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First draft 1.a - The Crime in the essay

As a Professor wisely told us, the first step to a good writing group or workshop is to give a one time apology for all the things that embarrass you of your writing, and then move on. 2,277 more words


Writing the First Draft...

Writing the first draft is something we as writers need to do. Yes, I struggle with this one. My OCD brain refuses to keep from editing my first draft. 161 more words

An Open Letter To My Second Draft

Dear second draft,

I’m not going to lie to you; it’s getting difficult. We’re almost 30k into the rewrite, with a good 50k to go. That includes you, O pesky quest that seems to be hiding from view every time I think about you. 395 more words


 If you’ve ever asked for advice on how be a better writer, you’ve probably heard this old chestnut: write every day.

Which is good advice, sure. 346 more words


Exercises and First Drafts

The moment I started learning about the craft of writing, I changed the way I read any text that crosses my path. I no longer am a simple reader, experiencing the pleasures of the words.  264 more words


Writing Outside Your Comfort Zone

I recently started writing a book. Now, this is nothing new: I’ve probably started at least five or six books in my high school years alone. 437 more words



Whoa, I think that’s the first all-caps title I’ve ever had. It’s a bit overwhelming, but it captures my emotions pretty well, so I’m keeping it. 1,107 more words