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Taeyeon (태연): Secret (비밀)


aneuki ullyeo peojideon piano seonyureul tago
du nuneul gamgoseo i eumage gidae yaegil sijakae na ireoke..
jinannaldeuri tteoolla… mm.. wae geuri apatdeongeolkka… yeah..
tteonagabeorin gieokgwa heuteojin chueoge natseon sesangi hime gyeoul ttae… 121 more words


Taeyeon (태연): Rain


teong bin hoesaek bit georin cham heojeonhae
sseulsseulhan gibune yurichangeul yeoreo
naemin du sonwiro tteoreojin bitbangul
gadeuk goineun geurium naui mame heulleo

waenji nega bogopeun bam chaoreuneun… 131 more words


News: Rihanna & Drake Release ANTi's New Single 'Work'

Rihanna and Drake have returned at full force. After dominating the charts back with ‘What’s My Name’ and some interesting turn of events for these two internally, Work was released this morning. 33 more words


Venus Verssace Is The New Noriega.

Venus Verssace has transcended into yet another facet of the entertainment industry by releasing her first rap single ‘Noriega’.  The beat, (produced by Joe Major) is a trap anthem featuring a sultry hook from The Baylien’s own Zyme, and proves that Venus’s lyrical prowess make her more than just a pretty face.


Rainbow Pixie (레인보우 픽시): Hoi Hoi (호이호이)

Seungah | Jisook | Hyunyoung

hoihoi ulteura paekteuroseu museu
nae modeun baraemdeul mabeopcheoreom
hoihoi ulteura paekteuroseu bimseu
naege gobaekae ojik naman saranghandago

hoihoi (nananana-) hoihoi (nananana-) hoihoi (nananana-) 192 more words


Music Review: Selena Gomez brings her A-game to 'Revival'

Selena Gomez, “Revival” (Interscope Records)

Sophomore albums are notoriously tricky propositions, but Selena Gomez’s second solo venture, “Revival,” breezes through to the finish line — the dance floor —with 11 nearly impeccable tracks that skip from the 1960s to the ’80s to right this minute. 200 more words


DNCE: Cake By The Ocean

I’ve always loved Joe Jonas, think I’m gonna love this band. 7 more words