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And They Lived Happily Ever After

Everyone loves a happy ending. At the end of a novel we want to read the equivalent of “And they lived happily ever after.” But is that realistic? 251 more words


How easy is it to perfect our writing?

Today an author friend  launched her novel, The Beggar’s Dance. With the hard copy of a book in her hand, it all looked so easy. Only fellow writers understand the years of toil that go into writing any novel. 136 more words

On Writing

What's in a Draft, Anyway?

With the submission of my writing program application now behind me, thoughts turn once again to my soon-to-be supreme masterpiece, CHIMPANZEVIL!!!

As a writer part of getting better is learning your rhythms, your pace, you flaws, your strengths….and all to the purpose of knowing whether you’re fucking up or not. 618 more words


First Draft

“The first draft of anything is shit.”
Ernest Hemingway

Words for any writer to live by. This is my first draft of this blog so perhaps you’ll forgive me if it isn’t up to scratch? 464 more words


'First Draft'

I recently finished the ‘first draft’ of my novel. I’m calling it the first draft even though I have written this book before. If I counted every draft I started since this project entered my mind it would probably be my eighth/tenth/fifteenth (I lose count) draft and yet I am reluctant to call it that. 217 more words


Stages of writing - the first draft

The first and quickest part of the writing process, for me, is getting the first draft done. Quite like writing non-fiction, I start anywhere. It might be an introduction to the character, a scene that may be incorporated, or a piece of dialog. 430 more words