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Epic Fail

Now that my six year-old, Azul, has incorporated the word “epic” into his vocabulary, I have a totally different view of the utterance.

I always used it in its traditional sense, a long poem of heroic deeds, such as, … 182 more words


Officials: Local First Grader Shows Off What Appears To Be Heroin During School Lunchtime

By Matt Rivers

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Officials say it was sometime Tuesday afternoon a young student showed off what appears to be heroin during lunchtime. 253 more words


Flairy B

“You can call me FLAIRY, because I don’t have wings, but I have FLAIR”

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School Bunnies

On our drive to school this morning.

“Mommy, what do wild bunnies do?”

“I don’t know… wild things?”

Then I start to wonder, not about the escapades of wild bunnies, but why Miss B is thinking about bunnies. 63 more words

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And Bloooooooooooooow and Blow and Blow and Blow

For Easter Miss B is supposed to come to school with 6 white blown eggs.

White eggs are friggin hard to find in Johannesburg and even harder to blow. 63 more words

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To Be or Not To Be - Allergic

Beauty in the day: he came in at 7:42 am. “I’m sorry that I’m late,” he said breathlessly. I assured him that since school doesn’t start until 8:05, he was not late at all. 177 more words

School Suspends 6-Year-Old For Pointing Fingers In Shape Of Gun At Classmate

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – Two words and a hand gesture left a 6-year-old student suspended from school.

KRDO-TV reports that Colorado Springs first-grader Elijah ran into trouble after pointing his fingers in the shape of a gun at a fellow classmate and saying, “You’re dead.” 225 more words