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First Date Monologue

Excuse me, but you are not that special. I’ve had girls open doors for me before, drew portraits of me, written songs about me, explained the entire Eurozone crisis to me like it’s the A-B-C. 439 more words

First date. 

It was how human she looked; nervous and shy. That first date brought out her eyes, as much as her dress did. When she looked at me, my heart jumped; her breathing was shallow and I saw a shake in her hand. 54 more words


WNCX Morning Show: Worst First Date Ever?

Slats tells us of a couple who spent their first date getting lost in the California hills. It’s not every day you get air-lifted from a date in the helicopter. 6 more words


Taking Her Out On Her First Date; Just Anywhere?

First expression is everything (cliche), as much as I don’t sometimes like it simply because I believe in infinite chances and the fact that if I mess up, I’m done. 898 more words


How (NOT) to Date In NYC

I’m not the first to write something on the dating scene in New York, nor will I be the last or best. I’ve almost been in New York for a year. 1,757 more words

One - [The Almost Ex: The Boy Next Door]

Let’s talk about him.

We dated for six months. It wasn’t official, it was just dating, but it felt real. He was an almost ex. 1,294 more words


The 10 Best First Date Places In Sacramento

Looking for a new first date place? Here are some great first date ideas in the Sacramento area!

1. Take a stroll through the McKinley Rose Garden… 236 more words