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Nine to Five

I had a throwback moment this morning when YouTube started playing All American Rejects’ “Gives You Hell” on my phone. I remembered when I first heard this song, freshman year of college, it demonized a stable 9-5 job and glorified the rebel rock life. 824 more words

Because I Say So

Birthday party politics! 😳

I never realised planning a four year olds first official birthday party could be so complicated. It’s a minefield of social expectations and politeness gone mad! 969 more words

MY People

How many times has the misguided youth uttered the following hilarity:

“Sure, form a club for blacks and it’s cool. Form a club for gays and it’s cool. 794 more words


First Forking World Problems

My Grandad recently told me a story about when he was working in construction in England. He was about 16 years old living in Digs with a group of lads and the woman of the house used to make them a meal when they would come home. 687 more words

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I Don't Play Enough Games And That's A Problem

Allow me to say right off the bat, this is the first-worldest of first-world problems, not playing enough games. If anything, it’s a testament to how supremely unproductive I am as a person and a gamer. 534 more words


Nor any drop to drink... for a bit

Most of the time, knowing that the water flowing from our taps comes straight off the moors is a rather splendid thing. Unsullied by chemical intervention (although passed through UV filtration before reaching us) we’re treated daily to beautifully sweet, heather-tinged water which has come to us through many layers of Dartmoor peat and granite before landing in the glass (kettle, washing machine, shower or loo, for that matter). 402 more words


A snooze story

– First day of school –

There were clothes put out on the chair by the table, a packed bag by the hind legs off the bed. 499 more words

Prespective Of Life