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I’m a ball of yarn.

Pull and I’ll unravel,

dangling, loose, and

trailing after you.

I’m a ball of yarn.

A roll for easy travel,

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First Draft

Thingamabobs and Whatsits, or, Research and Writing

If I make everything up, I won’t have to do any research, so thought my teenaged writer self. Equal parts lazy and equal parts fearful of being inaccurate (i.e., stupid), I wanted to avoid doing research for my writing as much as possible. 747 more words

Writer's A.Muse.ment

290k later...

I finished editing book 2, draft 1, of my Sinslinger sequel. Tentatively called ‘Remote’ it continues in the same vein of fantasy western.

It is also a beast. 105 more words

Fresh Start

I love beginnings. They’re often the easiest part of the story to write for me (except for the challenge of creating the “perfect” first sentence). The difficult part of the plot comes from not only developing a problem or conflict for the characters but then figuring out a way to rescue them from it. 547 more words



You’re ready to write.

You have an idea. You bought a notebook, some pens, some highlighters. You know which genre you’d like to try. You’re feeling pretty freaking unique and original right about now. 1,076 more words


The Writing Curse • Perfectionism

I haven’t written in a while. Here on my blog, in my notebook, on Word, on scraps of paper. Nothing. It’s like my motivation and belief in myself has just deserted me entirely. 505 more words


Second novel - Syria-beginning

This is the beginning of my novel. If anyone has any constructive criticism I would be grateful to hear it…





Father Bernardo Argenti was about to die. 7,930 more words