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A Home Among Strangers: Meeting My Host Family

After a five hour car ride to Miami, a nine hour plane ride to Madrid, a five hour layover, a one hour plane ride to Seville, and another two hours at the airport, you would think I’d had enough excitement for one day. 517 more words


School Fun!

This past week has been all about getting into the swing of being up and ready early on and trying to work out the best time to leave to get to the schools at the correct time and still be able to park! 416 more words


Here's Maury!

Welcome, welcome to this page! Yes, you come to this page out of your curiosity and ask “What’s going on with this persons’s life?” Well, let me start you off with a meme of my choice of the day and a huge discussion of today’s content. 431 more words

First Day


We arrive in Amsterdam after a long night and day of travel. We are greeted at the airport by John’s cousin, Nelda and Aunt, Emmy. Such a welcome pleasure and so very different from other trips where we arrive without knowing a soul. 263 more words

Adventure Travel

First day done …

Monday was the first day of my new part-time job. As it turned out, it was just a trial day and I think I did okay as the owner said see you next Monday, as I left. 139 more words


Scarlet’s first day at school

Not so little Scarley Bobs has started school. She has been super excited about this day since the moment that Sienna started school and hopped out of bed to get her uniform on happily. 151 more words


A Year in Pictures

Pictures from throughout the year. This post will update every Tuesday and Friday (that we have school) with new photos. 32 more words

Class Activities