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That Motherly Glow.

Capturing the beginning of my cousin’s journey to motherhood was an absolute joy. Aside from the gorgeous lighting we were lucky to get for this photoshoot, she had this beautiful and radiant glow to her. 86 more words

First Time Mother

"It wasn't amazing" - Did I just say that out loud?

When I look at my darling daughter, usually when she’s asleep, I feel so lucky to have such an amazing little girl. Sometimes during my ‘hormonal week’ I look at her and cry out of amazement that I made something as amazing as her (all me, nothing to do with LagerDad of course). 561 more words

Breastfeeding tales

DISCLAIMER: this is a venting post my self therapeutic exercise. I will be honest and open about my experience hope it helps someone else.

So this story began when our baby girl was born.She came three weeks before her due date. 730 more words

Lazy post for the festive break

Well, lazy on my part that is; but not for you. While my fingers may not be a tapping words of wit, my eyes have been a reading so I am sharing a few links for your reading pleasure. 175 more words

First Time Mother

Birth: III

The anesthesiologist came within the hour. Around 9pm, I had been sitting on the edge of the bed with Dylan crouched before me, while the Doctor slid a needle into my back. 867 more words


Birth: II

Maybe not quite as ready as I was thinking. I thought, “Hey, yeah it’s what- 6am? He’ll be here by, like- 3pm, the latest.” … 1,072 more words


Birth: I

It was 5am, the second time I was into triage that night. We had just been there a few hours earlier, and the nurse sent us home to get more rest- baby wasn’t quite ready yet. 575 more words