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Book Review: Elizabeth is Missing By Emma Healey

Creating an unreliable narrator with dementia is a risky choice for a first-time author. Well, it would be for those of us who lack British author Emma Healey’s talent. 406 more words


What's your process?

This topic just came to mind today because just the other night I did something that in retrospect seemed odd. I just laid in the middle of the common space in my apartment and started to plot and plan what was coming next in my series. 629 more words

53,764 Words!

Ashes to Ashes has reached 53,764 words, and I feel so shocked!

There was a blizzard that left my power out for a week, and I used that time to write in my story. 100 more words


Collision of Worlds

For years I’ve been a writer. A solitary writer alone in my house, celebrating NaNoWriMo wins with my family and handful of writing buddies. Last month, that all changed. 341 more words

Everyday Life

My children's book is out!!

Grumple Dean will be available to buy in just two short weeks. At which time you will be able to look it up. Sooo happy about this!! 121 more words

Its Personal

I’ve just picked up a shit ton of pics that I had printed, and I’ve got a fuck ton more uploading as I type.

Today, I’m creating my story board. 55 more words


Turkey Vultures

One morning, when I was staying up country in a valley of the Manzano Mountains, I got up early to see the sun rise. I went out on the deck, and as I looked across the field, I saw about a dozen turkey vultures, each perched on a fence post. 101 more words