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Charmed by a Bullet | Kulu Manali – September 1970

I was reminded of a trip my wife, Shail, and I had done 45 years back by a fellow officer Col Judge talking about the route to… 844 more words


First time voter Woes

At 24, I have for the first time, been given the responsibility of voting for Singapore’s governance.

And it is overwhelming.

Here is the list of things which confuse me (in no particular order). 383 more words


Review: Soy latte for the first time! (FoodChallenge)

I lke soy milk. It’s something different than just ordinary dairy milk. I grew up with cow milk in the fridge. When I was little I used to drink it quite often. 771 more words


A Week of Firsts

This week has been filled of firsts! I finished my first week of my sophomore year in college, I had my first day at my new job, and I signed up for my FIRST marathon! 245 more words


Your first place: what do you take ?

It’s the time to go back to school/college/the university, and we realised that for many of you, it is going to be the first time you own your own place… 510 more words


Adults Get Drunk For The First Time!

Do you remember the first time you decided to get drunk? What would it have been like if you had cameras following you around when you decided to go ahead and indulge? 146 more words


The Bisexual Best Friend

I always knew I liked girls, I would catch myself admiring them and occasionally I would want to touch them. But then I met a girl, she was my friends girlfriend and me and her were close in seconds. 560 more words