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Shoe-woe & womaning up

Here’s a little tale about my journey from work one eve, starring my shoe; OK, that intro makes it sound weird but it’s a thrilling tale for anyone who likes, or loathes, shoes, or enjoys laughing at me, or first world problems, or any & all of these…have a read: 741 more words


They say beauty is only skin deep which I’m starting to think is complete bollocks and that it really is what happens on that epidermis layer that counts. 2,052 more words


Today someone said to me that I should write. I hadn’t said anything particularly funny but they had divulged to me that they always have a little giggle when we speak and that I should do it. 1,567 more words

Where’s Ashton?!

In this weeks edition of why reading my blog will make you feel better about your own life – a classic story of girl “meets” fuckboy. 679 more words


Social Clamedia

I go with the times. I don’t bitch when something changes, like a new feature or tweaks to the layout of a favorite site or app. 712 more words


I’m offended, I’m stressed, I’m anxious…oh my

There was a problem; a real problem. True sexual harassment and the use of power over men and women, to gain sexual gratification. Annnnd…then the politically correct took over and are in the process of turning a real problem into a caricature. 834 more words



Breath by breath we travel
in our beautiful shells 18 more words