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7 Quick Takes #45

  1.  I declared yesterday an NPR Day and we took the day off of homeschooling.  At one of the Catholic elementary schools where I taught in Ontario, the staff had a monthly after-school NPR meeting. 
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Moor’s Dream (a text of Henri Michaux translated by Vadim Bystritski)

There, following the customs reserved for the king’s sons, the royal infant is fed by his mother and a wet nurse. But they let the wet nurse keep only one of her breasts, since the other one is surgically  removed, leaving her chest as flat as that of a man, except for the scar knot. 253 more words

Contemporary French Poetry

The Randalls: Hadley's First Word

The youngest Randall has hit 8 months old and is cruising toward 9 with unabated haste. This has been a huge month in Hadley’s development. Huge. 471 more words


First word

And so my boy uttered his first proper word last month. I’m guessing every parent wonders for a little while if they are actually hearing what they think they’re hearing.  102 more words

Single Mother By Choice

First word of a haiku poet

When I was a young poet in my twenties, it was difficult for me to explain to my parents what a haiku was since I wast just discovering it myself. 46 more words


The First Word is the Hardest to Write

Sometimes I feel a little scared to write. The first word is always the hardest – putting pen to paper instils a sense of responsibility and vulnerability. 576 more words