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Fun 'Cosm Fact: The Krystal Tower

This was my original piece, written in 1999. I’d barely written anything and gave up. It was still a story with a writer who hated his day job and who tried to become a fiction author. 148 more words


Writing a few sentences at a time

You’d think I’d have more time for writing these days: book #2 is merrily on its way (even getting some sales!). NaNo isn’t until next week. 76 more words

The Writing Life

The World of Become: Magic and Religion--and Cover Art

In the world of BECOME, magic and religion are inextricably linked–which probably makes sense. After all, BECOME is loosely based on the Greek myth of Hercules. 291 more words



Starting a story is hard. I personally struggle greatly with beginning. The two main things that stop me from putting anything down on the page are my need to create the perfect story and my depression. 319 more words


NANOWRIMO. If you are a member of any writing group, chances are you’ve seen this acronym pop up in the past few weeks.

It stands for NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth, and it’s as crazy as it sounds. 303 more words


Writing in Reverse: 25,000 Words from The End

I started writing my new project at the beginning of October as planned, and I’m now 25,000 words in (or back?), so I figured it was time for an update on how this writing in reverse method is going. 1,166 more words


The World of BECOME: Creatures

So, my last post was about the physical world of BECOME–the map and the forest, chiefly.

The other thing that makes up the physical world is the creatures that inhabit it. 204 more words