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Hello world!

Well hello there bored person :P You might not be bored, but for me I always start browsing random blogs or vlogs when I’m bored, aka didn’t manage to make any plans with actual living and breathing human beings. 460 more words

My Story (Part 2)

The following will tell you about things I have encountered, so far, as a young adult and how I plan on tackling my twenties.

I graduated High School in 2012 and honestly, I was really proud of myself. 1,096 more words


My First Principal

Do you remember your first real job? Did you cry? I did.

I cried, often. As a first-year teacher in an elementary school in 1966, I was sure my first principal, Hurricane Grace, was going to fire me. 372 more words


I got the job (for real, this time).

Yep, I got the HR call this week! There’s a bit of an episode behind it too haha. I’ve been having a coughing fit for the past few days or so and it just so happens that HR called me in the middle of one. 432 more words

Life Updates

Tips on how to get your first job

Getting your first job can be really daunting because everywhere seems to need some form of previous experience. If your 16 years old fresh out of school you’re not likely to have any previous work related experience. 1,351 more words

How To Be The Best Investment Your Company Ever Took A Risk On

When I first entered the wonderful, adulting working world, I consistently heard people refer to new hires as investments. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really understand what they were saying until about a year ago. 547 more words

Two Pretzel Princesses

Who can forget their first job and all those delicious feelings of independence that come from donning your first uniform, receiving your first paycheck, and getting your first taste of adulthood. 292 more words