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First day of work was just training. I officially  work Fridays and Saturdays. When I get better I will get more hours and days and also get promoted. 292 more words

New Job, New Adjustments, New Adventures

Wow, I just realized how long of a cliffhanger that was and how poorly I am at keeping up with my blog!

Well the answer is… I took the job! 322 more words

How to: Learn on the job

So there will come a point in everyone’s life where one must pretend you’re an expert in something that you’ve barely grasped yourselves. Imagine Miley Cyrus forced to give a last minute lesson on subtlety. 864 more words


Something about me...

I am a new nurse that started working at New York Presbyterian Hospital on a Med-surge/Ortho floor. As a new nurse, I feel like I do not know anything. 259 more words

What To Do After Graduation

We are about to enter March, which puts us just about 2 months away from spring graduations. Several college seniors are trying to figure out what in the world happens next in their lives. 732 more words

5 Job Search Attitudes to Adopt

For upcoming graduates, landing that first job can be challenging. Sometimes it has to do with skills, and sometimes it has to do with attitude. From experience here’s what I learned: 739 more words


What I learned from my first job

I worked at my Dads company for a couple of months after graduating college, but it was no big deal, I was just helping out the accountant because they were behind with their filing. 1,321 more words