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Surviving The Why Stage

My newly-four-year-old son is deeply entrenched in the “Why Stage”.

For the past six months he has been constantly asking, “Why why why?” and it’s driving me crazy! 787 more words


Labor Induction - My experience.

When it comes to giving birth, every woman’s experience is different and there’s plenty of people out there that would scare the bejaysus out of you when it comes to telling their birth stories, but being induced into labour is pretty much the same feeling for every woman (I think). 1,425 more words

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12 Things I Love About Three Years Old

A year ago, when my son turned three years old, someone told me that this would be the year his knuckles would change.

The backs of his chubby hands would morph from being punctuated by little dimples to being accented by adult knuckles. 459 more words


A Letter to First Time Mothers

Dear First Time Mother,

You are the proud parent of a brand new baby! Congratulations! Words cannot express how you must be feeling, but I can certainly relate. 323 more words


Define: Momming.

Mom•ming: verb. Doing motherhood.

From the second I gave birth, it seems that I’ve just been doing. Every waking minute belongs to the needs of my newborn, and every resting one – of which there are very few – are there to prep for more doing.

161 more words

My Absence. Update. First Time Mother. Pregnancy and Work.

I know I’ve been absent for a while, but I have a good explanation lol. I took my first RN position in May 2014, and I went from 0-100 real quick ;) In November 2014, my husband and I found out we were expecting our first child! 411 more words