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an unravelling of sorts

Echoes. They continue to swarm at you with deafening intensity as you scramble to make sense of the words that are so casually being thrown around in the periphery of your hearing. 1,276 more words


Two Desk Drawers: Works on Paper

Last Saturday, I planned to clear off another bookshelf, sorting the keepers from the yard sale material, but on that shelf was a tiny Acoma pottery cat that needed to travel to a friend in New Mexico. 419 more words

Behind The Stories: Inspirations And Encounters

first drafts are meant to be written on

It’s 40 pages high. The printer ink is sharp against the new paper. There’s a title, a character list. It’s pristine, and I’m fooling myself, but it looks finished. 152 more words


A Face Restored - Part 1

Nick Sciacalli had been mindlessly swiping right long enough for his thumb to start to feel numb. Given the callus that had developed on most of his fingers he was surprised he had any feeling left to lose. 1,602 more words

Fictional Short Story

The nanowrimo after effect.

Writing 101

750 words.

The city of Indus, one of the largest cities left in the world. A sprawling metropolis of skyscrapers rising so high that, from the ground, the sky couldn’t be seen save for a few select spaces. 764 more words


Thoughts on First Draft

Hemingway said it best in his unique and bluntly eloquent style, “All first drafts are shit”. From my point of view, Papa nailed it. I try never to read any portion of my first draft while I’m working on it lest I get discouraged and abandon the undertaking entirely. 170 more words

Thoughts On Writing