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In Defense of the Upcoming Multipolar World Order

Amerikkka is often presented as the global peacemaker in sympathetic circles. If we take a cursory look around the globe today, however, we can see that every single conflict has the fingerprint of the United $tates in some capacity. 584 more words


Balancing Gratefulness with Justice

I wonder if most illness in first world countries might be iatrogenic? IF they are… I find it important that if we don’t speak up about the corruption on our own doorstep, we will become just like those systems in less privileged countries. 209 more words

Dispelling Cultural Cliches And Myths

IndyCar: A Rookie's Love Story

It all started on a dry English afternoon in mid-1993. A small boy, boasting cherub-like rosy cheeks pointing at each passing car on the television and directing his Grandfather to say “that one!” when his finger finally settled on the car of choice. 985 more words


Real Life Stories.

Permit me to write about something that probably makes me a geek: Story Structure and Cliches.

If you are not into film reviews like I am, or book discussions, you may not feel this subject is important, but I submit to you that it is and it affects your life more than you think. 1,073 more words


Upgrading kids.

“College is a waste of Time and Money.” is the ironically titled essay I had to read for last week’s classes. I was almost convinced to drop out of the college. 1,047 more words


Seven Things I can't live without

Writing Challenge: February 28, 2018

Prompt: What are seven things you cannot live without?

There is the obvious “Things I can’t live without” like air, water, food and some kind of shelter- but that’s not what we are doing here. 345 more words

Writing Challenge 2018

Spiderman Homecoming.

Did the title make you groan or was it intrigueing?

Or maybe both?

Yes, in keeping with my record off seeing movies months after they come out, I’ve finally given this one a watch. 1,269 more words

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