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Remember the W.I.P.

This is the part of the artistic process that gets forgotten. The first 150 Pokémon drawn by Ken Sugimori, a now incredibly rare set of sketches, is one example of what became an incredibly recognizable set of drawings. 276 more words

Confessions of A Wanna-Be Bizarro Novelist

Technically the title is misleading. I believe that you are or aren’t what you want to be in life, so “wanna-be” just sounded silly enough to fit the title my post. 484 more words

A Brother Will Work It Out

I'm BACK!!

So, I disappeared for a little while.  But I promise you I was actually busy!  So let me catch you up on what’s been going on in my little world. 210 more words

The Art of the Overwritten First Draft

By Lisa Alber

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m the master of writing bloated first drafts. I like to tell myself that it’s all for a larger cause. 531 more words

The Summer Heat

Summer is in full effect. I don’t want to go back outside. Earlier there were storm clouds, thunder, and light rain. Now it’s sun, sun, sun. 73 more words


When Should I Revise?

I once had a professor tell me “To write is to revise,” and while I may have rolled my eyes at him at the time, I’ve come to live by those words. 848 more words


Rolling through the first draft, by Donald Hounam

I recently read Reacher Said Nothing, in which a journalist, Andy Martin, persuaded Lee Child to allow him to peer over his shoulder while he wrote his 20th Jack Reacher novel. 628 more words