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Stay-at-home mom doubts


Stay-at-moms have to forget anxiety and doubts about themselves being a mom who works as a parent in the house each day. Or I think these doubts came from 1970s feminism where women were expanding their available roles. 67 more words


Reasons why I'm late?

Sometimes I’m guilty of being late because my eyeliner wasn’t drawn on even :x So I do that thing where I wipe all my eye makeup off, and start over because I don’t like how it looks. 14 more words

Day 2 without my main laptop

I feel so naked. The worst thing about being a workoholic is to not being able to work because your main tool isn’t at hand. I know, I know, I shouldn’t overdo it. 66 more words

This Is Cae

Who eats half a cookie?

Sometimes life, and in particular, the internet brings to light concepts that I struggle to get my head around.

Such as the idea of having a recipe for one cookie. 353 more words

First World Problems


I met a girl today who was so upset that she could literally couldn’t even “can’t even!” What does one do then?

I mean, I can’t. I literally can’t.

First World Cat Problem No. 1

Waking from a cat nap at noon and wondering should he eat breakfast or lunch.