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First Draft. Part 2.

I knocked my drink back; it tasted good and was just the way I liked it; dark rouge, thick like a milkshake but so hot you think your insides may set on fire; definitely the best way to drink blood.

First Draft

Creative Writing

Three Reasons for Why Your First Draft Won't Be Your Last

Sorry for the bad news my friend, but I have to tell it how it is. I’ve read quite a few ‘finished’ manuscripts now, and even though there is a variety of styles and grammatical prowess, the truth still remains: if this is your first draft, you’ll be heading back to the drawing board pretty soon. 1,087 more words

Advice From Publishing Experts

Constructing a Story from A to Z - Z is for Zoom

We have reached the end. ALPHABLOCK had a lot of choices for Z, many traditional children’s book choices were audaciously ignored in favor stating “Z is for Zoom!” This is lots of fun when reading to a toddler, but I felt it left me in an awkward position to close up our month long story. 771 more words

NV Rivera

Add Tension to Your Scenes

Stop reading this blog if you…

Don’t want to hear about how to revise my writer’s kryptonite – tension in scenes and how my novel needed MORE  1,441 more words


Bad Things I've Written

Aka: Things I’ve written that would mean I’d never write again if I thought about them too much

Sometimes I lie there at night ticking these off in a big list, prodding them like bruises to see if they still hurt. 621 more words

About Writing

A little inspiration

I’m facing a bit of a creative block with the first draft of my next book. Not Writer’s Block – I have no problem putting words down onto the page – but rather a gap in my mind for where the story needs to go next. 410 more words


Constructing a Story from A to Z - Y is for Yachts

It was with this letter that I nearly flung ALPHABLOCK across the room. Y is for Yachts? Really? Not only was this annoying in terms of my story here, but the first time I went through this book with my son I thought, … 803 more words

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