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I Graduated College, Now What?

The majority of pop culture focuses on our younger years when we’re in school, or the adult years when people go through a midlife turning point. 430 more words

After College

My First Job is By the Beach, and I'm Loving It

You may or may not have noticed that I’v been pretty absent from this blog for the past month or so. I’ll be up front – I landed my very first job out of college. 555 more words


Asian driver 

They really were more concerned about the driving and parking than the industry…


That specific first job in London

Before Sunday came, we had had some things to do on Saturday too. Our most important thing to do was to go to the agency and have a final pre-arrangement before work. 2,223 more words


Young Paycheck

Hopefully by now we have graduated college and found some job to start earning money and live the American dream :) Keep in mind that even if you are still in school, it is absolutely awesome if you can score an internship or part time job in your field while you are still in school. 471 more words

12/09/16 - One Year as a Data Analyst

​12th September marked my one year anniversary of being in full time employment. As it’s September, and the air is nipping with that back to school twang, it seems apt to take a moment to reflect on what I have learned in the past year, and look back on the wobbly doggy paddle I’ve been doing out into the waters of adulthood. 1,127 more words

Many Firsts

When I got my first job in Juvenile Detention, to be honest I was not making enough money to live in an apartment. I could cover my car note and insurance and continued to live at home. 1,051 more words