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I watch a lot of YouTube, and a lot of movies. This often gives you a look into the worst of humanity (the part of it that’s online.) 649 more words


The Encounter

Okay, I am going to take a slight detour from my normal review and talk about a Christian movie.

I stay away from reviewing those because I think a lot less people have seen them and frankly, they aren’t usually very good unless they are based on a true story. 1,023 more words

First World

Of Driving and Divergent.

Finally! I got a Driver’s License. Now I can hold my head up around my peers again.

You know, I realize that without my voice, my sense of humor may seem kind of flat. 1,083 more words


Wonder Woman--2

I am looking forward to this part more than the first.

Now I get to talk about the meaning of the movie.

(Let me preface it by saying I am not claiming this movie is christian. 1,202 more words

In Depth

Wonder Woman--1

At last! I finally saw it.

Good luck convincing my family to go see a superhero flick in theaters. The only reason I saw Ragnarok was because they were going to see a different film at the same time. 1,060 more words

First World


Did I mention yet that I got laid off? No? Maybe?

Well now I have.

It’s not the first time, so I guess this isn’t a new experience for me entirely. 1,069 more words


The impossibility of modern women

To a male in the First World, women are the epicentre of all our innate struggles. In the 21st Century, the female species is both abundant and absent. 107 more words