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A wandering heart and mind...on the first day back to class ;)

I’m a person of simple pleasures.  I like daydreaming, plans and travel, to name a few.

Whee, planning!

Admittedly, doing these three things in my first two classes of Phase 3 is probably unwise. 879 more words

Med Student

5 reasons teachers are already dreaming about summer vacation...

It’s not that we don’t love what we do… and who we are doing it with. My students are the reason I became a teacher – I wanted to work with young people and help them build self-confidence and self-awareness through learning in the arts. 739 more words


Madhav and Play school

“I’m NOT going to school”, Madhav kept saying. Not kicking and screaming though. It was as if he didn’t want to go to school, but was curious to know how it would be like. 679 more words

Happy October!

Where did the time go? How can it be October? The last post I wrote was back in March? It’s true, when you have kids time moves quickly. 119 more words


{It's off to school we go!}...and a giveaway

So two weeks ago my little “baby girl” Hazel started preschool! Ok, so it’s not reaaallly preschool, it’s “two year old preschool” but all the same it signifies that time is indeed passing *sniff* *sniff* 199 more words

in pursuit of education

After living and working on my own for a year, being responsible for my own homeroom class and their education, and having to grapple with real world concepts like “money”, “savings”, and “adulthood”, college has been a particularly interesting adjustment. 507 more words


A Quiet, Empty House

Today is a first in our lives: I am sitting home alone (except for LB of course), in a quiet, peaceful house, and all of the boys are at school. 517 more words

Stay-at-home Mom