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What do watermelons and guidebooks have in common?

Friends, I think something might be wrong with me. Today I walked to Oxford Street to go shopping (24,000 Fitbit steps and counting today!), as is tradition before I go on holiday. 524 more words


Five Things That Are Making You Unhappy

Nothing sends us fruity like trying to settle into a daily routine after returning from a vacation. After escaping from reality for a while you might come back and notice that the things you once blindly accepted start to seem a little bizarre and the values that motivated you have change. 820 more words


#firstworldproblems of university life

There are many fun things at university, but here are some of the annoying things we perhaps take for granted.

Forgive me, this might sound somewhat whiney! 472 more words




As a twenty-something-year-old living in a first-world nation, you can bet that I face sooo many hardships every day. From the inconvenience of suburbia to the throngs of Starbucks on every street corner, it’s a tough world out there. 641 more words


Here Come the Progressives to Push us Backwards Yet Again!

If you’ve not read House Bill 2899, you should. This legislation would authorize the creation of a new government agency in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) — as if we needed another.

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Katie Hopkins: introduce euthanasia vans to put the elderly to sleep

“Right… We just have far too many old people. It’s ridiculous to be living in a country where we can put dogs to sleep but not people.”

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