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Week 20/21 & Gender Reveal: Pregnancy Diaries #3

Yesterday I turned 21 weeks and earlier this week, I had that all-important anomaly scan to ensure baby was developing well and all the vital parts are functioning. 783 more words


The story behind The Accidental Mommy

I get asked quite frequently about the name of my blog: The Accidental Mommy.

So here is my story and no it’s not what you think it is. 556 more words


Today is My Due Date

Hi there! I made this blog a couple of months ago, but here we are – midnight on the day my baby is due – writing my first post. 1,201 more words

About Me

5 things not to say to new moms

People love to offer tidbits of wisdom when you’re a first time mom. For the most part, these folks mean well and think they’re helping. But there are a few phrases that almost never help and in fact, they can be quite harmful – especially to those of us dealing with postpartum depression. 1,204 more words

Breastfeeding Journey

Looks like our breastfeeding journey is finally coming to an end. It upsets me that our mommy and son time is finally over but I have did my part in nurturing our child the best way I could. 665 more words


Babies are like Grace

July 31st, 2017 we welcomed a little bundle of wonder into our family. And she. is. everything.

I really wanted to start up writing on my blog again because 5 months after the birth of Evelyn, I finally feel like a person again. 998 more words

"33 WEEKS"- My Pregnancy Story

After being 2 months into my marriage I found out I was pregnant! After trying and then giving up, we both were shocked that I got pregnant the week that I was not suppose to ovulate. 567 more words