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First Word - Agua

Luna is exactly 1 year old. She runs around and she’s learning to say a few words. Her first word was “agua”. Here’s a quick little demonstration.

Luna Suli


I’m not sure if this can technically be called her ‘first word’ but somehow Pop has started yelling out “HEY” to people, particularly her dad.  Hubby went to pick her up from daycare the other day and passed by her unnoticed while she was sitting outside in her highchair, to go inside and sign her out.   259 more words



So this post is a little off-topic from my other posts, but I’m going to share anyway…

We watch our children come into this world and for every moment thereafter, we soak up each new discovery they make. 371 more words


The Sign Says STOP!

Jet usually enjoys our daily walks at a constant, purposeful pace with occasional stops to admire wildlife. Every now and then, without discernible reason, she roots herself to a random spot and mulishly refuses to take another step. 412 more words


3-Month-Old Baby Says I Love You! [VIDEO]

These parents heard their 3-month-old baby say “I love you!” They caught it on video too. Can you hear it or does it sound like the baby was just babbling to you? 29 more words


a secret language

47 weeks

You’re rounding the corner on 11 months, and it seems every day brings a new discovery for you–or a discovery on our part of something you’re now capable of doing. 989 more words


Alfie's first word...

Yesterday Alfie said his first word!

Every now and then it sounds like he is saying hiya, but not properly, so we have been waiting to see what his first word would be. 173 more words

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