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This is Jack’s Sobering Reality Check

“This week life’s been a total bitch. Some woman named Hilda’s given all her debt collectors my number by accident. Now I’m getting marketing crap sent to my phone every damn day. 207 more words

A Hint Of Vanilla

Lessons from Hurricane Matthew

Our home sits perilously close to Lake Wackena. This results in spectacular sunrises.   Every room has an unhampered view. I love this house.  We have lived here for 15 years and, outside of losing a tree or two in a hurricane, we’ve had more than a decade of uneventful ownership. 907 more words

Workplace Navigator

M as my friend

I had no intention of sharing these thoughts...they all seem like fragmented memories that I felt were too small for individual posts.

A WHILE AGO, 1,629 more words


this is why we don't fax, Jim

This afternoon I had a customer, we’ll call him Jim, who insisted that I needed to fax an invoice to him rather than email it. Like, he didn’t just… 671 more words

Mental Health

I have been out of my office sick for some number of months, and I have just recently returned back to work. I had at least 4 people come up to me and say they were really worried and wondered what happened to me. 133 more words


I thought you were dead....

All that worry, all that fuss. Today I went back to work. I negotiated with them a lot about this. There are still a lot of details I don’t understand. 387 more words