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How you know it’s time to leave your first job

Your first job out of college won’t be your last, but how will you know when it’s time to bow out?

“If you ask 10 people that question you’ll have 10 different answers on that,” says Jeff Reep, director of career services at Cedarville University in Ohio. 1,087 more words


The ?th time I felt out of place as a woman engineer

As I mentioned before, this job is the first time I have felt out of place as a woman engineer. Sometimes I can take it, other times I can’t. 448 more words


One Step at a Time

It’s almost a month now.  And still, I’m struggling to keep up.  I feel like I’m learning to slow.  Like I’m trying to swim upstream and stay alive.  373 more words


First job toolkit.

Over the years I have witnessed countless first-job employees struggle through new hire documents.   Many of them have a parent with them or are texting or calling every other minute to help them understand what they are signing.   893 more words

3 Things You Seriously Need to Consider Before Saying Yes to a Job

You are desperate for a job. You’ve applied to countless positions– from internships to part times to full times that you aren’t actually interested in– but much to your disappointment, embarrassment, and frustration, you haven’t been hearing back. 718 more words


When your dream job isn't your dream job anymore

You have the perfect job. The one you always wanted—in an exciting industry, for a big name company, with a title that says you get to do what you love all day long. 1,244 more words


Accessories To Treat Yourself To When You've Landed Your First Job!

I recall the excitement of my first official job. It was my last semester at university and with immense excitement, I had landed myself an internship at a beauty company. 571 more words