Haiga, Haiku & #22: Autumn Ways & NaHaiWriMo 2018


deep shadow
with pale yellow leaves
first frost


for #22 NaHaiWriMo 2-22-2018


NaHaiWriMo February 22 prompt: THE FIRST FROST. Random number (528 I) provided by Melissa Frederick.

Rick Daddario

Brrrr! Baby, It's Cold Outside...

I am always incredulous when it frosts or freezes here in Florida. It just doesn’t seem like it’s possible, but it often happens here in Central Florida. 157 more words


Thanksgiving Flower

In the past, we have always had our first frost by now.
Killing all flowers until spring.
(Save the violets, which bloom even in snow.) 49 more words

A Walk in November

This morning we took

two turns around the block,

grateful for the sun cutting

the frozen lawns into pieces.

The unexpected frost reddens

your ears. It’s time to put away… 26 more words


First Frost: A Peregrination

Greta and I crunch out into the driveway, down to the street, and we gaze at a changed world. Each leaf, in the waiting pile, is finely limned, dusted and glazed. 1,541 more words