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Life With A Toddler: Mealtime Without And With A Baby

My husband and I, preBaby, would enjoy having breakfast in bed. We could pray for as long as we wanted: to thank God for our food, to ask that He also bless our families and loved ones with the same, etc. 122 more words

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Then vs. Now - a 1 year on reality check

Like most first time mums, I was blessed with a fabulous pair of extra thick rose tinted glasses during my pregnancy. I went from genuinely believing I would eat a clean diet of fruit and veg to shamelessly sharing a bargain bucket with me, myself and I in a KFC car park. 495 more words


Does anyone ever really tell the truth about pregnancy??

This has been a growing question of mine over the last few months as I am about to wrap up the first half of my first pregnancy. 1,155 more words

Imagination VS Breastfeeding

The very moment I saw the two red lines in my home pregnancy test, I told them, “Am gonna breastfeed you.” 😊

I kept my promise. 475 more words

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Why The Pregnant Pee A Lot

I ran to Google for answers to e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g I went through when I was preggo. Of course, I sought professional help as well. Most of the time, my researches led me to peace of mind; other times, they just pushed me to deeper anxiety. 182 more words

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Newborn Rashes

​When my baby was born, our medical team exclaimed that my baby was a well baby. She was adorably fleshy and long with fair skin and red, kissable lips. 497 more words

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CAS / Congenital Anomaly Scan

I was a problem preggo. Not because of my behavior but because of my pregnancy. If you’ve read my On This Day, A Year Ago post, you’d know. 544 more words

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