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Dear Mrs. Clinton,

Your statement, as quoted in this article, was quite stunning:


“Closing out her Iowa campaign, Hillary Clinton on Friday declared that the Medicare-for-all proposal pushed by her Democratic primary opponent and many… 855 more words

Dirty Diva play by Diva Milano.

Companies copying or stealing from each other is nothing new, it happens every single day.

However; in the case of Diva Milano and their recent release of a budget friendly range, well it’s a low blow and has upset a great deal of people in the Babywearing Community. 673 more words

Let's reevaluate Veteran's Day.

It’s a good thing that I don’t say things to be popular, because my posts about Veteran’s Day (2015) were anything but popular. In fact, I’m quite sure that they spurred a chain of semi-hostile reply posts. 1,486 more words


Can First World Literature Teach us Anything?

Can literature produced in the “First World” teach us anything that we don’t already know? Maybe I should put the matter in an even cruder way: can literature produced by white, bourgeois males teach us anything that hasn’t already been said by earlier generations of their elite brethren? 2,542 more words


Take a Swingapore

Singapore is described many things: sterile, strict, affluent and successful. Characteristically, it’s defined by mountains of department stores, commercialism and an irrepressible shopping culture.

But if you scratch the gleaming surface of one beautifully monstrous mall, there’s something significant to be said about how proudly erected they are. 396 more words



First world problems. It is just plain funny for some. The whole connotation of first world problems is meant to be humorous. It can stem from your better looking neighbor, driving a better car. 580 more words


First World Problems

Education is the transmission of civilization. ~Ariel and Will Durant

I remember always being told how lucky I was to live in a country where education is given freely.  

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