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First World Problems

The were piles of leaves in the sheltered streets of The Meadows this morning, but apart from that there was not much seen of the 100 mph death storm promised by the tabloids. 126 more words

The Love/Hate Relationship Between Motivation, Music, Wireless Headphones and First World Problems

Motivation can be a tricky and fickle mistress. When you have the proper motivation, everything comes naturally, it all falls into place and you go on your merry way towards crushing whatever goal is right in front of you. 1,040 more words

Not a Gas

So lately, Prime and I have been noticing the smell of gas when we walk near the passenger side of our car. It seemed to be getting stronger by the day, until the point where Prime said, “To hell with it!” and took the car to a mechanic. 135 more words

Current Events


In my brief 3 years in the network marketing industry I have come to recognize three distinct groups of people. I tag them loosely as it tends to be a three step process many go through. 609 more words

Outdoor living

So I’ve been dog sitting the last week. It means I get to have an apartment for a week and all the things that entails. Oh plus getting to have a dog for a week. 587 more words

Cycle Life

Pop Culture Critiques 1.0 - The Store - James Patterson & Richard Dilallo

If Amazon and Skynet were to have a love child, call him 1984 and then move to Stepford….

Welcome to “The Store”

The Store doesn’t just want your money – it wants your soul. 129 more words