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An Uncomfortable Truth

Well folks, it’s been a little over six months in Honduras, and it’s been a good run. Honestly, I’m surprised I’ve lasted this long. I credit my success to tight french braids and headbands. 666 more words


First World Problems Are Reason Enough to Be Grateful

So, from the sounds of it, the entire blogosphere is ready to implode with frustration and depression over this ridiculously long winter.

So. Flippin’. Long. 630 more words


Without Ceres' bounty

The time is 30 minuets past 6 and I awake. I lie in bed, dropping in and out of limbic dreams, on the edge of consciousness and slumber. 213 more words

The Atlantic: Opinion: Shadi Hamid: France's False Choice: Can Islam and Liberalism Coexist?

The Atlantic: Opinion: Shadi Hamid: France’s False Choice

Because of the fact that Muslims have emigrated from the Middle East and North Africa to the West and developed liberal societies where religion and state aren’t mixed in and where people have the right and freedom to be themselves in these free societies, gives me at least the idea that they decided to leave their native countries that are underdeveloped and a lot more religiously conservative and less tolerant to live in a free society. 310 more words

Personal Freedom

We Are Bored With Our Food

My eyes can see it almost every day but I don’t think my brain has ever truly registered what it is I am seeing. Usually it is behind me when I sit down, but today I happen to be facing it and the display is so distracting that I can’t keep my mind on the book in my hand. 393 more words

Carrots, Peas and a Shopping Cart

When I go grocery shopping I always get the cart with the squeaky wheel, not only squeaky, but also sticks a bit. ┬áNow I should point out that I don’t seek this type of cart put, rather it seems to find me. 338 more words