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Period Conversation Starters

How do you talk to your daughter or niece or little cousin about menstruation when you feel it is an awkward and difficult conversation to have? 1,104 more words


The First Steps: Reclaiming Your Body

We see more information about women’s sexuality and health now, and it seems that what was once a taboo topic is now front and center. Still, there are many women who feel the shame and stigma that came with earlier (and incorrect) beliefs about women’s bodies. 721 more words


Adult Contemporary HALLOWEEN EDITION: There Will Be Blood.

Women. We live, we breathe, we BLEED. From our vaginas. On the regular. And also at other times. A lot. Why does no one tell us in advance?! 1,039 more words


It was the day of the re-release of Star Wars.
It was cloudy, and I remember feeling down
before I understood that was just hormones. 143 more words


I Do Not Want To Be Like My Mother

I do not want to grow up to be like my mother. Harsh, maybe, but it’s hard to feel any different when she’s the living, breathing embodiment of everything I hate. 1,518 more words



You wake up on your thirteenth birthday in your purple bedroom, all your Beanie Babies in a row on the headboard above your bed (you’re a Nineties kid, after all). 315 more words


Chella's 1st Period

Or Why I Became a Menstrual Activist!

I got my first period when I was 12 and a half, living in the US, and I was more worried about the social etiquette of whether to flush or not to flush within earshot of guests arriving by the front door than what to do about my period. 697 more words

Menstruation Matters