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Traditionally we put the water underneath.

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A lack of compassion is killing hundreds

In the past few days it has been reported that up to 900 migrants have drowned off the coats of Libya.

I’m not going to relay too many details, no doubt you’ve heard most of the shocking elements such as men, women and children being locked below deck to drown. 297 more words


sonorous voices - April 22


sonorous voices

almost too perfect

as if funereal was

a verb.

as in, to funeralize,

to speak smoothly,

beautifully, hopefully

with just the right… 109 more words


Sunday, 19th April 2015

First World problem | First-World problem, n.

Pronunciation: /fəːst wəːld ˈprɒbləm/
Etymology: < First World n. and adj. + problem n.

A problem affecting the First World and its inhabitants; … 50 more words


Free legal e-books [04-17]

I spoke of Bookbub before and figured I’ll just show you what I picked up from there to my kindle account on amazon.com today. At the bottom there’s the link where you can do the same: 159 more words


Oodles of doodles

Who DOESN’T like a decent doodle?

I’m telling you, I’ve come across them everywhere in the past week or so: kids’ bedrooms, on line, public toilets…even my bestie told me they are her new obsession. 553 more words

Thinking And Learning

The importance of education and scoring well in PSLE and GCE O' levels A* and A1, SG50

Tips, Hints, and Focus for the PSLE Examinations.

SEAB MOE Syllabus PSLE and GCE O’ levels Singapore for Primary and Secondary Schools is by far the main contributor to the social mobility of Singaporeans. 1,009 more words