Thanksgiving Flower

In the past, we have always had our first frost by now.
Killing all flowers until spring.
(Save the violets, which bloom even in snow.) 49 more words

First Frost

The white-dusted grass, the the freshness of winter air that the sun can’t disguise, the new beauty all around – all of these things are brought by the first frost, and they signify one thing: magic embedding itself deeper into reality than is allowed through the rest of the year. 161 more words


A Walk in November

This morning we took

two turns around the block,

grateful for the sun cutting

the frozen lawns into pieces.

The unexpected frost reddens

your ears. It’s time to put away… 26 more words


First Frost: A Peregrination

Greta and I crunch out into the driveway, down to the street, and we gaze at a changed world. Each leaf, in the waiting pile, is finely limned, dusted and glazed. 1,541 more words


First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen

Brief Synopsis:

First FrostĀ is a magical tale, where we follow the path of the Waverly women. Starting out we follow Bay, the fifteen year old daughter of Sydney Waverly, as she traverses high school with abilities that set her apart from the norm making her somewhat of an outcast among her peers. 318 more words


What I'm Reading: October Book Reviews

I am in the middle of about 6 books right now. Seriously, I need to stick with one at a time. But I’m usually listening to one, and reading a fiction and a non-fiction. 2,029 more words

The Reading Life