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January 16, 1917 – Soldiers say heart-warming thanks to Santa

Santa’s little helpers in Harborough have been sent a flood of thank you letters from town soldiers stationed all over the world.

The January 16, 1917, edition of the… 570 more words

My travels: B for Bartoszyce

Once upon a time there was a region of Germany called East Prussia. What I’ve read about it makes it sound like a rural idyll, small towns, well-organised peasantry, prosperous, with a large city – Koenigsberg – as the provincial capital. 431 more words


January 9, 1917 – 76-year-old hustler’s string of frauds comes to an end in Harborough

Police in Market Harborough claimed a coup when they caught a career criminal who had evaded officers from around the country.

According to the Market Harborough Advertiser’s… 511 more words

December 5, 1916 – Christmas shopping in Market Harborough going with a bang

Christmas in Market Harborough’s town centre is in full swing despite the continued fighting on so many fronts.

The December 5, 1916, edition of the… 563 more words

November 28, 1916 – Bolshie ironstone worker fined for ‘treasonable’ admiration of the German war machine

A pub argument landed a Desborough man in court for ‘treasonable talk’ because he called the Kaiser ‘a good man at warfare and strategy’.

The case against Ernest Giles of Federation Avenue is reported in the November 28, 1916, edition of the… 715 more words

November 21, 1916 – Santa’s little helpers are making life a little better for the men in the trenches

The spark of humanity will be felt on Christmas Day by every single one of the 1,500 officers and men from the Market Harborough district. 427 more words

November 7, 1916 – Death stalks Harborough: from teenagers barely able to shave to a one-month-old baby boy

Today we call it SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome – but in 1916 they called it plain old common sense.

This poignant insight into the lives – and deaths – of babies is revealed in the November 7, 1916, edition of the… 645 more words