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When tears are lies

when my tears are lies
for my brothers and sisters in pain
my tears are lies when i get angry over losing a ring
my tears are lies when Id rather buy myself bling… 62 more words


Considering Canine Concepts

Staring at a blank screen. We used to call it a blank page, but the page is now virtual, if not virtuous, and it just sits on the screen staring back at me. 460 more words

First World Problems

The Differences Between World's Classifications On Earth

Often times children and teens that live in well developed countries make jokes about the small struggles in their life, calling them “first world problems”; for example when the charger to your phone doesn’t reach your bed or when your house is too big that it needs two wireless routers, etc. 460 more words

Y Is For Yolk, You Gotta Wonder

The yolk’s on you

… is a saying that means the joke is on you, you’ve been taken advantage of, perhaps in a kind way, perhaps not. 242 more words

Food & Drink


I have a struggle that is invisible. It isnt tragic. It isnt a requirement or necessity. It isnt big, flashy, or important. It’s just teeth. … 707 more words

Parenting Stories

"Purge The Evil From Among You"

Utter the words school shooting and you’ll illicit an emotional response from both sides of the gun control issue.

Voice your position on when you believe life begins and there’s no doubt someone will have an opinion. 670 more words

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