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Mummy's Girl

Izzie’s first word has well and truly arrived. I’m not talking about the rather funny imitations she does – pronouncing buzzard as ‘buggered’ and beach hut as ‘bitch hoe’ – no, this is a real, bona fide, unmistakable word, used without prompting and in the appropriate context. 592 more words


I'm 2/2

Well, “Mama” is officially both my kids’ first deliberate word…

And, both times, it occurred after I left the room.

First Words

One of the major milestones all parents look forward to is their child’s first word. After all, a spoken language is what distinguishes us from the rest of the intelligent apes, and the first word is the moment when your little bundle of neediness and poop becomes a fully integrated part of the human race. 551 more words


Texting, LOL

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Being mama

He did it. Finally! After flaunting “dada” in my face for months, Ralphie has finally said “mama”. And it wasn’t a fluke. He’s said it more than once. 303 more words


Hurray for Friday!

It sounds strange I know, to be thankful for Friday, when ‘everyday is a holiday’. It makes me chuckle when people refer to my maternity leave as a holiday, I don’t bother with a witty response anymore, but have to smile to myself. 642 more words


MAMA by: Nuala Molloy Moran



My first word


~  Mama ~


I have

said it


a million times


by:  Nuala Molloy Moran  c 05/06/2016

Happy Mother’s Day