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First Post.

Hi, my name is Mrs. Kamui. Don’t ask why.

My interests are: drawing, coloring, writing, drinking coffee (whether frozen, iced, or hot, don’t matter). I am a shorty at 5’0″ and I have brown eyes, black hair. 67 more words

First Post

Say What?!

Okay, so… it’s safe to say that I have a lot of eye shadows.

Mattes, satins, shimmers, sparkles, you name it…. I probably have it. 473 more words


Welcome to my blog!

I always wanted to start my own blog but wrestled with the idea that “why would anyone care what I say?” or “they’re thousands of blogs what makes yours any different?” but I still chose to start this based solely on my own needs. 273 more words


My first blog

Hi. This is my first blog and my first post ever and I’m feeling really nervous about it.┬áThe reason I’m feeling nervous about this is because I really don’t want people thinking that i’m weird or strange, I’m literally just writing to… 173 more words


Fast Forward 7 years - Driving.

This month on 19th January 2009 is when i passed my driving test!

The day of the test i don’t think anyone will ever forget as your full of nerves, trying to find excuses why you can’t do the test & you’ve convinced yourself that much your gonna fail you think you’ve actually failed! 513 more words

First Time Blogger

First time blogger??

Am I the only one that gets cold feet when thinking of putting my thoughts on paper, then posting it out for the whole world to read? 248 more words

Blogging Horrors


Hello & Welcome!

I am starting this blog for many different reasons.

I am a HUGE lover of makeup & I want to share any knowledge I may have & opinions on products & techniques with anyone who may be interested. 170 more words