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Brief Logs

I found some logs by date that really brief so I will enter them below.
Sept. 8, 2009
I had an audition at Universal Casting in Miami Beach for Wendy’s commercial, no dialogue for a Latin market. 219 more words


Another Day

Wow. I’m tired. I’m up everyday at 3:30am. Well I went to the casting for the insurance commercial. I thought it went well but you really never know with these things. 288 more words


Listen, the Cigarette, Be Bold

8th of February-Independent Film audition.

I’m driving…This place is pretty far from where I live. I read all the characters but there’s this one that I like. 556 more words


Promise, Practice: Entertain the Crowd

1st of February & my 4th Audition (Theatre).

Let me take a step back and say that before I began seeking auditions, I made a promise to myself that in 2009, I want to do a Play, Film, Student Film and Commercial. 364 more words


Expect dah' Unexpected

31st of January…

I’m audtioning for the Student Film. I thought I would do my own monologue but when I arrived they gave me a “ 598 more words


What I Found:Beggers Can't Be Choosy

Here is What I Found…29th of January 2009

For the past several days I’ve been a little upset that every casting call i see is for a majority of “Caucasian” roles and some “African American”. 304 more words


Tips Preparing, Casting Notices, Saving Money

In January I went on the internet to seek casting calls and what exactly that meant. Any term I didn’t know, I googled it. I found local sites that post casting calls for free and signed up. 251 more words