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Don't be too nice

I titled this in a very unusual way; but I think you can all guess where I’m going with it.

I just read Martin Luther’s “Before the Diet of Worms” speech. 745 more words

First World Guilt

I’m conscious of the fact that my blog is read and followed by people outside of the western world. I wonder if those from poorer countries read my blog and think “What the fuck is this ungrateful bitch whining about?”. 218 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

30 Ways To Test If You're First World Poor

By Eoin Stafford

We always complain as millennials that we are poor, well unless your parents are super-rich and willing to fund your dumb-ass life. But really, we’re not THAT poor. 848 more words


World Car Free Day---Are You In? (Call for Submissions)

What do you think about car free days? Are they mere tokenism or will they create change?

Write to The Good Men Project, and click  25 more words



It’s been a few days, but I had a creative dry spell, no point posting if you have nothing to say. But the other day I was thinking, (I say that a lot when I start these posts,) of how hard it can be to put myself in any designated people group. 645 more words

Nailed It!

Those observant souls among you may have noticed that I am not sporting my usual French mani in some of the later pics.  It is with a heavy heart that I say this – I’ve had to forgo the French for a time. 243 more words


Not a statistic

There are statistics about almost everything that people do: about how we dress, and how we behave.

But I googled random acts of kindness, and there’s no statistic about how many people do them. 304 more words