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Maoris at Gallipoli

Rikihana Carkeek enlisted with the First Maori Contingent on the outbreak of war, sailing with the contingent to Egypt, Malta and Gallipoli. He was wounded in the battle of Sari Bair. 349 more words

First World War

The Irish in the First World War, the World War I in Ireland

The Irish in the First World War, World War I in Ireland

Incident and pain, commemoration and controversy. – Dublin in World War I.  

Every year from 2014-2018 is a First World War centenary year.  810 more words

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Zulu War Dances on French Sand: Confronting Irony in the Imperial Gaze

Working within European archives to engage with colonial knowledge is often a problematic experience. Being confronted with the structural and personal inequalities of empire and attempting to understand the repercussions for lived experience is a challenge in recovery and the insights offered by colonial phenomenon and the actions and cultures of the past. 449 more words

First World War

Modris Eksteins: Walking Since Daybreak

This book adds to the territory covered by Timothy Snyder‘s excellent Borderlands and The Reconstruction of Nations, with a specifically Latvian perspective, but overall, it’s rather flawed in its execution. 464 more words


Robert Macfarlane: The Old Ways

Ultimately, I found this book frustrating. Macfarlane walks a great deal, loves walking, for the sake of it and for the feel and exhilaration of it. 277 more words

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Bela Zombory-Moldovan: The Burning of the World

An interesting addition to the writings about the Great War; written long after the events described, this hindsight inevitably gives a certain cast to this memoir, to the way he writes, and what he remembers. 422 more words

First World War

Poetry: Siegfried Sassoon

I’ve always been moved by the story that Sassoon encouraged and supported Owen in writing poetry while the two were both at Craiglockhart, during the First World War. 450 more words

First World War