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me too.

this morning as i browsed through some social media posts i noticed the words “me too” gaining popularity. as usual, i was curious. what i discovered was that women around the world were sharing these two words in community and solidarity as a way to shed light on the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault. 833 more words

Shark River Dreams

When I was thirteen and fourteen, I worked on my uncle’s lobster boat in Neptune, NJ for a month each summer. My uncle treated me as a real employee. 536 more words


Two Wrongs Make a Right

It’s been a month since I’ve started my journey in sales and I could say that I’ve couquered my biggest fear: speaking “formally” in Bahasa Indonesia. 507 more words

Random Thoughts

Overcoming my deep seeded hatred of shopping and learning to dress like an adult (a.k.a me).

Raise your hand if you are 23, and hate shopping.

Malls should have been included in one of Dante’s seven circles of hell.

Heck, he probably would have added a circle for it if they had been around during his time. 570 more words

My Story: Part 3 - Plastic Bag

Plastic Bag (2017)

I was born in the “broken land”, the marshland,
The ol’ Breuckelen, the oh, Brooklyn.
I was raised on Miami sands, on white sands, 1,754 more words
My Story

A walk on the sensitive side

According to our friends at Atlanta Dogworks in Ball Ground our dog Roosevelt is a more sensitive soul in comparison to his other canine companions. Apparently they take into account their boarder’s likes and dislikes grouping their louder guests together and the more sensitive creatures in a quieter spot. 785 more words

1963 - Working for Mrs. S

3 minute read

I was fourteen when I found my first job. My mother was friendly with the local chemist, Ruta Strachowska, who was looking for a babysitter for her five-year-old boy, Paul. 1,191 more words