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Watch where you step first

Through my learning process, I usually become really interested in a particular topic. I start researching everywhere about it, put it to practice (if possible) and, thanks to that, I’m learning a lot by myself. 487 more words


Day 1: Breaking up with smoking

As you can see from my About Page, Upon being diagnosed…, I have had a lfe-long love affair with smoking.  Even as I write these words I am thinking, I have always wanted to quit, smoking was horrible a lot of the time, I loved briefly being smoke-free, and, just as Yul Brynner said in the t.v. 427 more words

Smoking Cessation

Adventure is a Path

“Real adventure – self-determined, self-motivated, often risky – forces you to have firsthand encounters with the world. The world the way it is, not the way you imagine it. 628 more words



It took her awhile to get interested, but suddenly this week Isa wants to walk everywhere. This video is the first time I was able to actually kind of catch it on video, but it was crazy because Eva was trying to get her little stuffed animals back that Isa had snatched and started walking with. 7 more words


Every Journey Begins With a Single Step

For quite some time, I’ve deliberated on whether or not to begin a website. Ultimately, I never did until now… when it’s required for a graduate school course. 121 more words


Why Decreasing Your Expenses Is the Best First Step! (Post 346)

There are no shortages of Debt Gurus out there and I’ve probably listened to quite a few of them. 819 more words

Starting from where I left...

Sitting in my cubicle, frustrated with the current project, people etc. felt liking diverting my mind. The only thing I wanted to do was write. Since my childhood I used to love writing journals (usually about the daily happenings) but that stopped as I entered the corporate life. 146 more words

First Steps!