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Still Falling

The rain’s still falling,
I can hear it on the roof,
beating a tattoo of the
rat-a-tat-tat kind,
but one that makes the ink
flow indelible in my skin. 90 more words


Not For Naught

I looked up from within my clear,
in-plain-sight brooding spot, Today,
and discovered once again it began with
a different kind of F than Monday. 194 more words


And Crown Thy Good...

At the end of the bar, I saw old Mason Snyder sitting in his semi-usual ruminating funk, so I decided to slide my beer down there to here him out and see if we could repair the world a bit together. 554 more words

Flash Fiction


This is how you’ll do it….

  1. walk yourself right out of that chair too comfortable holding your bones slumped over each other. get out of that dark room with the depressing song on repeat.
  2. 506 more words

Work-in-Progress Wednesday

It’s been about a week since I started my fast draft challenge and I’ve come to one conclusion: I’m not cut out to write twenty pages a day. 187 more words


Choices - WIPpet Wednesday

Chapter 4 is proving somewhat difficult to write. My usual strategy is to push through until something comes out (which I can always fix later), but I’m considering the alternative approach of leaving it blank for now (I know what has to happen) and continuing on with the plot. 146 more words

WIPpets And Snippets


the impression of you

left cold aching on my thighs

flesh pushed into bones

your cold whiskey words

rattled inside my ribcage

an echo falling asleep… 21 more words