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First Trimester Recap of my Vegan Pregnancy

After finding out we are expecting (Read how we found out HERE), things started to change.

There were a lot of things I didn’t know about being pregnant until I became pregnant. 2,125 more words


The things I want to remember

Dear daughter,

Already time is moving so fast. You are nearly 21 weeks old, that’s almost 5 months and not far off half a year. While I’m fortunate to be taking nine months off work, I’m over the halfway point. 381 more words

The Positive Pee Stick

Starting a family at 26 was something I always wanted as teen. I knew I would like to be a mother before I was 30, in fact, I wanted to be finished having kids by that time. 1,104 more words


My first journey into motherhood.

2am… after 2 days of feeling off, nauseated and a change of colour in my areola. I needed to wee and no way was I waiting for the morning. 1,110 more words


Postpartum Traditions Around The World: How Does The U.S. Measure Up?

This post is an excerpt from: scarymommy.com

Three days after my C-section, my mind was racing. It was time for my husband and me to head home from the hospital with our baby boy and settle into life as a new family of three. 835 more words


It's Party Time

So in a world of firsts, we excitedly received our first birthday party invitation from his older cousin, who has been very taken by Baby ‘ 772 more words


Things noone tells you about becoming Pregnant

Most women have natural maternal instincts. And some get it pretty strong – they want nothing more than becoming a mom. I mean, who doesn’t want to be a mother to a beautiful baby boy or girl to dress up that little bundle in all those amazing onsies you see on… 1,524 more words

First-time Mother