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7 Days of Classic Who: The Tribe of Gum

7 Days of Classic Who continues with the serial with the questionable name that everybody ignores. Does it deserve its reputation? 751 more words

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7 Days of Classic Who: An Unearthly Child (episode)

Two high school teachers, standing around between classes, have a conversation about an impossible student. This girl is an utter genius who knows science they can’t imagine and seems to have an intimate knowledge with the details of history, yet somehow not only is her homework suffering, but the basic minutiae of everyday life escapes. 990 more words

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7 Days of Classic Who: Destiny of the Doctor–Hunters of Earth

“Hunters of Earth” is the first in the Destiny of the Doctor series released by AudioGo and Big Finish. This series was released to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, and while it is not clear listening to the initial installments if this is all intended to be a single linear story, it is equally clear that there is more to each story than just each individual episode. 593 more words

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7 Days of Classic Who: The Companion Chronicles–The Beginning

I suppose it’s only fair to start the review of the earliest Doctor Who story with a look at it through a few other time dimensions. 1,534 more words

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Solitair Watches Classic Doctor Who 4x1-4: The Smugglers

As if a switch had been turned, as if an eye had been blinked, as if some phantom force in the universe had made a move eons beyond our comprehension, suddenly, there was no treasure! 1,090 more words

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Doctor Who: Doctors Revisited 1-4 DVD Review

In the first of the ‘Doctors Revisited’ DVD sets released a couple years back, viewers have the chance to see an episode from the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Doctor eras. 636 more words

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The Dalek Invasion of Earth

‘We are the Masters of Earth!’


21 November – 26 December 1964

The Memory Cheats

Again my first brush with this story was the movie version. 2,514 more words