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Third Trimester: Symptoms and Surprises

I have less than 5 weeks until baby’s dues date! At this point in my pregnancy people always ask me the same question; “Are you starting to get uncomfortable?” And I always respond with a generic reply that doesn’t go into much detail… I mean, does my high school classmate, that I haven’t seen in five years, really want to hear about my heartburn and aching ribs? 829 more words

First Time Parents

My Happiness List

I get told often that I’m different since I became a mother. Sometimes I never really know how to take this. Was i that much of an angry unapproachable bitch before? 1,279 more words


First Time Mother: The Fears

I am officially 6 weeks away from my due date. I am so excited to meet our little man and start the next section of our lives but I am also scared. 913 more words

First Time Parents

A new kind of normal.

I actually signed up to Word Press when my son was not even 3 weeks old, thinking that I’d love to start a Blog about being a new (first-time) Mom.   1,919 more words


Me Time

‘Me time’ was really not an issue before motherhood kicked in. I had so much of it that my life was one leisurely stroll. There was absolutely no sense of urgency whatsoever and my walking pace was slow and steady rather than constantly chasing my ass. 906 more words


Digital Detox: Day 4 & 5

I can feel a storm coming. I can sense the warnings. M is adamant on testing us to our wits end. But amidst the mayhem that this little monster is making, we’re trying to hold on with everything we’ve got. 405 more words


The Digital Detox: My Five Day 'No Screen' Challenge with the Baby

When the good folks at Shumee Toys suggested that I take a week long ‘no screen’ challenge with M, my kneejerk reaction was to decline the idea immediately. 274 more words