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3-Month-Old Baby Says I Love You! [VIDEO]

These parents heard their 3-month-old baby say “I love you!” They caught it on video too. Can you hear it or does it sound like the baby was just babbling to you? 29 more words


a secret language

47 weeks

You’re rounding the corner on 11 months, and it seems every day brings a new discovery for you–or a discovery on our part of something you’re now capable of doing. 989 more words


B is for Bungalow

It’s pretty funny to me because I have struggled hugely to find a word for B. It’s the second letter in the alphabet and I’m already struggling. 753 more words


Alfie's first word...

Yesterday Alfie said his first word!

Every now and then it sounds like he is saying hiya, but not properly, so we have been waiting to see what his first word would be. 173 more words

Baby Blog


To my sister, fairy-in-chief, who taught me how to read in five minutes, once upon a time on a sunny afternoon. 


The girl is sitting on her dads favourite armchair, legs dangling, arms loose on her lap. 1,169 more words

Eight Months


I am just going to start right off with the truly embarrassing stuff. This month you discovered your penis. And my goodness, you LOVE it! 668 more words

Letters To My Baby


It’s so easy to forget the firsts so while they somewhat still remain in my mind and as we tip towards the big 2, I thought I’d jot them down… 560 more words

Baby Milestones