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The Troubleseeker: A moving human chronicle that both entertains and lingers in our hearts.”

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“Alan Lessik’s The Troubleseeker succeeds on several fronts: as a passionate gay story that documents the devastation caused by AIDS in the epidemic’s early days; as a vivid depiction of post-revolutionary Cuba leading to the disastrous Special Period; and as a clever retelling of myth where the gods of the Greek pantheon and those of Santería mingle, compare notes, and join forces. 116 more words

First Novels

Babalú Ayé and Apollo

Little did any of us know to whom Ricky Ricardo was singing on I Love Lucy. It is hard to imagine now that a Cuban singer with a thick accent would be broadcast driving himself into a trance-frenzy, ripping off his tie and staring intently above as he he saw something no one else did. 361 more words


First Novels

I often find that when reading through the oeuvres of my favourite contemporary writers, I often do not begin with their first books.  Whilst I do not make this choice intentionally, I find it fascinating to read later efforts, and then go back to the beginning to see how a particular author’s style has changed over time.   686 more words

The Lovers--Hadrian and Antinous

A true story. The Roman Emperor Hadrian took a young lover named Antinous. While such relationships were common in Rome and Greece, the seriousness of their love was unusual for the time. 339 more words


First Blogiversary! Ten things

I made it a year! Yesterday was my best day for likes and this morning I hit 100 followers! Thank you to everyone who’s stopped by this past year and helped me get here. 336 more words


The Troubleseeker-A Guide to the Characters

Narrated by the ancient Roman Emperor and demigod Hadriano, The Troubleseeker  weaves Cuban-Santería traditions with classical Greek mythology to depict the hero Antinio and his quest  for freedom, identity, and love. 645 more words


Did You Ever Have a Family by Bill Clegg

I expected lots of melodrama and tear-jerkery from this story about a woman who loses her entire family overnight in a house fire — the night before a wedding, no less.  617 more words

Highly Recommended