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A Reading Dilemma

I’m packing up to leave for a trip very soon, and I’m going to be gone a couple weeks. I have a slight problem (besides the fact that I’m going to miss my Scout like crazy). 178 more words

Book Review

Tennessee's Response to California's Travel Ban

In case you are blind as a bat like I am, here’s the transcript of this:

State of Tennessee


By Senators Bell, Hensley, Ketron, Green, Beavers, Johnson, Niceley, Southerland, Jackson, Bowling, Gardenhire, Gresham, Stevens, Bailey…

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The Things You Don't See

*cue first world problems* I was looking through Instagram earlier today on my iPhone 6S, whilst curled up in a ball on my L shaped sofa, rolled in a stratospherically soft cream throw, laying on my brand new Marks and Spencers scatter cushions, crippled with Period Pain… 368 more words


A Blogging Milestone

It was twelve years ago that I first started blogging. The reason why I started? In a word, it was stupidity. 1,116 more words

Random Thoughts

California's Travel Ban Expands

According to this, California has blocked all official travel to Alabama, Kentucky, South Dakota, and Texas over what they deem to be anti-LGBTEFROGFJGERHGJXBWYSFQWEMGPTYGHSMVUAE$FUT laws. 170 more words


Kooks Burrito Is Not Cultural Appropriation

So, I recently had checked my other Twitter account (One for the blog, one for the youtube/vid.me, and that is because mixing games and politics is like trying to make the greatest career poison of them all and it took me a while to even learn that.) Anyway, I got a message from someone asking to clarify why Kooks Burrito closing down is not… 1,160 more words

Everything Else

The Video Game Backlog

I have had a reading backlog since the day I learned how to read. I find out about interesting books every day, and the list grows faster than the kids you shipped off to college earlier this month. 1,085 more words