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Well this sucks

I just got my first period, and am crazy hungry. Seriously, it’s unreal. But I can’t eat any snacks because my teeth aren’t doing well, so I can only eat main meals and it’s Monday so I have to cook. 184 more words


I hate my first period - A short fiction

I hate my first period. I used to love it, until a year back.

As soon as the school bell rang, we would all finish our chit chat at the corridor and hurry into the classroom.   2,044 more words

Short Story

#5. Teen Mindfulness: 10 Considerations For Girls’ Adolescence

Many professionals encourage the natural inclinations of youth to seek aptitude and self-sufficiency in health care, especially in a gradual fashion, starting when your teen is aged 13 to 18. 509 more words

Dr Margaret Aranda

First Period: 5 Weird Rituals & Traditions In Celebrating Womanhood Around The World

Ideally, culturally inspired communities continue to perform and follow rituals in order to keep the tradition and their unique identity. The first period bleeding is a girl’s transition to womanhood. 801 more words


First Period houses of Salem, Massachusetts

Salem, MA has about 18 First Period houses (built during the first century of English settlement, approximately 116-20-1720). In his landmark studies, “Massachusetts and its First Period Buildings” (1979) and The Framed Houses of Massachusetts Bay, 1625-1725 (1979), architectural historian Abbott Lowell Cummings demonstrated that eastern Massachusetts contains the greatest concentration of First Period structures in the nation. 2,653 more words


TEN things i wish i'd known about my periods from Day 1

I got my first period when I was 13 (I think?).  I can remember seeing some blood on my sheets one morning and bundling them up, as if to hide them.  1,280 more words


Distorted body image and puberty after childhood sexual abuse

I was 9 when I got my first period. I knew what it meant—I could get pregnant. What I didn’t know is exactly how you got pregnant and if… 492 more words