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an unexpected draft

“Hello, Edwin Lee!”

It was the chirpy tone of voice more than surprise at someone else in his (he thought) empty studio apartment that made Edwin spin around so hard his elbow banged against his seat back. 673 more words

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Tips on writing a first draft

This week I have the possibility of finishing a first draft.  It’s tantalisingly close.  But I am aware this is when I have the potential to freak myself out – tell myself the story isn’t strong enough, that it won’t be what editors are looking for, that the story has been told before… 341 more words


Things I Learned From Finishing the First Draft

After 6 embarrassing years and a graveyard of unfinished WIPs, I finally finished my first draft today! Yes, that’s right. It actually took me the better half of a decade to finish a measly first draft that barely clocks in at 40k words. 877 more words


Update: CampNaNoWriMo Week Three

Meh. That’s the word I’d use for my writing motivation this week. I’m not going to be too hard on myself, though. My body is getting ready to birth a human, so that comes first. 165 more words


Progress Report: It's All the Same Bug

Work on my next book is still going strong. This time last year, I was almost finished with the first full draft of Please Give… 583 more words


Writing Tip: 145#

For a first draft, you don’t need to have everything polished and it’s okay to leave some parts in shorthand.


Legends Of The Genemage: The Eternal King, Chapter Three

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Aerron opened his eyes slowly, taking a moment to adjust to the dim light surrounding him.  When he could at last focus his vision, Aerron studied the foreign room he found himself in.   2,354 more words

The Eternal Sovereign (Working Title)