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Novel Writing Update - 1

Over the past week all that I have done is work on my novel and watch The Sopranos. I haven’t read a book in ages and the last one that I read was the Fountainhead which I left incomplete, I just seem to drift off into different things. 323 more words

A Writer's Prose

Dreamlands - Chapter 17

Now, to clarify, the odd-numbered chapters are in present day, with Jem and Dani.  The even chapters are anywhere from 10 to 15 years prior to the odd chapters and only involve Tina and Hank because Jem has not been born yet.  3,047 more words


First Draft Complete... And Now The Hard Work Begins!

Yesterday I finished the first draft (or the ‘kitchen sink draft’ as I like to call it) of a horror-comedy screenplay called PET HATES, which already has a DVD quip of “THE BIRDS meets SHAUN OF THE DEAD!” attached. 485 more words



The worst part of editing has got to be the fact that you start a book and it, inevitably, takes a long time to finish it. 98 more words

First Novel

Read While You Write or Read, Then Revise?

My dad is a musician, and sometimes it bothers him that I play the piano when he’s around.  Not because ten years of playing has amounted to nothing more than key-banging or anything, but because it interferes with the music he’s arranging in his head.   492 more words


The Road to Being Published

It’s Wednesday, so it’s time for another update.

I’ve done so much this week! I’m getting a lot better at this whole commitment thing. :) 265 more words


a little celebration

I have been away from my blog once again, but it has been for a fabulous cause, because… I have amongst other brill projects, officially finished the first draft of my first novel Both Sides Now. 606 more words

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