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A chance word-weave.

Here! Finally managed to make myself pen my thoughts in the infinite web.The moment of absolute joy feeling like a queen who conquered the never lands. 372 more words

Progress Report: HELP! I’m Giving Birth to a 92,000 Word Manuscript!

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Last week I dreamed I had this bulging belly. When I realized I wasn’t fat, just pregnant, I thought, good, now I can eat all of the Doritos I want! 403 more words

On Life And Writing

We'ed Deliver first draft!

About two months ago I finished a thirty day writing challenge, the project was called We’ed Deliver. The story is about a young man who decides to use his job as a manager of a pizza shop to get some extra cash on the side by the selling weed pizza’s and also weed on the side.. 98 more words


Writing is Writing

Morning, Peeps!

Well, I set out yesterday to do what I promised and work on my novel. I really did.

Then I saw a post about a free horror short story contest, so I thought I could pull one of mine from its slumber deep in my files, polish it up a bit and send it in, before getting down to the task at hand. 537 more words

First Draft

Multiple Points of What-Am-I-Doing

Okay, so who told me to write a novel with multiple, third-person points of view? Three, to be exact. I’ve never attempted multiple viewpoints. It’s a whole new narrative world. 158 more words

A Day Off . . . Means More Work Today!

Yesterday, I did no writing whatsoever. None. Not a single new word on my novel, not a comma disturbed. I didn’t even write a new Caffeinated Cathy post. 578 more words

First Draft

Ruthless Revision

I should have known it was mistake.

Being married to a man with an aversion to history, and no historical sense at all, is not perhaps ideal for a writer of historical novels. 408 more words

Authorial Voice