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Goal of the Week 2/19/2017

There is something quite thrilling about checking things off of your to-do list. Like a mug of hot chocolate on a rainy day brings warmth to your bones, ticking off those to-dos has that same effect on your emotional bones.  53 more words

Emmerson Greene

Heroes Can Be TOO Good

I’m still working on that new chapter for the prequel to BECOME.

Partly, that’s because I’m still working on overcoming those bad habits regarding my writing time I blogged about last time. 201 more words


A Twenty-Five-Year-Old Woman

I AM a twenty-five-year-old woman,

and every year I do not fuck to give birth,

or approach my Career with VERVE, or keep the ocean… 138 more words

Stage 2: Draft 1 | Writing

In January, I wrote half a book.

Which is a pretty big achievement, for me. I’m normally a slow, messy drafter, but this book just seems to be pouring out of me. 161 more words


Writing Time and Bad Habits

I usually post on Sundays and Wednesdays, but tomorrow is going to be . . . well, shall we say, tightly scheduled. Which actually ties in with the theme of this post pretty well. 285 more words


Getting Started to Finish

Although I’ve been writing creatively for decades, I don’t really know what kind of writer I am. It’s not a genre thing, although that’s up for debate with each project I attempt. 709 more words

What I'm Excited About

New Scenes

Well, remember that new scene I was going to write for the BECOME prequel. Yeah, turns out it’s going to be more like three–or maybe four–scenes. 48 more words