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65 - The Chase

Having yesterday reviewed the serial that follows this one (The Time Meddler) we now look at a very significant story in Doctor Who’s history. 560 more words

66 - The Time Meddler

In many ways, I have come to think of this serial as the end of the Hartnell era as we know it. Yes we have… 387 more words

Classic Who Retrospective: The Romans

When it comes to Doctor Who stories, my favourite ones are always those set in the past. There is something extremely enjoyable about the Doctor travelling to historical places, witnessing important events and sometimes even being the cause of them. 576 more words


Doctor Who headcanon #3

My nose pricked up at this snippet of dialogue from The Witch’s Familiar:

DAVROS: Why did you leave Gallifrey?
DOCTOR: Well, because I did. 830 more words

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Flywheel Revolution

Big Finish – Short Trips (5.1)
Released: January 2015
Written by Dale Smith
Directed by Lisa Bowerman
Available as an audio download.

A note on placement: Though his companions do not take an active role in the story, it is set during the time the Doctor travels with Susan, Ian and Barbara. 654 more words

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Doctorin’ the TARDIS! Who was your first Doctor?

I have a question to ask you. Who is your first doctor? This question only a few will understand, as here we are not talking about a physician, but a 1200 years old Time Lord, from the planet Gallifrey in the Constellation of Kasterborous. 653 more words

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Big Finish – The Companion Chronicles (1.1)
Released: January 2007
Written by Marc Platt
Directed by Mark J Thompson
ISBN: 978-1-84435-263-0
Available as a 1-disc CD. 952 more words

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