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Which is Better Draft2Digital or Smashwords

Should I use Draft2Digitl or Smashwords to Promote my Book?

The following study was carried out over four weeks with the same book listed on two separate platforms. 749 more words

Book Contract Signed — Now, to The Writing

I’ve just signed a contract with Adventure Publications (external link). They’re the leading guidebook publisher in the United States. The working title is “A Beginner’s Guide to Rockhounding and Prospecting in the Southwest.” 375 more words

Writing Update

Hello there lovely readers! It’s been a minute since my last writing update, but I took some time off from writing for a while. I’m back at it, editing my book again, and I’ve decided to publish the chapters every other week on Wattpad! 133 more words


No Fear Friday

Several weeks ago I accidentally started a thing. A movement of sorts. Although in full disclosure it’s really just a movement of one, maybe two…possibly as many as three. 479 more words

Confessions of a first time author (part 1)

T-minus 7 weeks till book launch…

I honestly thought writing the book would be the hardest part. But dear Lord, let me write a million more books instead of promoting just one! 648 more words

Thick as Blood | Wynter Cannatelli

Thick as Blood is an indie young adult supernatural romance novel by author Wynter Cannatelli. I stumbled across her youtube channel probably six or so months ago, and have been following along her journey to publish this, her first novel (which is the first of a trilogy). 901 more words

Book Journal

Please, let me know your thoughts

I’m tidying my fantasy manuscript, which is ‘finished’, but not ‘finished’. As a first time author (as any author is), I’m conscious of gaining a reader’s trust. 137 more words