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By thebunnyinthetardis

I should have killed him straight away.

It would have been a mercy.

I’m capable of mercy.


…he smelled of starlight. 2,248 more words

First Doctor

Picture of the Day: The Eye (Pieces) Have it

From 1964: William Hartnell brandishes his eye piece for a publicity still.


2 - Quinnis

BARBARA: There’s another picture.
SUSAN: Oh, I recognise that. That’s where we nearly lost the Tardis, four or five journeys back.
DOCTOR: Yes, the planet Quinnis, of the fourth universe. 855 more words

Big Finish

Are we getting hints The Smugglers is back?

The Doctor Who missing episodes brigade have been rumbling again following a series of tweets by Anneke Wills, in which she is photographed in the locations she appeared in 50 years ago as Polly in the currently missing Hartnell adventure… 877 more words

119 - The Sensorites? Or Sensorwrongs?

As the title might imply, there’s once again dissension among the ranks. Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Lynne as we discuss whether “The Sensorites” is long and slow and boring or one of the most gripping, interesting, thought-provoking, and… 154 more words

Doctor Who

Dr Who: Was William Hartnell a Socialist?

William Hartnell (1908-1975) was the British actor who first played the Doctor in the long-running BBC science fiction drama Dr Who.  I possess no indepth information about William Hartnell’s political views, but I was reading the BBC 2013 book entitled ‘Who-ology – Dr Who the Official Miscellany’, and came across a very interesting entry for the first Doctor (Pages 327-328).   381 more words

Leftwing Political Analysis

1 - The Beginning

Back to the Start

The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who resulted in a number of commemorations. “The Name of the Doctor” started with a brief scene of the Doctor’s escape from Gallifrey, and “The Day of the Doctor” managed to include all 13 doctors. 1,309 more words

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