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Writing My Worst First Draft Yet

First things first: First drafts? Suck. Always. They’re terrible. They’re meant to be terrible and always are.

BUT I feel like, you know, the more you write, the longer you spend doing this and figuring out things — like how to write an actual plot and character arc and all these things. 822 more words

Writing Advice

New Shiny Object Syndrome

All authors suffer from this disorder to one degree or another. Other people wonder how we get the ideas for our stories. The truth is: When you’re a writer–and actually writing–ideas fall all around you like rain. 313 more words


Author Toolbox: Find Your "First Draft" Voices

This post is part of the #AuthorToolboxBlogHop, which I’m thrilled to be participating in, and which I totally forgot to actually mention last month. Whoops! Check out the… 1,391 more words



Right now, I seem to be suffering from a severe lack of motivation concerning my writing. I’m not entirely sure why.


Become: Brothers

Become: Brothers is now live. It’s still only 99 cents for a while longer.

I really need to get off the dime and start doing some more promotion for this one. 118 more words


February wrap-up: Reading, writing... it was a short month, alright?

Well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it

So you can probably infer I didn’t actually get a whole lot done.

But let’s talk about it anyway. 1,264 more words

Fiction Writing

Raw Literature: Writer Unplugged

Essay by Sarah Brentyn, a member of the Congress of Rough Writers.

<< ♦ >>

I’m in awe of “raw”.

This tiny three-letter word is like a super hero. 747 more words


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So I’m forcing myself to get over my Guestapostophobia. Facing my fear. Writing guest posts. I’m happy to have a post up at Carrot Ranch, a supportive community of flashers (erm…people who write flash), hosted by the ever-encouraging Charli Mills. Check out my post about how letting go and just writing can produce a powerful, genuine story.