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First World Feminism, Third World Problems

In nearly every debate I have with a feminist fighting for women’s rights in the Western world loves to talk about issues in the Middle East or third world countries. 559 more words

Social Justice

D.I.Y...B.M.S.T.I.A.M.C.B (Do it yourself... But make sure there is a man close by)

I apologise for the past few days’ radio silence but I have been, shall we say, under the weather. And you know how when you’re Under The Weather, you can’t sleep at night, so you sleep in really late, do nothing all day and then are WIDE AWAKE AGAIN when bedtime comes around? 729 more words

The Things I Thought I Would Never Do

It’s day three here at Marble Mountain ski resort for the Winter Pride Weekend! I think for the first time, and for such short notice, the weekend has been going really well. 480 more words

Just Plain Venting

Let The Naming Of Our New Dishwasher Commence

A few months ago I shared the story of how it came to be that our dishwasher, Monique, no longer worked. I’m still sad about the turn of events. 85 more words


Cars are the Worst (sometimes)

This past week has just been the worst. It started when I took my car in Monday to replace the brakes (which I was quoted would be AT MOST $250, labor and all). 864 more words

Money Woes

I’m irrationally angry because at Christmastime my husband’s paypal account was hacked and he lost $600 to some guy buying porn. Paypal took the money from the bank, so I gave my husband $600 from our house savings account to cover the hole so he wouldn’t get charged for being overdrawn. 61 more words