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Garbage Down the Toilet

Are you flushing baby wipes down the toilet? Or – ahem – condoms?

Recently there was some media attention on this, originally triggered by a piece by Matt Flegenheimer in the… 294 more words


First world problems #1

I went home around a month ago in an eager attempt to buy my favourite jeans. Yes I actually travelled home, just to buy a pair of jeans..  353 more words


Cold nights, and wet days with inside-out boxers

Seems to be getting colder and colder, more so in this bedroom than it is outside. Waking up to what sounds like a hail storm is actually rain hitting the single-glazed window. 145 more words

Why Some Of Us Are Always Hot And Others Are Always Cold

If you’re anything like me, you’re the type of person who’s always cold. I’m forever the person shivering when it’s a sunny thirty degrees out, while my husband is burning hot when it’s a freezing fifteen degrees out. 405 more words



Three years ago my wife and I got new smart phones.  She went the Samsung route, I went the Apple route.  I had been using a Blackberry up to that point.  240 more words


Where is the cream cheese?!

My family had just recently discovered the joys of Philadelphia cream cheese. I wanted some for breakfast today so I put my bread in the toaster, pulled out the butter and then the crea–  206 more words


The Year Ends In March. Apparently.

(technically, that’s two sentences in one title!)

With Earth lurching steadily and ever-grumpily towards Spring, the number of invites to Freshers’ events on Facebook mercifully dwindling, and the tragic realisation that I need to do things like find a flat for next year and start giving a shit about my exams, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s March-going-on-April. 485 more words

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