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The London Deeds

Luckily for Daniel, he was wrong. As he awoke in a deep depression and swirling hangover, he reached blindly over to the nightstand looking for a glass of water. 1,276 more words


My Best Friend (f) hates Metaphors

I could have been
a flower bulging away at the darkness
growing out of the pavement into a drunkard’s legs
or a quiet painting hung on the white walls… 135 more words

The First Draft

It’s finally here. After years and years of writing, stopping, fretting, and moving on to another story, I have finally come up with a finished first draft of a novel. 354 more words

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The Ghost of MacGregor

Part of the ‘Cazique of Poyais’ story – read more here

Forging yet another deed at short notice would have been impossible, Daniel Perez knew that much.  1,387 more words


Revisions are like Crappy Kitty Treats!

Revision. The word strikes terror in writers everywhere.

Remember when you thought writing the book was the hardest thing ever?

Now looking back it seems like it was the easiest thing ever? 878 more words

Try Hard, but know when to stop

Howdy folks. I’ve returned.

This last week went by in a blur, but I was able to edit a decent chunk in that time. I’m almost done with my second pass through of the book. 922 more words

The Merchant and the Swordsman

 I wrote this on a whim, for fun and to let my creative self kind of spill out onto something other than my manuscript. It’s a rough, first draft, and I’ll probably, maybe, go back over this, rewrite stuff and see where it takes me. 637 more words