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Being mama

He did it. Finally! After flaunting “dada” in my face for months, Ralphie has finally said “mama”. And it wasn’t a fluke. He’s said it more than once. 303 more words


Hurray for Friday!

It sounds strange I know, to be thankful for Friday, when ‘everyday is a holiday’. It makes me chuckle when people refer to my maternity leave as a holiday, I don’t bother with a witty response anymore, but have to smile to myself. 642 more words


MAMA by: Nuala Molloy Moran



My first word


~  Mama ~


I have

said it


a million times


by:  Nuala Molloy Moran  c 05/06/2016

Happy Mother’s Day




We create a “self”
To protect our true self –
Which we may never come to know.

We protect this “self”
So that the true self – hidden deep inside – 125 more words

Jeremiah 17:7-8 and Psalm 1

The Verse of the Day for March 21, 2016 comes from Jeremiah 17:7-8 in the Holman Standard Bible:

The man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence indeed is the Lord, is blessed.

519 more words
Application Of Biblical Principles

Happy 9 Months Aubrey Joy!

You’re 9 months old! Sometimes I look at you and I can’t believe how big you’re getting. I swear we just brought you home from the hospital a month ago, and now you’re growing and you have this amazing little personality that makes us laugh. 1,185 more words


365 2016 - Day 64 - Nigh Nigh

So in the midst of all the recent craziness, Henry went and said his first word. Little man has been babbling for awhile now, but it seems that a few weeks out of the house and away from Cadence’s constant chatter spurred H-man to begin exercising his own vocal chords. 472 more words