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On Starting New Chapters

The two and a half months of *~funemployment~* are finally ending on Tuesday, August 22, as I begin working for my first job EVER. It’s intimidating. 588 more words


Solar Philippines Exports will result in 1000 Direct Jobs for Filipinos and More in 2018

Solar Philippines exports exceeds 10 Billion by 2018 and will result in 1000 direct Jobs for Filipinos and more to come for direct and indirect jobs in 2018. 303 more words


Resume / CV Success

Resume Success

Your Resume’ represents you and your capabilities in performing duties and work. Besides what is written in your resume, a good representation of your resume describes your work habit and behavior. 601 more words


7 Lessons From My First Job

On December 1st 2015, I walked into my first job as a spotty, lanky, clumsy child. Now as I leave my spots remain, I’m considerably lankier and if anything, I’m clumsier. 1,702 more words


A Reflection on Working in Customer Service

As I finish my final week working as a student assistant, I thought it would be fun to reflect on what I learned working in customer service. 527 more words

Dog Sitter

Sadie and Scout were perfect candidates for Kayleigh's first dog sitting gig.

Special thanks to our neighbors for giving her this opportunity. She loved every minute of it!

Family Fun

My First Job: A Memory With A Watermark

Most of us have ghosts from the past. I have my own share of skeletons in the closet – memories I'd rather delete from my mind, than let them pop up at the most inopportune of times. 2,419 more words