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Mother's Day without Momma

I got a text last week from my brother, he is the oldest of all of us kids. It read WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT MOTHER’S DAY? 552 more words

First Steps

Learning To Walk

What Is Walking?

I have heard all sorts of parents talk about their babies “learning to walk.”

“Johnny was walking at seven months!”

“Sally was walking at ten months!”

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My First Day as a Buddhist

I have almost completed my first full day as a Buddhist, here I am going to reflect on the fact that Buddhism is not an easy option. 521 more words


N3 Learning about disabilities - Sight

In N3 we have been learning about disabilities and using our 5 senses.  We did several blindfolded activities to experience what it is like to be blind.  135 more words

Nursery 3

A Nightmare on Mum Street: The Movement Master

It seemed to me that I spent much of the first few months willing BG to be able to sit up, to be able to crawl, to take those all important first steps… now, 19 months in, sometimes I can’t help but wish she was still the immovable potato she was before she mastered movement. 713 more words

Baby's First Movements