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Traditional Publishing: Do The Advantages Add Up?

When I just started on my journey as a writer/ author, one thing that I heard most frequently (and still do) is that the aim of any writer is to published traditionally. 880 more words


7-2- Sunday Word Count

Two bear sighting since the last post. The bear in the video was a few feet off the road (we were in a car) and he was completely uninterested in us. 351 more words

Sunday Word Count

Facebook Post (not posted)

Friend posted about pick-up artists and how they were slimy and insecure.  I used to be one, so I wrote out this response.

I’m a recovering one-of-these. 693 more words


In Transition

Well, that what happens after school gets out for the summer, disrupting my routine. I completely lost track and forgot to blog yesterday. Catching up today. 245 more words


Story Prep and Reporter Research

Story Prep

Story: The Qube! is a program developed by Pipeline fx to help artists create visually and technologically superior projects. Qube! is now, as of June 30, 2015, being offered for a monthly subscription. 495 more words

First Drafts


Today, in honor of Camp NaNoWriMo, I’m discussing a thing known as the Fast Draft.

What’s a Fast Draft, you ask? Well, it’s simple: It’s a drafting technique geared towards the goal of producing a first draft quickly. 437 more words

At the Beginning - Again

Walking through fog. With the headlamp on. Low. Paraphrasing a quote from E.L. Doctorow. This is what it’s like to write a novel. I keep telling myself that as I move forward, ever so slowly. 699 more words

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