A cold and frosty morning 1st December 2016

Last weekend we walked by Lake Vico, a volcanic lake just south of us.  As we were driving I saw a huge tree covered in red berries – surely not a Holly, but yes that’s what it was.   234 more words

A Vase Of Flowers From The Garden

First Frost - It's That Time, Already

Well, we received our first frost already. Actually, we had a frost on Monday AND Tuesday morning. A double whammy. I guess I gambled wrong. National Weather Service (NWS) has been saying we are more than likely going to have a warm, dry “winter” this year. 349 more words

Sheep Management

(Monday) Motorway Music™, November 15 - Yet Another Monday Slipped By...

It’s been a tough last couple of weeks. And as not to sink into whining, that’s about what I am going to say about that. Other than – yep, did realise it was Monday yesterday. 142 more words

Motorway Music™ List

Sunday morning, up with the lark.....

“Sunday morning, up with the lark
I think I’ll take a walk in the park
Hey hey hey, it’s a beautiful day……”

Looking outside my window, seemed like it is  going to be a beautiful Sunday, the sun was up, birds chirping, our pet dog was happy  and ready to go on her morning walk…. 293 more words


Air Change

Written for November Notes hosted by Rosema at A Reading Writer and Sarah at Heartstring Eulogies.

Day 10 Music Prompt: Air by Rayvon Owen.


Tanka: First Frost

When moon leaves
winter slips into the glen
her robe shimmers
I ask the sky and wonder
where the hare is sleeping now.

© Xenia Tran…

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10 months old, Arjun's first winter approaches Brrr..

All the little things you do warm up my winter.

Dear Arjun,

My adventurous little curious Columbus.  It is your first winter. Together we will share the enchantments that it brings. 293 more words

All About Baby