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Balance-sheet of the First World War - 1

As outlined here, I’m posting the individual sections of the poster, and translating them:

The hecatomb:
In France one inhabitant in every 27 killed
in Germany one inhabitant in every 30 killed
in England one inhabitant in every 57 killed

The balance-sheet of the Great War

We are moving towards the centenary of the Armistice and the end of the Great War, and I have to say that, after my initial doubts about various suggested commemorations, we seem to have been sober, sensible and respectful in what we have remembered. 249 more words


Frank Richards: Old Soldiers Never Die

Certainly one of the most interesting memoirs from the Great War I’ve read so far, because of the different perspective: this one isn’t by a well-spoken, articulate and reflective officer, but by a private, a Welsh miner who gets on with what is expected of him, without thinking too much about it. 498 more words


Bernard Adams: Nothing of Importance

A couple of months ago I finally watched a documentary on poets and writers of the Great War which I’d recorded a couple of years ago (!). 552 more words


La Grande Guerre des Ecrivains

I have spent a lot of time reading literature of the Great War, in French as well as English; sometimes it has felt almost like an obsession. 554 more words


Otto Dix: The Evil Eye

I’ve been a fan of this German artist for a long time, since seeing some of his work in Stuttgart years ago, and even more since I saw his series of etchings Der Krieg (The War) at the museum of the First World War in Peronne a few years ago. 351 more words


Edith Wharton: Fighting France

Another very interesting Librivox find: despite having taught Great War literature for years, I do keep coming across interesting finds. I’ve never felt moved to read anything by… 314 more words