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A little about me.

Whenever someone asks me to talk about myself I always find it so difficult to put into words anything to do with myself or my life. 813 more words


My First Blog Post //

26th Sep 2016

You never really realise just how hard it is to describe yourself until you’re the one sitting behind the screen, fumbling your fingers along in hope, no, desperation, for a single line of perfectly put words to describe yourself. 618 more words

About Me

Cat nest and not 'quite' cath kidson~

I’m writing this post with a tiny ginger kitten rolling about on my lap, apparently my fake-y cath kidson inspired duvet is so comfy that she needs to claim it as her own. 186 more words


You never know until you try.

I don’t quite know yet whether I want to start a blog, I’ve been debating it for probably one month now. However recently while speaking to a friend about whether or not I wanted to message a boy I’d been thinking about, she gave me the advice that “You don’t know until you try, what have you got to lose?” and I figure I should begin applying this advice to other areas of my life. 319 more words


First blog feels

Well, I have been thinking for several months now.. What to write and where to. All that matter is I want to express how I feel, and everything I feel. 266 more words


First Post

Why am I writing a blog? Well, here goes…

If you would have told me a year ago that I would be sat at my computer attempting to write my first blog post I wouldn’t have believed you. 643 more words



​Where has this year gone?

Here’s to fluffy socks and cosy nights in, welcome to autumn ♡

First Time Blogger