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Starting Out

Adventures and Expeditions are expensive, I can’t afford to go out and have an adventure.

This is proberbly one of the more written about subjects on the internet but I thought I would give my take on it.

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Making Love with the Universe

Back in college I had my fun. I dated a lot of guys…and yes, I will admit, slept with almost as many. I loved the pursuit, the thrill of the chase. 1,137 more words

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Beauty of an undiscovered world

You know why people love untouched sand, fresh snow or unset concrete?

That’s right! They want to see their foot prints on it. It is important to be first, it is important to see that there is something left after them and it is important that someone will notice that they’ve been here before everyone else. 54 more words


Welcome to the Blogging World

You travel, they said. You follow fashion, they said. You’re passionate, they said… again. So, I decided it was finally time I jump in and join the world of blogging. 159 more words

Why I chose to become an Environmental Engineer.

My favourite Cable TV station is the NatGeo (National Geographic). This is due to my interest and appreciation of the tranquil floras and the majestic faunas of the world. 822 more words

First Steps

First Steps are Always Hard

I am sitting by the bed on the floor, watching at the blank screen of the computer. Its a windy night of prime monsoon season. I am liking everything today but there is one thing I always wanted to do since my college days. 140 more words


Begin with a Pikachu Starter Pokémon!

Pokémon Yellow fans fear not!  There is a proven way of being able to get Pikachu (I have tried this method myself) and whilst he doesn’t follow you around in-game as nostalgia would crave, he can be a pretty powerful addition to your team should you be able to find more in order to level him up. 103 more words