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ExploringSG: S'pore City Gallery

Another Singapore FREE spot. Curious about how Singapore started? This is the right place to go and research how an ordinary “kampung” of Malaysia, which meansĀ  185 more words


Bursting the Dam: Revolution in the First World

I was chatting with some friends about political issues (a surprise, I know), and one of them made the comment that “Revolution will only happen here in America if there is a major economic crash… massive inflation, something like that”. 543 more words

Eloquent fantasies of living in an aggressor blaming model instead of a victim blaming model

Politics is devoid of any human reasoning, it is no place for compassion or care, solutions do not seem to have any moral angle to them. 1,006 more words


The Meaning of 1st World, 2nd World, and 3rd World

I had a conversation with some friends about the terminology and connotation of 1st World, 2nd World, and 3rd World a few months ago. It came from the joking of “#firstworldproblems.” As is the case with most classifications, they are usually made with the intent of clarifying what they classify. 93 more words

Global Cultures

Genting Highland - 2015

I like the environment at Genting Highland (windy, cool air). I attended Jeff Chang concert this year – it was a nice experience and quite expensive ticket. 230 more words

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Eloquent fantasies of an equal education system

Having a “good” education as opposed to a “bad” education has been engraved to us as the be all and end of all life. Parents often deem that a child’s primary school will determine, not only, what high school and university it will end up in, but also how successful his life will plan out to be. 2,042 more words


1. I live in a culture where I can talk about sexual assault and not be stoned. I have the hope of changing this culture to be more supportive of survivors. 12 more words