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Writing: Wait for it

I’m starting to work on a new romance (my third). I’ve immersed myself in the people and world of Mill Pond so much, I think about them while I’m working on other things. 544 more words


Brief Respite

Well after bashing my head against the keyboard repeatedly, I’ve decided that the problem with getting back into Book 4 (probably to be titled WAR MAGIC) is that I just need to give myself a break. 496 more words


The Slow, Tiring Process of First-Drafting

Remember when I said I would continue to post writing updates? I don’t think I specified, but I kind of meant that it would happen each week. 488 more words


Are we the best judge of our own writing?

I can still remember writing (and rewriting) my honours’ thesis, and getting to the deadline when I finally had to surrender it. It was almost a case of ‘you’ll pry this thesis out of my cold dead hands…’ 662 more words

Slow Start

Okay, so this week I’ve mostly been trying to get back into the first draft of the fourth book in the DUAL MAGICS series, likely to be titled WAR OF MAGIC or possibly WAR MAGIC. 338 more words


Cover Art Update

While I’m trying to transition my brain back into first-draft mode, I updated the cover of FIRE AND EARTH. Admit it, the old cover was kind of boring: 24 more words


Goldilocks and the First Draft

Writers face a Goldilocks moment when trying to decide how soon to share our work with the world. After creating for a week, or a month, or several months, we wonder: is today too soon, too late, or just right? 318 more words