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The time to be careful

I’m not big on telling people to be overly cautious, I think taking risks is necessary. but personally I’ve realized lately that there is one are in life where you just can’t be too careful. 787 more words

A me-centered universe

I’m sure you’ve heard the term me–centered. it means self-centered/selfish. Looking out only for the needs of yourself. And Sometimes we aren’t even aware of this attitude in our selves, I’ve been accused of being self-absorbed simply for taking something too personally or being preoccupied with my own feelings. 725 more words


Books taught me to love history, and then history taught me to love books.

What I saw on the highway

APATHY…HOPELESS… A few weeks ago I was in the car on the way to church and I noticed some graffiti along the highway. These are two of the words I caught. 582 more words


First World Hungry Girl Problems

<<stares intensely at salsa through tupperware, sheds single tear>>

Girl Talk

How can we help Haiti from all the way over here?

You never really know the full value of life until you’re left with only the clothes on your back. Once you realize you’re breathing, you’re alive, you begin to rebuild. 294 more words


Why are we so opinionated?

I know that people are very opinionated nowadays, that is to say, everyone has always had opinions, but not everyone used to express them constantly. And according to some people we all express our opinions too much. 1,082 more words