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Olga Tokarczuk: Primeval and Other Times

Well, this gets my award for the most powerful and moving book I’ve read this year so far…

The simplest way to categorise it is to call it Polish… 451 more words


Theodore Kröger: The Forgotten Village

Well, this was astonishing, and unforgettable. A bestseller in the 1930s when first published, it’s not been reprinted in English for sixty years, but fortunately the French haven’t forgotten it. 472 more words


Ivo Andric: The Bridge over the Drina

I bought this book three and a half years ago; I began reading it in August and have only just finished it: this might give the impression that it wasn’t very good, perhaps a bit of a chore; not so. 416 more words


Celebrating Police Sporting Heritage

Today, 30th September, we join in with celebrating National Sporting Heritage Day 2015 by adding this post, which highlights just a small sample of the wonderful sporting heritage of Devon & Cornwall Police and the constituent forces that formed it. 740 more words

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Chemin des Dames

I like to have a good travel guide when I’m off exploring somewhere, whether new or familiar: there’s always something I want to find out more about, and though it’s possible to access information online instantly, a lot of it is very superficial; you can settle down with a good guidebook, flipping back and forwards through the pages, with a finger in at the page with the relevant map on… and so on. 290 more words

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Patrick Leigh Fermor: Between the Woods and the Water

It’s good to read an educated and intelligent traveller reflecting on his journey, experiences and encounters. Patrick Leigh Fermor continues his journey towards Constantinople, passing through Hungary and Rumania (the pre-WW2 versions of these countries). 310 more words

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