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I've written a book, now what?

Actually, I’ve written two. And now I have no idea what to do with them.

My first effort took over two years, two drafts and a total re-write thanks to a deleted file, and another final draft. 220 more words

Slowness in the Summer Heat

Today I’ve been busy writing church related stuff. Just like writing my book it takes time to do. Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining about it, it’s just a fact of student life.  160 more words


The Preface

This book in your hands is a product of 4 years of inspiration, writing, research, understudy and engaging young people in different settings plus an additional 5 years of testing its ideas in the real world.  406 more words


Another Chapter Done

“Where’s the story heading?” You may ask. “Up and out,” is my answer. As you may have noticed I haven’t posted anything for Book Two yet…I’m not all too sure I will be posting anything more for Volume One. 112 more words


Hard or Soft Sci-Fi?

What sub-genre of science-fiction best describes “The Traveler’s Paradox”? This is not so much a difficult question as it is complex. You see science-fiction is an extremely broad genre within speculative fiction. 334 more words


Summer Update

It always surprises me how fast time goes. At least 70 years haven’t slipped by as Zephaniah experienced. First, two weeks went up without an update, now almost three weeks have disappeared into the past. 177 more words


A Basket of Kittens.

Greetings! As you can see, I’m writing less on this blog. I’m finally over the worst of things (fingers crossed). This blog saved me. A lot has been going on since I made my move to Bushwick! 379 more words