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In A Shocking Twist of Events Diarrhea Related Deaths Have Risen In First World Nations

Boy do the Clinton’s love dropping bad news on people. It’s no wonder her mom lost as she was painting a portrait of horrors, all the while Trump was promising to make everything awesome like Lord Business in the ‘Lego Movie’. 314 more words

I Don't Even Know

A punch in the stomach

Yesterday I read this very short story by Peter Rollins that felt to me like a punch in the stomach.  It has been on my mind ever since; and today I received an e-mail from Tearfund asking me to take action to end food waste by e-mailing my supermarket.   237 more words

A strong mind and a soft heart.

Someone said recently, in a video I watched, that many people now have weak minds and hard hearts and we need more people with strong minds and soft hearts. 1,012 more words


What I hate (and love) about superheros.

Not the first time I’ve talked about this I know, but I actually have found a couple of superhero films that I like, and the new… 1,040 more words

First World

The Lost Art.




Sak Sabai (phonetic spelling.)


As you noticed, all of these are greetings. These are the words you begin a conversation with. 689 more words


first world stresses

i spoke to my husband this weekend about a few worries i have

mainly about how i am coping with my dads illness

i rarely feel comfortable enough to talk about it… 125 more words

It's not what you do.

I’d like to start off by personally thanking all of you faithful readers who keep coming back to this blog, even on days I don’t post, it really is encouraging. 985 more words