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Bailey speaks

Bailey now has four teeth!  The top two middle teeth broke through a week ago within a day of each other.  She also said her first word(s): “What’s that”.  523 more words


I love having a toddler. This by far has been my favorite stage. Newborn was cute, but I had no idea what I was doing. Then early infancy was probably the worst between the Purple Crying Period and the Four Month Sleep Regression that lasted until she was nine months. 439 more words

Elijah's first word

Elijah and Kristin are home alone again today, snow-bound by the blizzard that’s hit Minnesota. Elijah is entertaining himself with the car Grandma gave him. His Mom looks on as Elijah’s speaking his first word — well, not exactly a word. 67 more words


កូនវីកា រៀនពាក្យដំបូងៗ

រៀនផងលេងផង ។



7 Quick Takes #45

  1.  I declared yesterday an NPR Day and we took the day off of homeschooling.  At one of the Catholic elementary schools where I taught in Ontario, the staff had a monthly after-school NPR meeting. 
  2. 623 more words

Moor’s Dream (a text of Henri Michaux translated by Vadim Bystritski)

There, following the customs reserved for the king’s sons, the royal infant is fed by his mother and a wet nurse. But they let the wet nurse keep only one of her breasts, since the other one is surgically  removed, leaving her chest as flat as that of a man, except for the scar knot. 253 more words

Contemporary French Poetry