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World-Building vs. Info Dumping

What I’m doing right now (well not right now, but you know that) is to go back through the early chapters of BECOME and try to make sure that the world building comes across to the reader. 200 more words


The Writer's Commandments

Remember when you were a kid? A large part of the learning process was accomplished by doing. And then being screamed at by an adult to never do it again. 1,498 more words

Blog Posts

A little sample

Happy New Year! I really enjoyed my holiday break. I feel recharged and ready to get back to my writing and my book. Speaking of books, here’s a little sample (from the still-in-the-works first draft) of what I hope one day I’ll see published as the second book of my World Beyond series: … 478 more words

Writing Life

Short Break

I decided that instead of trying to continue grinding through the first draft of WAR OF MAGIC, what I really needed was to take a short break from it–only a week or so–and come back to it fresh. 1,645 more words


Let's Be Honest, Part One: writing with an open temper

Let me tell you something about my subconscious (and probably yours too):

When I pick up a book, it expects two main things. First, it wants to enjoy what I’m reading. 2,133 more words


Pancakes & Love

Next Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday, and I’m a teeny-tiny bit excited. I love Shrove Tuesday because (A) pancakes and (B) I get to talk and gossip about what everyone is planning to give up for lent. 378 more words