. I mean come on, you’ve taken public transport to get here, just take it off for crying out loud. 133 more words

Sophie Eastaugh

Setting up friends, for a date.

A post on my Timehop app the other day reminded me of a few dates I went on with a guy who was introduced to me by a mutual friend. 369 more words

Holly A. Phillips

The Big Dick 5. The End.

So, The Big Dick and I met up for a dinner about a week ago. He told me to call him when I got to the meeting place… When he picked up I thought I must have called the wrong number, it sounded like a girl had answered, but nope, right number. 288 more words


Snapshots From a Non-Date

He sat next to her fidgeting softly. A kind of smooth shudder would overtake him every once in a while, and hands went to pockets, to hair, to pat his lip in a demonstration of eager concentration, all in a matter of seconds. 981 more words

Pancake #1

So I went on a date, but before I let you read this post, let me preface the entire date by two simple words , I’ll let you make what you want of it but here they are: 1,268 more words


Adventures in Dating Sites, Part 3

The last week has been full of interesting conversations on OkCupid. Some have been great, some interesting and some… well, let’s just say some have been rather lacking. 1,699 more words

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