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Reincarnate’s second book “The Gods Among Us”

I have now begun composing the third draft of Reincarnate’s second book “The Gods Among Us”.

In this book, the reader will be following the point of view of Stacy Angelo, Maci Stewart’s co-worker and “frienemy”. 95 more words

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Lust...and why it's not a good thing for an author

What do you think of when you hear the word lust?  Yeah, I know, I know, but is there another definition besides sexual?  You would be surprised to know there is.  443 more words


Autumn Equals College

Well, now, keeping up with three blogs is getting a bit trickier than it was before summer began. Now that summer is over and classes begin next week I’ve decided to check out when the last time I posted on “The Traveler’s Paradox”…July 30th was the last post. 250 more words


Reincarnate is getting a makeover!

Next month the live action book trailer for Reincarnate will be filmed, and the character of Maci will be portrayed by the lovely actress Lacey Bennett. 107 more words

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An Authentic Conversation at College Reunion

In a previous post about participating in an author signing to promote Three Yards and a Plate of Mullet at my Colgate University college reunion, I challenged myself to break out of my comfort zone and strike up conversations with people whom I had never met or barely knew. 702 more words


Six Years

This novel took roughly six years to write. Scribbles on those little notepads hotels give you turned into a bloated first draft of 150,000 words within less than 12 months, at which point I abandoned the project because I began university. 180 more words



Be sure to check out my newest work Samael the Fallen on Wattpad! Make sure to vote on the story if you enjoyed it!

https://www.wattpad.com/myworks/46475209-samael-the-fallen-wattys2015… 105 more words

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