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Henry Adam: 12 months

What a bittersweet moment. The last of our monthly updates for little Mr. Henry Adam. Today he turns one. 365 days ago, I was blessed to meet this little one face-to-face. 992 more words


3rd week weigh in.

I may have made an epic mistake yesterday – but I’ve got rid of half my clothes. That’s how determined I am that I’m going to lose this weight. 152 more words

First Steps Maich's trip to the museum

As an extension to babies and toddlers’ interest in fish and dinosaurs, First Steps Maich decided to take them on a trip to the Auckland Museum. 86 more words

First Steps


Education, Health, and Care Plans (ECHPs) are so important for many children with higher levels of SEN, enabling them to receive one to one support and gain access to other types of support. 319 more words

First Steps

The Behaviour Problem

On Saturday I tweeted a question to my esteemed colleagues on Twitter and I was rather taken aback by the results. I asked if they had a problem with behaviour in their classes would they call for backup from their Senior Leadership Teams. 493 more words

Educating Teachers

Chloe reblogged this on Aspirational Inspirer and commented:

At the primary school I'm working at there is a dedicated team of staff (two higher level TAs and our home school link workers) who are there to support when a pupil cannot be re-engaged by the class teacher or TA. When not responding to situations the team spend time getting to know pupils who are most likely to need additional support to stay engaged. SLT are therefore a last resort.

Prod, prod. Wibble, wibble.

I had a 05:10 wake up call this morning, in the form of a distressed Collie jumping on my ribs to tell me there was a bee in the bedroom. 451 more words