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My book is in all good book shops.
My book is quite comfortable, in a stack, as a pillow.
My book is very beautiful and quite nice to read too. 41 more words


The Constable's Tale by Donald Smith

If you’re interested in historical fiction set in Colonial America, this was a great read. It blends history, mystery, and interesting characters. Even better, this is a travel story as well, winding from North Carolina all the way to Quebec. 611 more words

Review Requests And ARCs

Still August

“August came to Florida every year, but it felt like the end of the world every time because of how empty the streets and sidewalks became — everyone stayed inside. 691 more words


When a story writes itself

I have spent many nights glaring at a computer screen typing and deleting the same paragraph, willing my characters to move, trying to force a story to happen. 601 more words


Editing without an Editor

I’ll start with a disclaimer. I do not recommend this. A good editor is like a fairy godmother. With a wand of a pen, they slash run on sentences, illuminate plot holes and turn the pumpkin that is your story into the carriage that is fit to ride to the publishers. 575 more words


First Novels

If anyone says that writing a book is easy, I’m going to take a wild guess that they haven’t tried writing one before.

I’ve attempted to start way too many books, ever since I was about ten years old. 380 more words


Something I would like to do here....

Because I am admittedly a self publishing novice, I would like to open up the floor to authors who have gone through the process. I’m compiling a list of questions but I’d love to get some suggestions on what others would like to know about as well. 54 more words