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Pregnancy - A Week Overdue

Well, hello 41 weeks! I never thought I would have to meet you but here we are….

Here I sit 41 weeks, still pregnant, 3cm dilated and really done being pregnant. 657 more words

First Time Parents

Another blog about a personal journey, getting healthy and becoming a happy…


My deepest apologies to adding another blog site dedicated to inspiring others to go forth on their personal journey to becoming healthy and happier. The internet is positively riddled with them. 537 more words

I Love My Baby But She's Also The Reason I Am Depressed

My daughter has changed my life. She’s the source of infinite smiles and cuddles and even at this tender age, has the ability to love me more than anyone has ever loved me before. 666 more words

Dealing With Motherhood

Pregnancy: The Due Date

Here it is, the date that has been circle on our calendars and programmed into our phones – our due date. At this point our little mister doesn’t seem to be ready for his big debut. 1,385 more words

First Time Parents

Last Week of Pregnancy: The Reality

I have watched my fair share of co-workers, family and friends go through pregnancy and there is a clear wall that women seem to hit when they reach the final weeks before the baby is due. 690 more words

First Time Parents

Terrible 2's come early 

So Ava is now 20 months…. but recently from her tantrums you would definitely think she is in the terrible 2’s already.

Shes not naughty all the time she’s actually really well behaved and the most cutest, loving little girl you’ll ever meet…. 519 more words

Growing Up

Third Trimester: Symptoms and Surprises

I have less than 5 weeks until baby’s dues date! At this point in my pregnancy people always ask me the same question; “Are you starting to get uncomfortable?” And I always respond with a generic reply that doesn’t go into much detail… I mean, does my high school classmate, that I haven’t seen in five years, really want to hear about my heartburn and aching ribs? 829 more words

First Time Parents