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Picture of the Day: Mind Meld

From 1965: William Hartnell plays for laughs during a break in filming of the Daleks Master Plan.

Doctor Who

Solitair Watches Classic Doctor Who 3x42-45: The War Machines

How can the Doctor hope to stop a rogue supercomputer when not even the audience knows the extent of its powers? 1,571 more words

Classic Doctor Who

The Reign of Terror

‘Our destiny is in the stars, so let’s go and search for it…

The Doctor.

8 August  – 12 September 1964

The Memory Cheats… 1,438 more words


Doctor Who: A Master of His Craft

Weighing in at an impressive 800 episodes, Doctor Who has been entertaining audiences for the past 50 years. Yet, despite this vast backlog of content, I know next to nothing about the actual series. 1,221 more words


Doctor Who: An Ordinary Life

An Ordinary Life
Available on 2 disc audio CD or as an audio download.
Range: Doctor Who – The Early Adventures (#4)
Released: December 2014… 875 more words


Classic Doctor Who DVD Recs - The First Doctor

I started watching Doctor Who as a child, and I’m still a fan of the original Classic Series. I have all of Doctor Who on DVD, something which took me over ten years to accomplish. 1,027 more words

Doctor Who

Solitair Watches Classic Doctor Who 3x38-41: The Savages

A city that strokes the Doctor’s ego right out of the gate? How could this possibly be a bad thing? 1,170 more words

Classic Doctor Who