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1. I live in a culture where I can talk about sexual assault and not be stoned. I have the hope of changing this culture to be more supportive of survivors. 12 more words


Keep the power on the down low bro

Was reading a post from a friend living in Africa the other day. He was discussing whether or not to live off the grid. In the area he lives most of the power is created using generators.Which are typically used at night. 185 more words

Self Sufficiency

It's not about the LION, it's about the PEOPLE

The internet has blown up over the horrible death of Cecil the lion.  A Minnesota dentist admits to being the “Big Game Hunter” who paid to have a “lion kill experience”.   738 more words


Kenyans quash misrepresentations with #SomeoneTellCNN

The President of the United States, Barack Obama, is currently in Kenya for a state visit. Obama is the first US president to visit Kenya and thus, there has been widespread coverage of this event. 549 more words

Digital Media

July 25, 2015

Ev’ry now and then
I marvel at the wonder
Of technology

Not the modern stuff
But imagine – water and

Both things delivered
Directly into my house… 32 more words


Lunch in the Bubble

Congested with life
A bottleneck at the door
The fumes of conversation
Hang heavy in the air
Quietness blossoms
Off in the corner
Lunch in the bubble… 29 more words

Unclaimed Pieces

Being human

Sarah: For many of us who live in so-called ‘civilised’ Western societies, life is very different from that of our ancestors a mere thousand or so years ago. 175 more words