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Apply the Principles of Visual Perception

To tell a story well you need to tell in a way it will land successfully with your listener. There are well documented principles of visual perception. 198 more words

First Steps

An evening alone

We have a chalk board, well, in fact a whole wall, on which we leave notes. Things we’ve run out of, reminders, I’ve fed the dog signs. 198 more words

Break Up

And the journey begins!

Okay so I’ve been wondering n wondering n wondering for days with no success. What was I trying to find? The blasted name for this blog. 123 more words

How to watch telly

There were a gaggle of teenagers for dinner. Lovely, loud girls and the conversation bounced. We talked about listening to podcasts and watching tv. And a point was made. 393 more words

Break Up

Am I imagining it...

I listen to the radio at work. I’m on my own most of the day and I usually need a distraction of some sorts. BBC London out of preference, if my usual presenters are on. 263 more words

Break Up

Those words are finally said aloud...

There is a thought that many of us have, at different times, for different reasons.

I can do this better. 

So on the first step of this strange and unknown journey we have, together, put it out there. 125 more words

Break Up

Programming is not a rocket science - first steps in learning programming

I’d like to learn programming but it seems like it’s too hard, all those letters and weird signs running all over the screen like in Matrix, there’s no way I will ever be able to understand it! 1,894 more words

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