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Twice Upon A Time

On the 26th October 2014, I fancied watching some classic era Doctor Who. Things kind of got out of hand.

I looked at my shelf, and my eyes were drawn to a couple of boxsets that I’d bought but never watched – … 1,427 more words


LOOKING FOR TELOS - "The Myth Makers"

The Whoniverse is wide, and rich, and crazy.

And sometimes, bits of it go overlooked. There’s no way around it, we, at DoWntime, are children of the New Series. 4,849 more words

Looking For Telos

Hartnell's Doctor and Buffy Summers

He’s the one older, British gent she wouldn’t be able to mess about. Most of the time…

Let’s be honest, Buffy needs a Giles-type in her life. 365 more words

Doctor Who

One Doctor, Two Hearts

One of the first products with the new Doctor Who branding is a Penguin book for young children: Doctor Who: One Doctor, Two Hearts. It’s a learn to count book, ideal for young time tots , written and illustrated by… 165 more words

Doctor Who

World Enough and Time / The Doctor Falls

On the 2nd January 2016, I sent the following e-mail:

I had a dream last night that Doctor Who came and filmed in . We were watching from our garden, and Capaldi came over and asked us not to post spoilers online.

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Twelfth Doctor

The Smugglers

With a plot that consists of various characters being captured, escaping and being captured again, this logically should not be a very good story, but strangely enough it is quite enjoyable.  1,441 more words

Doctor Who