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Ads in two dozen cities offer protesters up to $2,500 to agitate at Trump inaugural

“Get paid fighting against Trump!” says the ad.

“We pay people already politically motivated to fight for the things they believe. You were going to take action anyways, why not do so with us!” the ad continues.

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No, not an iced coffee

Like most things, tastes change with the turn of a new season. For example, in winter I crave a piping hot cappuccino or a smooth, creamy latte. 465 more words


Massive security preparations under way for inauguration, amid protest threats to 'paralyze' DC

Several protest groups planning large-scale demonstrations have permits in place and have already held organizational meetings, among them the collaborative DisruptJ20.

“We’re planning a series of massive, direct actions that will shut down the inauguration ceremonies and any related celebrations,” the group says.

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Complaining About Weather, or, Stop Being a Wuss


It’s the one thing in life that is inevitable, yes? Rain, Sunshine, Cold, Heat, Clouds, Wind…we know the cycle. It’s been the same our whole lives. 525 more words


Coffee Leakage

I got an almond latte today at the train station to drink on the train but there is something wrong with the lid and cup. It keeps leaking. 10 more words

Liberals issue 'Privilege Cards' for white Christian straight males

The company Casa Girl started creating ‘Privilege Cards‘ so that way social justice warriors could tell people directly but not aggressively that he/she/xe doesn’t agree with something that was said and needs to return to their safe space.

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