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Back to School | Homework Station

Welcome to day 2 of my back to school week here on the blog. I will have a new post every day this week with tips & tricks to crush the clutter early in the school year. 606 more words


Day 12 11:55PM

What a day it has been! My daughter had her entrance ceremony for elementary school this morning. All the parents were dressed to the nines. The mothers were especially dolled up in pearls and formal attire wearing delicate silk corsages various shades of pink, cream, and gold. 633 more words

blogging a - z challenge - "c"

I had a few different ideas for today’s letter C:

  • Change (our lives are about to change with me in graduate school),
  • Cat (Kade’s love of our cat, Nermal, and other cats that were in his life),
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Blogging A - Z Challenge

Are you Smarter than a First Grader? (4)

My wife joined the reunion of her high school classmates, and they gave her the following problem:
1111 = 0 | 5555 = 0 | 2222 = 0 | 8193 = 3 | 7662 = 2…
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Are you Smarter than a First Grader? (3)

Q. AB – CD = EF; EF + GH = PPP. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, and P are unique digits different from each other. 576 more words


Are You Smarter than a First Grader? (2)

My brother sent me two math exam questions, supposedly grade 1. Let’s see if you are smarter than a first grader.

(Q1) ABCD X 9 = DCBA. 329 more words