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NOT the Comic Book Code for Nanowrimo?

I have been working on my novel, The Comic Book Code, for years. Years learning what description and internal monologue and three act story structure were. 247 more words

Shivers (Song)

“Shivers” by Ethan Freckleton (Oct 2016)

This time of year
I’m always cold
Darkening skies
God I feel old 185 more words


First sight of the first draft

Today, mid-October 2016, I finally gave in and gave the first draft of my book about Kate Marsden and Isabel Hapgood to a local print shop to turn into a hard copy. 1,033 more words


A Gobsmacking

Well, the first draft of my short story “Hoar Frost” is done!

I actually beat my self-appointed deadline by several hours. Frankly, I’m a little stunned. 49 more words


“There is no pressure on you to write a brilliant first draft.  Because no one ever writes a brilliant first draft.”

-Chris Baty, No Plot? No Problem!


I’m experiencing a writer’s high. That sense that you can just do anything.

(Also I’m feeling just generally joyous about my writing and I credit autumn. 523 more words


Inspirational Quote of the Week

I visited the brain surgeon last week. Not really. It was just the vet.

I had to get a shot and a blood test. And some hugs and some treats. 133 more words

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