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Spoiled Salsa: First Time Momming While Sick

I love food. But also, and notably more importantly, I love my son. This week, I found myself unable to do the former, whilst also feeling as if I was failing at the latter. 1,048 more words

Newborn Baby Photos, Oh My

I look at everyone’s adorable newborn baby pictures and wonder… How the hell did you do that!?

We have a close friend that is a photographer and agreed to do some newborn pictures for us. 437 more words


Our Love Story

My wife and I’s love story is anything but normal. We met at the local Taco Mac which, believe it or not, is famous for their wings and not their tacos. 1,109 more words

Thought of the Day - June 10th, 2017

Do you ever look at your baby and think “how are you real?”. I do this every day. His perfect face, tiny fingers, and round baby belly, he is amazing. 148 more words


Mommy Me!

As a first time mother, there are always questions in one’s mind. In fact once you become a mother, baby is on your mind 24×7, and frankly you do not get time for thinking else-way especially if you are staying away from home in a metro city. 229 more words


I'm Pregnant!

It sounds really weird saying this about myself! But it’s true and it’s actually happening… To me! (to us)

Here are some common questions I’ve been asked recently or since people have found out I’m pregnant: 434 more words


Tips for First-time Mom.

I remember when I was still fresh, sexy, young and beautiful. When I can eat everything that I want without getting fat, when time is not so precious because I believe there’s always a next time, when I can pamper myself like going to salon and spa, relaxing at the massage parlor, hanging out with my friends, when doing the house chores was just based on my mood. 851 more words