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Reading Bukowski
write about cats is
like punching a hole in
a giant bag tied around the world
by those who do not know… 71 more words

'Utopia': Exposing Australia's secret history & human rights abuses - by John Pilger

How to be rid of the ‘Aboriginal problem’ … unashamedly a mining magnate recommends herding them into a specified area & adding sterilization chemicals to their drinking water. 56 more words


Another Controversial Historial Figure under Seige


Jan. 26 is Australia Day, the official national holiday of the Land Down Under.

For the majority of Australians, that translates into a day of celebration, with public barbeques and the drinking of hardy stout. 485 more words


Australia's heartless 'House of Discards' refuse First Nations' fundamental rights

The weakness at the heart of our democracy is revealed in the lack of protections for our First Nations people, writes Jeff McMullen, who sets out a plan to begin to right these wrongs.

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Australia's Shame

First People

Iroquois, Innu, Algonquin, and Mi’kmaq. References to the First People abound throughout eastern Canada. The names of cities and townships originate with the First People, Gaspe meaning “Lands End” to Saguenay meaning “the end of the deep water and Kebec “where the river narrows.” 95 more words

Eastern Seaboard Cruise