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Baby Steps: Hair

Hair is a natural thing. It grows in many places all over the body. Some places you wish you had less, some you wish you had more. 1,091 more words

How You Know

Baby Steps: Clothes

The clearest step for me to take at first was to start changing how I dressed.

There was no way I was going to be able to change what I wore to work or in public at that point. 2,560 more words

How You Know

​Afraid of failure? Are you a sceptic?

Those who quit before even failing.

Many of us want to start doing what they desire the most, but the uncertainties, confusion, and doubts don’t let us begin our successful journey. 234 more words


Want To Run For Office?...Here Is That Primer I Promised


“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good persons to do nothing”

Edmund Burke

My intent of this small effort is to provide a primer for those who are interested in managing a political campaign, being a candidate for political office or just learning the basics of how political campaigns are developed and executed. 1,751 more words

Campaign Organization

Baby Steps

I think I am a very careful and cautious person. I do not like it went things change too much too fast, even if it’s something I want. 257 more words

How You Know

I'm dreaming of....

becha’ thought I was going to say “A WHITE CHRISTMAS!”

These days, I could care less about those things. Perspective has changed over the last few years and while a white Christmas morning would be serene and peaceful, my life is anything but! 1,331 more words