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Week Twenty-Nine

Second week of the Third Trimester, which is so hard to comprehend I’m here already. Already, so soon.. Some days it’s hard to fully comprehend the fact that I am having a baby, that I’ve really been blessed with this life inside me. 685 more words

Mother To Be

29 weeks pregnant, I am in the final stretch of this beautiful, empowering and lengthy cycle of life. I suppose I figured now is a good enough time as any to begin documenting the journey (of motherhood, and just my life in general). 174 more words

The Big Bang! Introduction!

Sept. 27th 2016

– Holy Sh*t Were Pregnant!!!!

7:12 am. My birthday morning. I have accepted the fact that 25 is the age of no turning back. 312 more words


Carry Them Close: About Babywearing

When I had the little bird I hadn’t looked into the different possibilities on how I could wear my baby. I had received a baby carrier as a hand me down and hadn’t checked how to use it until I realised that my baby liked to be carried around.   179 more words


First Time MOM: The not so rosy feeling!

The other day I met some fellow mothers (my friends) for a cup of coffee. What coffee it was! Most of us mothers just gulped our coffee the moment it touched room temperature. 1,743 more words


The Unemployed Mom

I quit my job. Not to be a ‘stay at home’ mom.

Zara allowed me to do some soul searching in the year that I spent with her. 140 more words


My Open Letter to All The Hot Moms

Ok, I admit it. I don’t really get what an open letter is. But it sounds cool and everybody seems to be writing one, so, why not? 600 more words