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First day of school!


Today was the first day of school for me and Petie the Penguin Abroad!

It was your stereotypical “here’s the overview of the semester and what I expect from you” first day. 225 more words

Season 1, Episode 3, "Family Politics"

Ah here we go with what I think of as the real first episode of the series since the first two was basically a Degrassi Junior High reunion. 2,353 more words


First struggle: Racism #1

I finally got to Fairbanks, at the luggage claim, there was my coordinator P That I met in Morocco, and my host family holding a big poster that said: Welcome to Alaska. 1,374 more words

World Peace

The Apple Doll, "Oh, Sweet Susanna"

Recently my daughter started climbing trees and even naming them. I can’t imagine childhood without a tree to climb. We love this book because the main character captures something special from her tree to keep forever. 501 more words


A Guide for the Newbie in U.P.D.

This article is not only for the freshies but also for the transferees of the University of the Philippines Diliman. 253 more words

Student Life

The beginning is the most important part of the work-Plato

Whether its the ABC’s or 1-2-3, the beginning provides us with the basic tools necessary to get the job done.  On Tuesday I was reminded that before we can take pride in our work, we need to take pride in ourselves. 534 more words