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Where else do you turn to get to 50 dates than a dating app these days? No, really, a serious question. Where?

The whole idea of dating online has always been a turn off. 210 more words

5 Key Questions You Need To Ask While On A First Date

Asking your potential new bae about their job on the first date is a quick way to bring the date down quick. Unless you’re someone who loves to talk about their job 24/7 (more power to you), then the last thing you’re gonna want to delve into on a first date is how you spend a majority of your work week and time. 511 more words


First Date

‘What does it mean?’

‘It means that if you go round that corner you’re gonna die.’

‘Don’t be crazy.’

‘It’s called Witches Lane. See that mountain? 129 more words

Flash Fiction

6. The Date

Oh dear. Would you look at that? I seem to have hemmed one of my pant legs too high again. And look at that thread. Can you believe I used dark green thread on my grey slack? 1,735 more words

Short Stories

First and last.

I wanted to talk to him. Not text. Texting is not talking. Its a half baked tasteless substitute. Neither he nor me wanted to be seen together. 563 more words

Southern Blush

‘Ouch!’ I yelled after jamming my pinky toe into my dresser. Trying to get ready for a first date as a young woman is exciting and terrifying. 467 more words

Short Stories -- Through Prompts

The night muffled by snow

The night muffled by snow on a side street
Christened in a white quilt of falling flakes
Witnessing a boy and girl as they meet… 96 more words