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Blogging: My How & Why...


Have I ever blogged before? No. Why did I decide to start? As a form of accountability for the changes I plan to make in my life this year. 181 more words

2017 Lifestyle Changes

Off Course and Wandering...

First off let me start this off by saying in no way shape or form am I a writer. Avid reader yes, but not so much a writing type. 126 more words

2017 Lifestyle Changes

Mosquito legs

Yep thats right! That was my family nickname up until I hit puberty, then & it switched to ms.nevermissameal.

I hated the fact that throughtout my adolescent years I was always harshly criticized by my weight.& not by strangers or school bullies, but from every member of my family. 65 more words

First post! Intro to my blog

For the first time in my 20 years on this earth I am writing a blog. I’m taking a History module at university on social movements in London from 1830-2003, and each week I’ll be posting about what we’ve talked about that week, and my personal thoughts on it. 202 more words


Im not scared of loving you anymore

Ive always worried about expressing my illness with my bf. His sister weny through alot of heartache stress & pain divorcing a man who is bipolar as well(future post on my theory of bipolar law of attraction coming soon!). 127 more words

Im no banksy, warhol, or that one dude with the fro but....

I doodled this after my lovely boyfiend told me he wanted a skull/scorpion tattoo the night b4. I just started sketching an idea I had in my head and that damn grandiousness symptom of bp creeped in & had me under the impression i was kat von D *palms face*. 75 more words

Happy New Year

2017. Wow. This new year has come around quick. 2016 went by so fast. I finished my college course, applied for university, took my exams, attended interviews and got my place at the University of Leeds. 59 more words

Student Nurse