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Thick as Blood, Wynter Cannatelli

Thick as Blood is an indie young adult supernatural romance novel by author Wynter Cannatelli. I stumbled across her youtube channel probably six or so months ago, and have been following along her journey to publish this, her first novel (which is the first of a trilogy). 902 more words


Please, let me know your thoughts

I’m tidying my fantasy manuscript, which is ‘finished’, but not ‘finished’. As a first time author (as any author is), I’m conscious of gaining a reader’s trust. 137 more words

New Book Launch: "Am I Loved?"

The Inspira Team is proud to announce the launch of Shawn Petree’s book, Am I Loved? The Question You Might Not Know You’re Asking.

Shawn is a dynamic writer, speaker, and storyteller—a passionate ministry leader, teacher, husband, and father. 341 more words


Down the Rabbit Hole: Stone Age Research

Over the last week, I have been down the rabbit hole!

I started properly writing last week. I am now at 2 complete chapters. This may not seem much, but my feelings of accomplishment are enhanced by the amount of research and “setting” I have been able to do. 349 more words

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Frustrations and progress

So I had managed to write about 50% of the 1st of three books yesterday – and today have decided to scrap the lot!

Still, this has given me a good concept of what it is I need to do to accomplish my goals. 122 more words

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It all starts with a wall...

I have always loved stories. From a very small age, telling stories has felt very natural and right to me. Whether playing with toys alone or outside with friends, ideas, imagination and inspiration have always been there. 157 more words

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