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{AOL} you've got mail :)

Remember when you had to use the land-line to connect to dial tone for the internet? And people couldn’t call in whIle you’re on AOL? Those were the days when people from… 728 more words


Aku Dan Makcik

Ini adalah kisah pengalaman pertama aku melakukan seks sehingga tergoda nafsu semasa aku berumur 16 tahun. Aku kehilangan ayah sejak dua tahun yang lalu, oleh itu ibu aku selalu ke rumah adiknya dan aku ditinggalkan keseorangan di rumah. 548 more words


Away from the Backseat

When I see a car, I, as a passenger, usually just open the door and take the backseat. Turning the key, starting the engine, hitting the pedal, taking the wheel — that’s the driver’s job. 529 more words



In our culture it is accepted in heterosexual relations that a vaginal penetration end the virginity. As far as I know, no one doubts that. However in homosexual relations this is more complicated and there are different points of view on the issue. 458 more words


First Time Soup-Maker

So today I tried something new. That something new was making soup, and I think I was pretty successful. I liked it so much I had two servings! 367 more words