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Today... I got a job

Shout out to Nicky for this one, because today I got my very first, fairly legit, job. A pretty carefree gig babysitting once or twice a week for the same family Nic babysits for, reeling me in a good $50 a day. 93 more words

My Memories

I'm just making French fries

When a teen announced yesterday she had landed a job at McDonald’s making French fries, she was offered congratulations. When someone expressed the opinion that it was a good opportunity, she dismissed the remark with a measure of contempt. 201 more words

First Job

Episode #108 - GTFON - Thank You Gen Z

I think I’m going to make today’s inspiration into a button and wear it at work.  Because it has inspired me in two different thoughts but both occurred this weekend at our marina. 802 more words


3 beginner rules for dressing for success in the workplace

You’ve done it! You’ve actually done it! You’ve made it through all the semesters, the mid terms, final exams, group projects, you may have had a part time or even full time job while completing school, and here you are, ready to head out into the workforce. 741 more words

Dress For Success

The Worst First Jobs Celebrities Had Before Fame

If you’re ever feeling down about your job, just know there are celebrities that used to have jobs that were even worse! MSN made a list of the 19 worst first jobs that celebrities had before they found fame and some of them are pretty bad. 136 more words


"Fluffed, Not Crushed" Poem in Silver Birch Press' My First Job Series

I am pleased to announce that my poem, “Fluffed, Not Crushed,” will be featured in Silver Birch Press’ My First Job Series.  About my first job and the love of Cheetos, it is a trip down memory lane. 6 more words

Adulting - Step 1

Find a job.

I can’t actually be the only one who thought finding a job after graduation would be a breeze, right? In the perfect life (that I fully imagined in my head) I’d move back home after graduation, send a few applications out, and two weeks later I’d be starting my first ‘big girl’ job making… 375 more words