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An Unearthly Child- Episode One

Two school teachers’ curiosity leads them to a junk yard where they meet Susan’s grandfather, the Doctor, and stumble into his time and space vehicle, the TARDIS. 660 more words

First Doctor

Intuition, inference and Inside the Spaceship (1964)

In the info text on the DVD for this story, it says that writer David Whitaker, in a desperate attempt to fill a two episode gap in… 1,173 more words

Episode 131 - Steven, Leavin'

This week’s “last” is a goodbye to a companion we’re all quite fond of, Steven Taylor (not to be confused with Steven Tyler). Join Deb, Erika, Liz, and Tansy as we marvel at the excellence of this story, the excellence of Dodo in it, the excellence of Steven’s reason for leaving the TARDIS, and the total lack of excellence in the general amount of fandom discussion surrounding this story. 175 more words

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Coming Saturday March 18, 2017



by Chris McKeon

The TARDIS intercepts a distress signal traveling through time and the Doctor feels compelled to investigate. 166 more words


No, I've met cat people

It was a Wednesday, and I was giving Edward a bath, when Emily popped her head round the door and announced she was going to work. 290 more words

Very Brief Doctor Who Reviews - Season One

An Unearthly Child – The first episode is brilliant. Seriously, if Doctor Who was only just being invented now, it would still be a perfect opening episode. 521 more words

Doctor Who

Dr Who and the Dalek Masterplan

What if there had been more 1960s Doctor Who movies with Peter Cushing? That’s the premise talented artist Dave Burgess has explored with artwork such as that for  56 more words

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