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Given up...

What’s the most important thing to you? If you had to choose one thing, what would it be? Something you can’t live without.

That’s easy. For me, family. 389 more words


Its a new day!

Woke up this morning feeling…well exhausted honestly but I don’t even care. It was like heaven sleeping in my bed again.

Going to get food for my house and pick up pea pie’s antibiotic and then its time to pack. 106 more words


Finally free!!

After 13 days in the hospital we are finally home!! Both my kids are so happy to be home and sleeping in their own beds. … 99 more words


Male Barber or Female Barber, just be a GREAT Barber..

I’ve been doing hair for most of my life and to be honest, it’s all I know. But almost one year ago I decided to focus 100% on men’s hair and grooming. 285 more words


Selfless Selfie 

Yes!  There is such a thing.  Why is it that as soon as we post one too many selfies on our Facebook, Twitter, IG and whatever public portals we have out there, we get deemed narcissistic, lose followers or have people talk amongst each other or themselves, “It’s so annoying how many selfies she takes, she’s just looking for attention”. 217 more words


I Have The Best Boyfriend Ever

I Have The Best Boyfriend Ever. (Click the link to see the original post)

Since the start of my blog in March 2014, this post written in October 2014 is the most viewed post by viewers from all over the world. 13 more words

Daily Posts

blue is a hue

So here i am, watching movie and liking the way it looks. Is it the costumes ? Is it the setting ? What is it really. 263 more words