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"Shattered." Chapter Four - First Draft.

Beaten and broken she lay on the ground, unable to move, unable to breathe. Alexis Grant was in a rather shitty predicament, her family thought she was crazy because a waiting room got trashed when they went to visit her little sister in the waiting room. 3,083 more words


The Pause

You tear up as you write the final sentence and then you jump out of your chair to do a happy dance. All those anti-social days, the times you forgot to drink water and to go to bed are worth it. 285 more words

Why Is It So Hard to Write Badly?

One of the most important tricks to actually start writing—perhaps the key to a finished first draft—is to learn how to write badly. This may seem counterintuitive; after all, isn’t the point of learning to write and wanting to write professionally, you know, being good at it? 797 more words


First draft: edit as you go, or plough on?

A few days after getting back from our long trip, my sense of urgency about the first draft of book 4 was overwhelming. I had an outline, or thought I did, which had taken weeks to develop and looked as if it would carry me through the first draft. 393 more words


Tell Me Who You Walk With , I'll Tell You Who You Are

It’s a phrase my parents have always told me: Tell me who you walk with, I’ll tell you who you are. I guess its meant to keep me away from the wrong crowd, but what’s the wrong crowd if you’re there for good purpose. 173 more words


Scripts 1.5

It was not long ago I finished the Rough Draft for the sequel to Punisher: Martyrdom. Shortly thereafter I began work on the First Draft with 24 pages done as of now. 65 more words


"Shattered." Chapter Three - First Draft.

The time passed by rather quickly when Alexis was in the mental institution, she had found out the hard way that keeping to yourself is a quick way to get picked on. 3,528 more words