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Remember the first time you tested positive on pregnancy, scary uhh.

I remember my first time. It was crazy!! I dint believe that I was pregnant. 250 more words


One and Onward...

So, I don’t think I’ve quite dealt with the fact that Scarlett is now officially one! And technically that means my blog is at an end. 538 more words

A Survival Guide for Introverts Parenting Small Children

Recently I read a thread on social media in which fellow introvert-parents were lamenting how they never get to be alone anymore. One of the people on the thread hadn’t been home alone for over a year. 772 more words



This week I experienced seeing my daughter properly upset and in pain from her first injections. It was HORRID. I know it’s all worthwhile etc. But I held her as she had them done and I cried. 66 more words


Dear Future Offspring,

Last night your father told me he wanted to name you Darth. You’ll thank me for that veto one day. ;)

Dear Secret Lil Peanut,

Let me tell you a secret, little one. Your mother sucks at secrets. Period. End of story.

Keeping the best news of your life secret? Yeah, it’s pretty darn hard. 219 more words

Dear Breastfeeding Mama, You ARE Enough

Dear Breastfeeding Mama,

It’s hard, I know. You’re not sure if you are doing it right. You have all of these anxieties, all of these concerns. 519 more words