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On getting feedback for your first draft.

As Meteortown enters its second draft, I’m grateful for the support I have from an old friend, who’s reading through the first draft and helping me find new threads to pull carefully and missed opportunities to explore. 196 more words


Day 28: 46,050

Words written last night: 1,724

I’m so close to the end, so I don’t know why I’m letting my progress drag on to the 31st when I could put in a few hours and finish in one day. 509 more words


Chapter 20: Ascension Graveyard (First Draft Blog Novel)

Chapter 20

~The Journal of Etta Castle Teague I found that I liked to watch Jørn wake up in the morning. He was so predictable in the mornings. 4,558 more words

Perfection is Hard to Perfect

I’m finally inspired these last two days to get this first draft of my second novel finished (it’s only taken about two months, but I’m hard on myself). 480 more words


It's Rough, But It'll Do

I’ve started editing and it is quite the whirlwind! I am so excited to be able to read through the story. There are so many funny things that happen near the beginning that I had totally forgotten about! 432 more words


Writing prompt

Pick two people from the photo.

Part 1

Answer these questions about each of them:

Question 1: Why are they distracted?

Question 2: When they see this photo ten years later, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? 38 more words


Day 27: 44,326

Words written last night: 2,077

I got back on track last night with a word count in the range I wanted to be in, considering I had the whole day to myself. 361 more words