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From Bournemouth With Love (Part 1)

Is love real?

A  poll said 74% of people think love exists,

16% gave a weak, Nick Clegg kind of answer of ‘it depends on the person.’ 1,948 more words


Goodnight Memories

I’m trying not to remember answering phones calls

when I was sixteen,

you telling me how my


was a treacherous thing

because you didn’t know… 195 more words

My Long Lost Love

How I wish I could embrace you!
How I wish I could spend time with you!

Years apart we were best of friends

I could never do without you! 231 more words


My First Love, and I

My first love, and I

should by chance

meet again, after

so many years flowing

under the bridge,

“Do you remember”, she asked

“Oh yes, I do.” At least the parts that I… 188 more words


REVIEW: Everything, Everything

I decided to experiment with Everything, Everything (2015) by Nicola Yoon: I didn’t read the blurb, or any summary, but rather just started with the first page and many recommendations. 497 more words


I'm a proud person who doesn't want anyone but I need them. I need him. 

When I talk about a “he or him” it’s the same person that I’ve been holding onto for five years. I have had connections with men before him and after him but nothing ever came of it. 541 more words


Life After Mourning

It’s been many years but it always feels like yesterday. People tend to say time heals all wounds but am thinking like did they mean to say that it takes a whole lifetime. 213 more words