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First Position: it is so hard

Ballet is hard, like really hard but teachers expect young children to get into classical positions by the age of 5. And you know, at some dolly dinkle studio they are teaching their students ridiculously hard techniques to students who are like 9…. 1,034 more words


Ballet Movies

I’ve just found First Position on Netflix! The 2011 documentary about 6 young dancers preparing for the Youth America Grand Prix. I could watch it over and over again, I love it! 18 more words


A New Year, New Chances, New Goals, No Naps

Here I go again, always saying I’ll get back to blogging and to keeping up with things, and then life gets in the way and I feel like the only things I’ll have to talk about are my kids and what my kids are doing and getting my kids to eat new foods and my kids kids kids kids kids kids… 523 more words


It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Monday

First off, I need to stop abandoning my blog so much. I have so much mind dribble and it needs to go somewhere, so I’m not sure why I resist funneling it all into here. 349 more words


The Musician - FREE poetry competition!

Are you a musician? know someone who is? Tell us how they put your life in a tizz! Enter our competition the musician and maybe your poem will make it to first position!


By Its Cover

There are parts of writing and publishing that I love and parts I absolutely abhor. I hate writing a blurb (that handful of paragraphs on the back of the book that tells you, the reader, what it’s all about – without giving away too much, of course). 759 more words


DANCE IN CINEMA. MiNA Recommends: “First Position” (Part II)

Continuing our two-part review of director Bess Kargman’s extraordinary 2011 documentary feature “First Position” — about youth ballet competition, we resume with coverage of… 1,433 more words