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Research...it's Legit

As a writer, I frequently find myself researching topics that are…strange, to say the least. In the past I have spent late night sessions researching homemade poisons, mustache puns, medieval makeup, symptoms of consumption, ways to recycle a goat carcass, and what happens inside a morgue. 102 more words


Deadlines are Bad Lines.

In the wake of yesterday’s post (in which I mentioned that Summer is usually a great time of writing for me) I have hit a minor wall. 157 more words


Don’t be a Bad Writer! Learn What Good Writers Know

Many people talk about bad writing versus good writing. Often the label of “good” or “bad” extends past the writing to the writer. There are many possible reasons as to why one writer may be considered “bad,” while another is thought of as “good.” But what is the main difference between good and bad writers? 429 more words


Battling the Undertones

There’s some leeriness going on. Some precognition b.s. spoiling a perfectly good Monday morning.

Normally, I would just pop my meds and wait for the mellow to hit, but since it’s not my brain stinking up the joint with doomsday-ness I’m at a bit of a loss. 149 more words


Author Spotlight - Michael Cairns

Today, it is my absolute pleasure to welcome my friend, Michael Cairns to ‘My Writing Life.’ Michael writes science fiction, horror and fantasy novels.

Thirteen Roses Book 1: Before – Michael Cairns… 1,709 more words


THE SEQUEL - aka *happy dance*

Okay, so I’ve been pretty slow with getting the first draft of THE SEQUEL done. I mean, I went about eight months without writing a single word (and thinking of it only occasionally). 206 more words


First Drafts of First Novels: An Author's Learning Experience

Today I wrote my own bibliography. I sat down in front of a blank page and I wrote down work-in-progress titles for every single potential novel that I’ve started that I believe still has promise. 954 more words