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My First Blog!

This is it.  This is the first.  You gotta start somewhere and I’m starting right here!

My name is Waters Dragonfriend.  Yes you read that correctly and yes that is my real name.  245 more words

Author In Training

So this happened...

I know many people who deal with anxiety on a daily basis, myself being one of them. When orders come in, while I get extremely excited about them, they also come with a landslide of emotions. 487 more words

Late to the Party Review: Justin Timberlake - Filthy

Alright huns!

Welcome to the first of many, many instalments of reviews where I am most certainly late to the party with. As you can probably guess from the title, the song that I’m digging into is the new one from Justin Timberlake, … 407 more words

Female Blogger

Single and ready to mingle??

In my original post I discussed that this blog would also be about dating when you were closed to 50. Here is the thing, I need to get a dating life first before I can blog about it. 583 more words

Flirting with 50

I procrastinate. Case in point, I thought about beginning a blog before my 40th birthday.  As you can tell by my title 40 has come and gone. 443 more words

A letter to my future self

Dear future Alice,

I wanted to write this letter for you at a specific age, but I think that’s hard to do. How can you predict what’ll be happening when? 527 more words

Book Blog

What I miss about not being pregnant

Don’t get me wrong, I love being pregnant. I love feeling this tiny little human kick around my intestines like they were a soccer ball. I love when Aaron puts his hand on my belly and can feel the baby kick as well and I feel better knowing that he is able to connect to the pregnancy by feeling our little one move. 713 more words