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indie comics spotlight: 4 Seconds by O'Connor and Kesel

4 Seconds is a noir thriller about a petty thief who discovers she can see four seconds into the future. That’s just enough precognition to get into trouble, but not nearly enough time to pull off the heist that will save her sister’s life. 62 more words

Indie Comics


by Maxine Rose Munro

As I gaze upon this used cotton bud

I wonder if there is a poem in it.

One that finds poignancy in the mundane… 74 more words


Glasgow in the Rain

by James Paton

An incessant hum, a downbeat groove.

The pitter-patter splashes of a brush against a hi-hat.

Black patches stretch out across insipid grey walls as though arms fumbling for a thick, surly sky that smothers out the sun, and filters away the last flickering traces of daylight from the world. 462 more words


Big Country, Stuart Adamson

by Neal Dachstadter

A band’s modest boast: drawing wishing from life,

From the Scot-land, and ghost of the sea-strand in Fife,

Bridge pipe and guitar till they reel a taut bite, 70 more words


Public Image Ltd - Theme

After the flash in a pan of The Sex Pistols and the initial ‘fuck off’ (so very important, but such an immediate dead end; not to even get started on the turgid pub rock sound), John Lydon formed a band who really had something to offer. 46 more words


Welcome to Spinebind

Hello, welcome, and thank you for being here.

We are currently working hard at putting together our first issue of Spinebind magazine. The first issue will be open-themed, so if you are a writer, artist or photographer, please feel free to send in your most daring and experimental work. 116 more words


On January 2, 1926.

On January 2, 1926, first issue of “Melody Maker”, British weekly magazine was published.  “Melody Maker” was probably the earliest world music magazine and at its beginnings it was magazine for jazz, dance bands and musicians.   21 more words