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First Blog Post: Just Getting A Feel For the Site and also Rambling about Myself

This is my very first post and I’m just using it to get my bearings. I want to make sure I know exactly what I’m doing before I start posting real blogs. 916 more words

Advice for newbie bloggers

I thought it might be quite nice to write a little blog detailing some of my top tips for anyone wishing to get into the blogging game. 850 more words


"1738- I'm like "Hey, what's up? Hello" -Fetty

So I’ve decided to write a blog. Write what you know, right? From what I’ve read through Pinterest boards and browsing the web (But mostly Pinterest haha), blogs have to have a special purpose, meaning or theme if you will. 136 more words

The Start of a Students Adventure

Hello Internet!

The thought of posting content on the internet is extremely scary for me, so please be nice, excuse the rustiness and I hope you enjoy! 340 more words


Blog: Why, How, and All The Shebang

Writing has always  been something in which I find myself completely at ease and as a 20 something (young) adult I find myself carrying a load of unsolicited wisdom that might be beneficial to the survival of the future generation(s). 161 more words

CogniCogni Hub

If you were on the for a great weekend party then Great fete weekend (the longest weekend in the world) was the place to be. Great fete weekend is an annual beach party event, that take place at Pigeon point beach resort, along with other popular locations on the beautiful isle of Tobago. 190 more words


Lauren and Real Estate

Hi Everyone!

Here is a blog post to help you get acquainted with who I am as a person. The majority of this blog will be about my experience with Real Estate and all the exciting adventures that happen being a RE Agent but, no one reads a blog if they don’t enjoy the person and the blog. 591 more words

Buy A House