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All in good time

Sometimes good things take a while to ripen. It was more than a year ago that Laura and I talked – over pizza and champagne – about doing a podcast together. 264 more words

First Episode


My opinion on the first episode

So I was really really bored, and I really wanted to watch something on netflix. I did look up some disney films to watch but I saw Orange is the new black and something told me to watch it, so I did. 422 more words

One Punch Man - Episode 1

This post is very image-heavy.

Despite the fact that I wrote it as one my “all-time favorite animes” , I have never seen the One Punch Man anime until now. 1,216 more words

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Secular Sunday Podcast - Episode 001

It is the 11th day of November, 2015 (or at least in the show)

Here it is the long awaited official release of the Secular Sunday Discussion PODCAST!! 113 more words

Amarillo Atheist

Pasión y Poder: First Episode

Ok guys!

Today is day 3 of NaBloPoMo and instead of an anime/manga related post I’ve got a reaction to Pasión y Poder (Passion and Power) a Spanish Novela that just aired today at 8pm CST. 906 more words


On October 5, 1969.

On October 5, 1969, “BBC” aired the first episode of “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”. In the period from October 5, 1969, to December 5, 1974, total number of 45 episodes were broadcasted.

[1: 1,607 of 10,000] First Episode

You can tell a lot about a television show by the first episode. I can judge if I will continue watching it. I got the chance to see “How To Get Away With Murder” today and I am ecstatic! 136 more words

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