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Episode 096 - "Coronas of the Sun"

Turns out it’s very difficult to find screenshots for certain episodes, especially when you haven’t seen them yet, so you aren’t sure if they actually go to that particular episode or a different one. 332 more words

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Episode 095 - "Counterplot"

We reunite with Sara Kingdom, ordering the Doctor and Steven to be killed on sight. Nothing like a good old fashioned police state. Then we follow the Doctor and Steven as they enter the set of some game show. 411 more words

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Episode 094 - "The Traitors"

Well, here we go. Katarina’s final episode. The first time a “companion” dies, but certainly not the first time a guest star dies, which is what she¬† 293 more words

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Episode 093 - "Devil's Planet"

So the Doctor arrives at the ship just in time, of course, and he and the TARDIS crew, along with the Brig’s distant relative, all escape. 234 more words

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Episode 092 - "Day of Armageddon"

More like, “Armageddon outta here!” Right? Right?

Well, here we are, back in a brief island of video among a sea of reconstructions, and we start, oddly enough, with the Daleks knocking on the TARDIS door. 405 more words

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Episode 091 - "The Nightmare Begins"

Well, if by “nightmare” we mean “yet another Dalek story”, then spot-on. Also, it could mean “the Brig without a mustache!” The horror. The horror. 88 more words

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Character Profile - Vicki (Pallister)

And there goes Vicki, after only a handful of stories. She will be missed.

Vicki was from the late 25th century. The TARDIS team met her on a distant alien world where she was being held captive by a sinister weirdo. 230 more words

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