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Getting somewhere

It’s been much longer than I had planned. Seriously, I wanted to write new blogs whilst I was doing my lessons. Regular updates and all that. 755 more words


First Recycling Steps

Climate change is real and unless we make a change we will be stuck on a sinking ship that has helped us evolve and has provided us with sustenance for about 200 000 years. 300 more words



One of the biggest lies that the devil whispers in our ears is that we have no choice & are stuck in our circumstances. 144 more words

Living Life Online

Sharing a Story

Our Lead Educator Cameron has posted a part of his gender-identity story online, and we wanted to make sure to share it here, too. We hope it helps folks who may be struggling to understand where they fit in the myriad spectra we all inhabit. 7 more words

Main Thread

First steps

I had the privilege of watching grandchild number 4 take his first steps a few weeks ago. He will never remember that moment, but we have it preserved in photos and videos. 722 more words

First Steps

Does life really begin at the end of your comfort zone?

I wish I was the first person to have said that, ‘Life beings at the end of your comfort zone’. Alas Neale Donald Walsh got there first. 1,383 more words

I’m at my best when I’m proving people wrong.

Everyone has one thing which motivates them and pushes them to be at their best. For some people that’s wanting to be the best possible example for their kids, for others it’s the potential of recognition, and others it’s doing better than they did yesterday. 1,368 more words