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Zombie Cat

When we first visited? toured?  Whatever, when we first saw the house that we live in now, there was a cat lounging in the garden.  REMARKABLE!!!   2,084 more words

Smile, Customers. Or Else, Get Out. A Post about... Shopping

One of my biggest first-world problems is I don’t much like shopping for clothes, and sometimes I feel forced to do it because clothes tend to fray, tear, and die, and you should then replace them. 432 more words



The art of reading the same ten comic books over and over for years, only buying new ones on certain occasions.

– A biography about my little brother.


Poll: Over half of millennials say they would leave the country

Just in time for the nation’s holiday that celebrates American history and national pride, a recent survey reveals that 35 percent of Americans would emigrate. And of those surveyed, 55 percent of the millennials were on the side of leaving the U.S.A.

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First World Problems

I’m going to Haiti in less than a month…I am going to HAITI in LESS THAN A MONTH!!! I am thrilled beyond belief! I have never been very good at showing emotion and how I really feel (which should be in another blog post entirely) but I truly could not express my excitement properly even if I was a normal emotion communicator. 578 more words

Attempted Civility

Is the American Way the Jesus Way?

Brian Zahnd is the co-founder and lead pastor of Word of Life Church, a non-denominational Christian congregation in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Brian is known for his focus on embracing the deep and long history of the Church and wholeheartedly participating in God’s mission to redeem and restore His world. 302 more words

The Faithful