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A Night Dream

A Night Dream

Water passes by unseen, natures night music, plays just for us.
The moon peeps out for a look, at the two entwined in the dead of night. 85 more words

16 Rules You Should Absolutely Follow If You Want A Kickass First Date

Advice is from the romancers over at R/AskReddit

1. “Make it a short date. For example go to a cafe. If it’s not going well, it will end naturally after the coffee & croissant. 360 more words

Drinks and Other Things with Narcoleptic Nate

“Aren’t I just so much fun,” he asks again as his lips curl in self-derision.  There’s been a lot of that kind of sneering this evening and this is the third time he’s made the same self-deprecating comment. 2,304 more words

Single Life

Have The Rules of Dating Changed?

It used to be a person would dress up and by a pack of mints and hold them in the case you happen to encounter Mr/Mrs right. 235 more words

Gift Of Gab

Minty Fresh

Let me tell you about what might be the worst date I have ever been on. Actually there were two dates with this guy so I will briefly tell you about both. 1,924 more words


I suppose I should immediately say that I have been on more than one date in my life… although actually only one more than one, the other being with my ex-… but even now I look back on that and feel that it didn’t feel right, it was more like I was carried along by the expectation that I could perform the male role that everyone I knew expected of me because someone was finally interested in me, and even on that occasion if I really analyse it I was more the female conversationalist while my ex- just blabbed on and on… self, self, self. 1,673 more words