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Welcome to The First World

Starving children, looking out listlessly

Over the black streets

Hands held out, eyes laid low

Low in shame, hopelessness, sorrow.

Bitter and cold and nowhere to go… 29 more words




I was of age ten or there about in my Fifth year of Primary schooling. My English Text read “Neighbours” and may those with a similar experience say Ahem! 779 more words


Legends of the Long Forgotten: The First World

Ancient legends speak of a time before life, before Golarion, before even time itself knew to exist.  These legends tell of two grand wyrms of unparalleled power.   513 more words


Problem free life 

I am truly grateful for the life I have. I do, like everyone, have bad days but I know that the problems that I face cannot be counted as real ones. 532 more words


A Dissection of How We Greet Each Other.

I think I can pretty safely say that everyone (at least everyone who will or has read my blog) has been in this situation at on time in their life or another.   848 more words

1/31/14 I Find Myself Crying Today

I find myself crying today.

Feelings inside which I can no longer contain have pushed themselves to the surface.

I wish the world would find a better way. 297 more words

Ashley Writes Poems

An Uncomfortable Truth

Bueno amigos, que ha sido un poco más de seis meses en Honduras, y ha sido una buena carrera. Honestamente, estoy sorprendido de que yo he durado tanto tiempo. 755 more words