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The Sleeping Blood

Range: Big Finish – The Companion Chronicles
Released: June 2015
Written by Martin Day
Directed by Lisa Bowerman
Released as part of the First Doctor Volume One boxset, available as a 4-disc CD box set and an… 730 more words

Doctor Who

Episode 21: The Dalek's Master Plan

Episode 21: The Mutation of Time
First Doctor
Companions: Steven, Katarina, Sara Kingdom
Written by Terry Nation and Dennis Spooner
Directed by Douglas Camfield
Wikipedia Entry… 1,134 more words

First Doctor

Picture of the Day: Mind Meld

From 1965: William Hartnell plays for laughs during a break in filming of the Daleks Master Plan.


The Witch Hunters

Written by Steve Lyons
Range: BBC Past Doctor Adventures (#9)
Set between The Reign of Terror and Planet of Giants
Originally Published March 1998 (now out of print) 766 more words

Doctor Who

The Good, the Ballad and The Gunfighters (1966)

Perhaps it would be easier for all of us if The Gunfighters was a musical. In 1966, the relatively modern idea that a drama series might, for an episode, abandon its format and take up the trappings of a movie musical was as far fetched as science fiction. 1,135 more words

The First Doctor – Boris Karloff (1963-1966)

Profile: When his granddaughter Susan was followed to his spaceship, the TARDIS, by her two teachers Ian and Barbara, the Doctor propelled the ship into time and space; first landing on the irradiated planet Skaro, where he encountered the Daleks, then the planet Giganticon where the entire planet’s life was far bigger than on Earth. 264 more words

Classic Who Retrospective: The Dalek Invasion of Earth

This won’t be a surprising statement, but I must say that, regardless of the length of the serial or whatever flaws it might have, The Dalek Invasion of Earth is worth it for two simple reasons: the scene in which the Doctor bids farewell to Susan and well, the Daleks crossing Westminster Bridge! 919 more words