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Book Two Coming Soon

Just as the title of this post says, “Book two coming soon”. Today I finished chapter seven of book one, this third part won’t be seeing the light of this blog site. 176 more words


When “Someday” Came: A Novel Idea

I just accomplished a big life goal, one of those that you say you are going to do “someday” and that “someday” often never comes. Someday came on April 16, 2015, when my first novel, … 1,054 more words


First-Time Author Can't Open Her Own Box of Books

At last! I’ve slaved over the writing, editing, and publishing of my first novel, Waking Beauty. Now my books have arrived in the mail! If only I could work up the courage to open them. Anyone relate?

Waking Beauty

Live, Breathe, Be

A good friend once told me “All you need to do is live, breathe, be.  Everything is taken care of.”  Wise words from an amazing man.  409 more words


The death of the sun

“Smoke lowering down from chimney-pots, making a soft black drizzle, with flakes of soot in it as big as full-grown snow-flakes–gone into mourning, one might imagine, for the death of the sun.” 132 more words

Risk Taking

Book Review: Elizabeth is Missing By Emma Healey

Creating an unreliable narrator with dementia is a risky choice for a first-time author. Well, it would be for those of us who lack British author Emma Healey’s talent. 406 more words


What's your process?

This topic just came to mind today because just the other night I did something that in retrospect seemed odd. I just laid in the middle of the common space in my apartment and started to plot and plan what was coming next in my series. 629 more words