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Under Construction

So, I decided to join to blogging universe. I have family without Facebook. I also have friends-of-friends who I don’t know, but they know about Tommy and want to more.  148 more words

Down Syndrome

First Time Mother

Just as a little girl plays with her dolls and pretends to be a mommy, I have loved horses since I was a little girl and I pretended with many fences, stair banisters and backs of sofas being my horse.   2,239 more words

Jen Jeffrey

Hindsights Handy Hints...

The other night I got thinking about what I’d learnt in the last year. Don’t worry, I’m not going to list all the things; I got married and became a Mother, two of the biggest experiences I’ve ever been through! 2,335 more words

Week 12

“Uneventful” week as Colette continues to be in the midst of her possible Wonder Week. I’m getting more used to it, and just letting my mind settle by telling myself to relax and that maybe she’s just a short napper by default. 321 more words


Facing the Facebook Society

I found myself a new fear…

I have posted several (!) pictures of myself with my belly swelling to unbelievable sizes… I have advertized my pregnancy and the progress far too much. 212 more words


Half assed ready for the baby!

My dearest Devin,

in less than two months, I will get to meet you. And although you take up a HUGE part of my everyday life, since the belly I have has become a planet, (I am pretty sure the poor Pluto ousted from our solar system was as big as my belly) and therefore most of my thoughts inadvertently turn to you whenever I have to bend down, get up, pee, take a crap, eat… perform any simple daily function, I am only half assed ready for you. 475 more words


My parenting coach: Ashton Kutcher

In terms of parenting, I am a blank slate… I have no idea where to start from. When I was faaar very far from the prospect of parenthood, I was pretty sure I would be reading a lot about childhood psychology, doing research into bringing up children in the least damaging way possible and collecting as much info as possible to be an “aware” parent. 308 more words