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Turgenev's shorter fiction

I’m never quite sure what the difference is between the short story and the novel – whether the difference is merely a question of length, or whether there is something else involved. 1,754 more words


Oh how I ...

Oh how I wanted to sit on the lawn with you, sip tea, smoke my pipe, and bask in the loveliness of your beauty …

Being A Southerner

The Great Adventure

Over a year ago, I went on one of the greatest adventures I could ever go on with a guy I never thought would be mine. 572 more words


The First Girl I Ever Loved (2)

December 30, 2016

I wake up in a hospital and the first thing I notice is that the bones under my skin no longer feel like they’ve got ants crawling on them. 1,910 more words

C'est la vie 

By- Gabriela A.Tejada

Ever tried writing poetry happy?

You inspire me to write poetry, to write feelings, thoughts, pain and truths. You inspire me to write because you broke my heart. 148 more words


First among Firsts.

I want You to be my first love.

I will come to confess that in a worldly perspective, I have always understood the meaning of “first love” as the one you’ve felt those cringey sparks with first. 856 more words


First Love

When we were children, impish, dreamers, the not so tall tales we had told at sunset, our hands the puppet masters, our stories bound invisibly with string, were without question my favorite. 172 more words