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The Romans

Understanding what we are watching when we view the Romans depends on a lot of context.  Here are the two most important factors to bear in mind: 1,559 more words

Doctor Who

Classic Doctor Who: STILL Hunting for the Keys of Marinus (Part 2)

Classic Doctor Who

Season 1, Episode 5

The Keys of Marinus, Part 2 (here’s Part 1 of this post)

This episode is called The Snows of Terror, and I have to say that Classic Doctor Who definitely didn’t go halfway on episode titles. 1,987 more words

Classic Who

The Rescue

Susan has gone and with her the problems she was creating for the series, which was constantly framing the Doctor as a selfish patriarch who cared little about his own granddaughter’s safety as long as he was getting to be the tourist in space in time.  1,878 more words

Doctor Who

Planet of Giants

Imagine for a moment you are involved in the creative side of making Doctor Who in the 1960s, and you have made Planet of Giants.  It has been transmitted and well received by the viewers.  1,536 more words

Doctor Who

The Reign of Terror

Rule One: the Doctor lies.  This is evident from his “Rule One”, which is at various times “do exactly what I say” (The Ribos Operation), “I’m in charge” (Dragonfire), “don’t wander off” (The Empty Child), “don’t be lasagne” (Into the Dalek), and that’s not even the full list.  2,006 more words

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Timestamp #130: The Five Doctors

Doctor Who: The Five Doctors
(Twentieth Anniversary Special, 1983)

“I am being diminished, whittled away piece by piece. A man is the sum of his memories you know, a Time Lord even more so…” 2,314 more words