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How to survive high school [Season 1 Chapter 1]

Yes! It’s finally about to happen! The moment I’ve been dreaming of! I’m Jennifer Hills and I’m about to have my very first kiss with none other than Tyler Bruce, my high school crush! 481 more words


A 15-year-old Book and Menstrual Hygiene Day 2018

Yesterday was Menstrual Hygiene Day.

In among all the royal wedding hoopla, few remember that before she married into royalty, Meghan Markle wrote… 273 more words

We’re Missing Conversations That Need To Happen - How LOLA Is Beginning That Trend.

When I first got my period, my mom told everyone.

That’s normal, right?

Even if that is normal, it didn’t stop me from feeling weird or gross as people looked at me like I was “finally a woman.” I was just a kid who didn’t even understand the truth about sex yet. 649 more words


Period Conversation Starters

How do you talk to your daughter or niece or little cousin about menstruation when you feel it is an awkward and difficult conversation to have? 1,104 more words


The First Steps: Reclaiming Your Body

We see more information about women’s sexuality and health now, and it seems that what was once a taboo topic is now front and center. Still, there are many women who feel the shame and stigma that came with earlier (and incorrect) beliefs about women’s bodies. 721 more words


Adult Contemporary HALLOWEEN EDITION: There Will Be Blood.

Women. We live, we breathe, we BLEED. From our vaginas. On the regular. And also at other times. A lot. Why does no one tell us in advance?! 1,039 more words


It was the day of the re-release of Star Wars.
It was cloudy, and I remember feeling down
before I understood that was just hormones. 143 more words